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Thinksound Rain2 to pour in ears soon: Impressions and Discussions Thread

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  1. ericp10
    Funny how things work out. Thinksound has been one of my favorite small earphone companies since they started putting out products about the time I became a member of the head-fi community. The company actually produced one of the best on-ear headphones I've ever heard, the On1 (which came out in late 2013). And their earphones have been favorite on-the-go audio delights for me (as I try to leave the more expensive products at home, and I love what wood does for the audio sound).

    So when I heard that the company's flagship earphone was updated, I knew I would be checking it out. I can tell you that the Rain2 is a more neutral-bent earphone that will put the listener in the mindset of the the awesome MS01, but with toned down highs and clearer bass. Events in our country have kept me quite busy and I haven't posted much as I usually do on the website, but a full review is forthcoming. I have no doubt that head-fi members will find that the Rain2 easily competes with the rest of the very good IEMs crowding the under-$100 audio market. So what makes the Rain2 stand out from the rest? To me, there is something special about the wood used that helps gives Thinksound its own distinct house sound. 

    I recently checked in with Aaron, owner of Thinksound, to talk about some product ideas I thought other fellow head-fi members would love. I gave him some of my thoughts about the Rain2 and how I liked the original one. In that discussion, Aaron mentioned that head-fi members can get 50 percent off on the Rain2 if ordered via Amazon.com, and using code HEADFI14. Of course, he hopes that those who choose to purchase it would leave reviews in head-fi and on Amazon. Anyway, more thoughts on this earphone will come soon, but please feel free to beat me to it if you have the earphone already or you're thinking about getting in on the head-fiers deal.  I don't think that code becomes active until about 9 p.m. (eastern time) tonight. The deal lasts through Sunday. Post Rain2 thoughts here, please? Happy Listening!
  2. Kunlun
    As of 11 EST the code doesn't work, just f.y.i.
  3. ericp10
    I will check with Aaron, Kunlun. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. ericp10
    Try it with this link:
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    $50 for these? I have them in my ears as I type. I thought these are a steal at $100 but for half off? I am willing to bet these will be the best $50 spent on audio. Don't sleep on this one fellas. My thoughts on them coming soon.
    Oh snap $45? Lol.
  6. ericp10
    There is something wrong with the code. He'll fix it in the morning and extend the sale period.
  7. ericp10
  8. waynes world
  9. Leo888
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    Open box listen is very interesting, they sounded overly warm with hidden treble. A bit like how the CKR10 sounded on open listen. They started to open up while I was listening to them the warm presentation started to sound more neutral in tone, vocals have clear domination with great sound separation and these have that out of your head stage that I was not expecting at all from these.  I kept on listening to them for 3 hours straight with each passing hour I was more and more impressed.
    We have a winner!. I changed up to my DX90 and they opened up more so and started to sound more and more refined. Just to check to see if I was tripping I went back to my original source I used them with on open listen my X1/E11K combo and what you know it sounded completely different from open listen. I have them on the burn in. I have a really good feeling about this one. Will let them burn in overnight. Will have more thoughts on them soon.
    These already put the equally priced Brainwavz S5 to complete and utter shame. In fact I have not heard anything Brainwavz that can touch these even in their unbroken in state.
  11. Exesteils
    Hmm... Doesn't seem to ship to where I stay. I love me some woodies but seems like this is not to be. :/
  12. thatBeatsguy
    Subbed! I will be receiving the Rain 2 here soon (in 2-3 weeks tops), so I should be able to get some impressions in pretty soon.
    d marc0 likes this.
  13. Leo888

    Looks like it doesn't ship to where I am too.
  14. d marc0
    Another awesome discovery! Thanks guys...

    Unfortunately they don't ship to Australia. I really wish to review these.
  15. gikigill

    Noisy Motel should have these.
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