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    iBasso dx90
  2. moodyda

    Ibasso DX90 or Fiio X3ii (Second Generation)

    I have both the Ibasso DX90 and Fiio X3 second generation.  I like both but prefer the sound on the DX and the UI/size on the X3.  While sound is the most important....I wonder if it is worth double the price.  Also I think that I may like the sound of the DX90 better because I know that "it...
  3. dubstepnext

    Sony NW-ZX1 128 gb vs. iBasso dx90

    I have the ibasso and i'm really satisfied. Value for money'wise - its truly a great bargain. I'm considering purchasing the sony ZX1 but i read it's cpu is kinda weak and will have trouble playing 24bit tracks. I use a Topping NX1 as an external amp so the power is less important. It seems to...
  4. walkman666

    DAP Questions [from head-fi vet but DAP newbie]

    Hi.  I am a long-time member with a fun collection of headphones, amps, DACs, but have been using an iPod (with Pico slim amp) as my portable source forever, and am interested in taking the plunge into a DAP.  I have read a lot, and have some narrowed down selections (iBasso DX90, AK100 ii). ...
  5. wolfen68

    iBasso DX90 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

    The DX90 sounds great, almost equal to my DX100 for half the price....but I'll start with some operational issues I've had:   1.  Some folks, me included have had difficulty with the DX90's media scanning function not properly building the library and/or resulting in all files tagged as...
  6. rumlyne

    Advice on tracing the hiss, please!

    Hello there! I recently purchased the soundtrack of 'Frozen' in 24/48 (beautiful music, if you ask me) and on my speakers it sounded nice, but the trouble began when I listened to it with my AKG K550 on my way to work. I do like it a little bit on the loud side and imagine my frustration when...
  7. Insatiable One

    HiFiMAN HE-500 = Waste of Money (and general discussion)

    I'm not an "audiophile". Let's start off by making that clear.   I just like music, like most people. However, unlike the majority of people nowadays, the quality of my music listening experience matters to me. I visit Head-Fi regularly and learn things everyday. I think I know enough by now...
  8. dubstepnext

    A little advise- sony xba-40 or xba-h3

    Hi, I just bought a ibasso dx90 and decided to get a new pair of headphones. I bought the senhiser hd-700 and I also have my trustworthy Shure se535. What do you recommend? They seem quite the same just the xba-h3 is new... Thanks
  9. ericp10

    Thinksound Rain2 to pour in ears soon: Impressions and Discussions Thread

    Funny how things work out. Thinksound has been one of my favorite small earphone companies since they started putting out products about the time I became a member of the head-fi community. The company actually produced one of the best on-ear headphones I've ever heard, the On1 (which came out...
  10. GustavMahler

    How to mod my M40s for wider soundstage?

    Maybe foam earpads? Theyr'e great with my DX90, But the narrow soundstage in big symphonic works is killing me..  Any idea will be appreciated!
  11. GustavMahler

    Open headphones for classical music

    Hi everyone, I currently have the ATH-M40X and they're great, But they really lack space and air. I will use them outdoors because the great isolation, And i thought about maybe buyng cans for home use. What would you recommend? I will get the DX90 soon btw
  12. AndrewNL

    If I like the sound of Senn HD 25-1ii, which iem?

    Hi forum, I'm in the market for some IEMs and figured this would be the place to start. It's been a while since I used IEMs, as I've been using my Senn HD 25-1ii closed earphones for ages. I do like the neutral sound, though maybe they could be a tad warmer and have a tiny bit more bass. So...
  13. GustavMahler

    How to get the most natural, Brilliant and true to life sound from my ATH-M40X?

    They sound great, But it wouldnt harm to get a little more. I find when using EQ i raise up the high frequencies- But i don't like EQ, It almost always distorts something. I guess what i want is a more brilliant sound (I reaise the highs in the EQ) Natural and forward-That it won't sound...
  14. goodvibes

    Nocturnal Hybrid IEM and cable Tour.

    A Nocturnal IEM and cable tour has begun with shotgunshane as first member after myself to receive them.  Here's a list of members on the list to receive these so far: Shotgunshane Hiflight  Idiosynchro_24, Winter. After the 1st couple reviews, more US members can be added.   The...
  15. jamato8

    The DX90 by iBasso . . . Sound impressions . . . . . . . New Firmware, 2.5.1 . . .

    On turn on and turn off, there is a slightly audible click. This is the relay inside of the DX90 and normal.    So do batteries make a difference? Some say they hear a difference using the OEM Samsung battery for the S3. Opinions matter.    Can you improve what you hear by using better or...
  16. drbluenewmexico

    BASSAWARE: A NEW BASS AUGMENTATION DEVICE FOR HEADPHONES that delivers true visceral response...

      BASS AWARE comes ALIVE!  photos from BassAware.com   Here on Head-fi.org head-fiers (as we are affectionately known) are always interested in improving our sound quality through upgrades There is resurgence in headphone sales worldwide with many companies putting out new models and new...
  17. kscwuzhere

    Fully integrated media center my roommates and I got to enjoy over the last year

    Between my roommates and I we've set up a pretty comprehensive integrated media center and I've took the time to photograph everything so I thought I'd share! Sorry if I posted it to the wrong section but i thought this post would get some good discussion regarding headphones so I posted it...
  18. anotherdayteach

    Trying to Remedy Ear "Fullness"

    Over the past few months I've been using my DX90 / ATH-M50x combo as a travel setup, and since I've been traveling quite a bit for work I've been listening to music through headphones more often than normal.  Unfortunately, I've experienced ear "fullness" (the only way I can describe it - the...
  19. simonhou886

    Hello everyone, im new and i need some suggestions

    Hi,    My gf just bought me a pair of se846 as gift. can anyone suggest me a good music player for it? I am now thinking about AK100II. anyone tried such combination before?
  20. Tamirci

    Kennerton & Fischer Audio Magister Appreciation Thread

    Kennerton Audio is a relatively unknown brand. But they had built this headphone with collaboration of Fischer Audio, famous Russian brand of many hand crafted phones. Kennerton is chosen to be the naming brand of FA's highest end products. Usage of bog wood is the thing that makes this...
  21. M

    A little confused over Amp/Dac combos.

    I'm a little confused over a purchase I've made and am looking for someone to explain it to me. Bear with me on this, over the years I've owned many different Iems, daps and portable Amps but never a DAC or DAC/amp combo. In the last couple of weeks I've bought a Sony PHA-2 amp/dac. I bought it...
  22. Tstorey

    Apple MFI Pricing?

    I didn't really know where to put this since it originally related to my search for an iPhone DAC that would allow me to enjoy superior sound with my iPhone and not have a separate gadget for music (I subsequently ended up with a DX90 and love it!).   However, I've just noticed that on the...
  23. Jbranch

    Issue with tag on DX 90, Help :)

    Hi all, I have a DX 90, and rid my CD's thru iTunes into AIFF files.  I like the player, the sound, battery life is ok, etc. My problem is I get a lot of "null" & "SD Card" displays on almost all of my songs.  I would say about 65-70 % do not show the artists name or album title.   And I...
  24. ErikV55

    X5, X1, or DX90 for my 1964 ears v6's

    Hey there Head-Fi,     I've recently made the plunge and purchased my V6's from 1964 Ears. I'm now in the market for a new DAP and I've narrowed it down to the 3 listed in the title. Obviously I know that the sound quality of the X5 and the DX90 is superior to the X1, but is it worth it? This...
  25. Dsnuts

    Narmoo's NEW S1 Dual dynamic supremus!

    These Narmoo folk seem to be on a mission. A mission of greatness for the money and I have to say with each new introduction of their earphones the SQ of the earphones seems to be getting better and better yet the cost is laughably affordable. Introducing the newest earphone from Narmoo. The S1...