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iBasso DX90 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wolfen68, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. wolfen68 Contributor
    The DX90 sounds great, almost equal to my DX100 for half the price....but I'll start with some operational issues I've had:
    1.  Some folks, me included have had difficulty with the DX90's media scanning function not properly building the library and/or resulting in all files tagged as "null".  These same files work great on my DX100, so it appears to be a firmware issue.
    Despite one recommendation to cut all of your tags down to barebones...try this first.
    After experimentation I recommend the following to anyone having trouble with media scanning. Put your micro sd card in and do a scan. Leave it alone! It may seem like it locks up, and it is definitely taking longer than it should, but eventually it will clear. Once done, look at your files, in my case they are all shown as "null" and cannot be accessed via "all music" or file directory view. Do a factory reset. After this, every time, all music is still hosed...but now you can go to directory view and select a song from any folder you have. Once you do that it will do a quick scan of all the songs in that folder, and they will all work correctly and show in "all music" etc. At least I can use it now...but I have over 500 folders....doing them one at a time does not sound like fun.  (Edit: Periodically, when the unit is turned on, it will do a media scan even when there are no changes to the storage card.  This is frustrating as, due to the media scan lockup issue, the device is unusable for up to 45 minutes until it finishes.)
    2.  Another issue is that the DX90 will occasionally not show correctly in usb connect mode. It shows the internal memory and the sd card as removable drives, but in the case of the sd card it does not recognize the drive size or label. Usually dismounting and remounting will fix this, or another factory reset.
    3.  UI is generally OK.  However there is a 2-3 second lag of response when operating the unit's front three buttons.
    4.  Scrolling is a little touchy, and sometimes a little difficult to find/select a single track in a long list due to brief lags.
  2. goodvibes
    Thanks. Fortunately none of these are debilitating and all correctable via FW. I use folder view anyway so the music scan hasn't come up. The others I have noticed but fortunately can live with. I will still be happier when they are inevitably addressed.
  3. philiptw
    With regards to point 3, iBasso has said that the implementation of a lag in response is to ensure there is no pop sound in the headphones when tracks are skipped/stopped.. I am no electrical engineer so I dont know if this is technically true.
    Would like to also add, the DAP doesn't read track numbers from different CDs, I hope they implement something that can read and sort tracks with Disc number first -> then track number.. 
  4. wolfen68 Contributor
    Update on media scan/null file issue:
  5. HiFlight
    For those who are having difficulty with proper scanning with their DX90, perhaps my experience will prove helpful....

    I removed the micro SD card from my DX50 where it was playing flawlessly and inserted it into my DX90. (all of my music is on the sd card, none on the internal memory) The option for scanning appeared and I selected "scan". When finished, it first appeared that my music was present but after listening to the shuffle mode for awhile, it was obvious that many of the same tunes and/or artists were being repeated. I then checked in "Albums" and found only a small number of albums and artists showing. Likewise, in "All Music", there was only a small number of files showing of what I knew was actually present. Many of the albums showed "null".

    I then, leaving the card in place, accomplished a "wipe and factory reset". This was done by holding both the volume up and power button together, not by selecting from the settings menu. When this procedure was completed, once again the scan option appeared and once again I selected "Scan". This scan took about 4 or 5 minutes. (my 64gb card is nearly full) Following the completion of this scan, all of my music, albums and artists appeared exactly as in my DX50. All of my albums are by folder, one album per folder. I drag and drop from my computer and do not use itunes or any sort of tagging program.

    Since then, my DX90 has performed flawlessly.
  6. nakedtoes
    I encounter bugs like this with gapless off..
    track 1 >  1st second of track 2> track 2
    sometime after i on the player to resume the existing track i also can hear 1st sec of the first track played before resume
  7. Askim
    1. Tags: Artist-catalog should be made from the "album artist"-tag if present.
    2. Tags: Some european/latin characters show as asian signs.
    3. A catalog-option showing all albums sorted by artist,year,album title would be nice.
  8. Vartan
    [​IMG] However there is a 2-3 second lag of response when operating the unit's front three buttons. [​IMG] 
  9. TheMaestro335
    Hello all,
    I am a DX50 owner and currently Waiting for my DX90 to be delivered. I have been through a lot of firmware upgrades on the DX50. The problem with these upgrades is every time they bring out a new upgrade the sound signature changes. Sometimes the changes are better, and sometimes the changes are worse. To pay this much for a player that will never keep its original sound signature is pretty crazy! But I continue to buy?

  10. HiFlight

    With the new DAC chip that is implemented in the DX90, it is a strong possibility that firmware updates will NOT change the SQ. We willl just have to wait and see, but I am thinking that this issue will be limited to the DX50.
  11. AndrewH13
    I tried this method of factory reset to see if it would prevent the 'scan/browse?' message I get every time I turn on. It made no change, but weird effect on restart options, like a 3D message on two levels. Some writing above the other as if it was on glass panel!
  12. kantana
    One annoying bug I found when playing DSD over PCM DoP files wrapped in a flac container.  This outputs via coax to a Chord Hugo.  The songs will intermittently stop for 2 seconds then continues.  It can happen several times in a song and is random.  Almost like it has emptied a buffer and needs to refill with data before continuing.  When playing DoP the player will be slow to respond to the screen or buttons.
  13. wolfen68 Contributor
    I tried this today and either I didn't do it right or the results came up different.  Ultimately it didn't help with the media scan/null issue.
    With the unit off, I pushed power and volume up at the same time.  It booted to firmware and asked for a full wipe and factory reset.  I did so.  When it was done, it returned to the same screen which had the original three options to select from:
    1.  Reboot
    2.  Full wipe and factory reset
    3.  Update from SD card
    No option to "scan".  It seemed "reboot" was what I wanted so I selected that. 
    It restarted but still did not recognize that a scan was required.  I selected "rescan library" from the usual settings menu and it took approximately 20 minutes.  When done..my files were still unrecognized entirely or tagged as "null" again and wouldn't play.  Stymied, I repeated the trick I described above....another (normal) factory reset in which afterwords any folder I select from my file location directory will scan briefly and play properly.  However this only works one folder at a time. 
    What did I do wrong? 
  14. Vartan
    guys the 2-3 second lag of response is a hardware or software problem?
  15. TheMaestro335
    Man, the DX90 is the same flawed user system as the DX50. That is amazing that Ibasso would release the same problematic op system???
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