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On-the-go headphones for classical lover?

  1. Scot1970
    Hi there,
    My Shure SE530s are no more and so I'm thinking of a change of direction. I'm considering over the ear headphones for my next pair of travel out-and-about cans. I listen to a lot of symphonies so I prefer a neutral and organic, tending to warm, signature that has a wide and open soundstage, has great detail and natural unforced bass that extends way down.
    Can you please recommend a pair that would match this criteria? I was thinking perhaps of the Sennheiser Momentums. My source is a Cowon X9 (soon to be iBasso DX90 or Fiio X5) with FLAC files ripped from CD via Exact Audio Copy or high-res downloads.
    Thank you. Scot :)
  2. CJG888
    You should definitely try the Beyerdynamic DT250 (250 ohm version).

    They need quite a bit of power, but both the DX90 and the X5 will have no trouble at all.

    This is about as close as you will get to a closed HD600 at a reasonable price (and they are lightweight and robust). Like the Momentums, they are circumaural but very compact (the MLs are supra aural, and the D2000 are quite bulky).

  3. Scot1970
    Thanks, folks. The DT250s and the DT880s have a huge impedence and seem to be more suitable for home listening. I already have a pair of Grado SR80is for home. The P7s look good and get a great write-up from What HiFi, but again they are recommended as a home use headphone. This is why I was looking favourably towards the Momentum over-ears: they seem to have a decently wide soundstage for closed cans, they're closed so good for travel, they have low impedence (18ohms) and they have a balanced and natural output. The only thing I still don't know is how suited they are to classical music (symphonies, mainly). In my ideal world, I would have a set of cans that have the wide soundstage of an open-backed set but were actually closed-back for on-the-go. Elementary physics probably says no.
  4. CJG888
    Neither of your preferred DAPs will have any trouble driving the DT250s. Even the DX50 will manage. An iPod will not, however...
  5. iBeyerX90-COP
    Beyerdynamic custom one pro is a great compromise. With velour pads for classic. Momentum is a good choice though.

    Ps : i listening a lot of classical and baroque music.
  6. Claritas
    XPT100 or another CD990 clone (such as the original FA003--not the Ti revision--and HM5). Honestly though, I don't recommend full size for portable use and use in ears myself. Best luck!
  7. H T T
    Mikros 90 gets my vote for the criteria you list.

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