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Hello everyone, im new and i need some suggestions

  1. simonhou886
       My gf just bought me a pair of se846 as gift. can anyone suggest me a good music player for it? I am now thinking about AK100II. anyone tried such combination before?
  2. spook76

    How much storage do you think you will need? Do you plan on playing high resolution music (above 24/48)? You can ask on the SE846 thread. We are a lively bunch.

    Also, be very careful picking a source as the SE846 has an incredibly low input impedance of 9ohms.

    Finally, great girlfriend she sounds like marriage material.
  3. simonhou886
    thank you for replying me, i actually know nothing about those. just wanna to find a fine looking player that can give me amazing musics since i got such a good pair of IEMs. and i will go and read the thread now.
    at last, yeah i love my gf, im def gonna get married with her :D
  4. spook76

    Just go ahead a post your question on the thread. That way you will get plenty of opinions to judge from before deciding. That is the greatness of a forum like Head-Fi.
  5. Ivabign
    Does she have a sister? [​IMG]

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