1. Aerosphere

    TIDAL is coming to Astell&Kern players!

    Tidal & Astell&Kern is currently developing a TIDAL APP for Astell&Kern portable devices. What do you think? Let's discuss.   I believe, this endeavor will give them a clear edge over other brands in the market and it will further premiumize the Astell&Kern brand and it's users.   
  2. ipodstudio

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    Being as another thread is about to go waaaay off track with the introduction of our passion for watches into the conversation, I thought it would be interesting to start a new thread, instead. I love watches and always have done! They just fascinate me and I love to swap and change, but the one...
  3. JeremyLaurenson

    The Astell and Kern AK100_II (2014) findings thread

    General Specifications Model Body Color Body Material Display Supported Audio Formats Sample rate Output Level DAC Decoding Input Outputs Wi-Fi Bluetooth Dimensions Weight Feature Enhancements AK100Ⅱ Smoky Blue Aluminum 3.31inch WVGA (480 x 800) AMOLED Touchscreen WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3...
  4. walkman666

    DAP Questions [from head-fi vet but DAP newbie]

    Hi.  I am a long-time member with a fun collection of headphones, amps, DACs, but have been using an iPod (with Pico slim amp) as my portable source forever, and am interested in taking the plunge into a DAP.  I have read a lot, and have some narrowed down selections (iBasso DX90, AK100 ii). ...
  5. deafanddumb

    Dipping a big toe

    Hello to everyone   As a new member, the pursuit of audiophile nirvana has led me to your door. I hope someone is in.....   Forgive me for my sins, but presently I am the proud owner of an Ipod nano and Bose QC 15's. Gasp,! Well, for my office environment and my fear of...
  6. musikaladin

    Toys for Boys

    ...returning home after a long and hard working day you quickly rush to the shrine and ...there it is... your favourite toy...errrr... or second favourite, or whatever...   Anyway... your set-up is more than just about listening music? It is passion for design, fine mechanics, precision...
  7. simonhou886

    Hello everyone, im new and i need some suggestions

    Hi,    My gf just bought me a pair of se846 as gift. can anyone suggest me a good music player for it? I am now thinking about AK100II. anyone tried such combination before?
  8. jude

    JH Audio Layla and Angie - Head-Fi TV

    NOTE:  If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video.     In this Head-Fi exclusive, we take a look at Jerry Harvey Audio's two new universal-fit Siren Series IEMs, the Layla and the Angie, which will be officially announced a little later in Tokyo.   The JH...
  9. seeteeyou

    Brand Spanking New A&K AK120II and AK100II       AK100Ⅱ     Single DAC     DSD Playback (DSD to PCM)     Balanced Output     Wi-Fi MQS Streaming     MQS Download Store     64GB internal memory     microSD card slot     Optical Out     USB DAC    ...
  10. Tattedfitguy

    Portable amp for Astell & Kern Ak120ii

    Hey guys can you help me in suggesting a portable amp for my Astell & Kern Ak120ii.   I'll be pairing with with BW P7's, Shure 846's and Sennheiser Wireless momentum's.    Thanks
  11. Astell&Kern AK100II High Resolution Single DAC Audio Player

    Astell&Kern AK100II High Resolution Single DAC Audio Player

    A New StandardA new standard for listening to music was proposed while developing the AK100. Astell & Kern recognized that certain aspects of the AK100 needed improvement during research and development for a successor. While considering how to improve the AK100, they realized that there was a...