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Narmoo's NEW S1 Dual dynamic supremus!

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  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    These Narmoo folk seem to be on a mission. A mission of greatness for the money and I have to say with each new introduction of their earphones the SQ of the earphones seems to be getting better and better yet the cost is laughably affordable. Introducing the newest earphone from Narmoo. The S1

    Dual dynamic 10mm woofer, 6mm tweeter,
    Sensitivity 102db/1mW
    Impedance 10 Ohms
    Frequency Range 5Hz-23Khz
    1.2Meter Black PU cable
    Narmoo Case.
    These things are impossibly light and easy to manage. I was surprise when I took the phones out of the packaging how light they are. One of the lightest earphones if not the lightest I have owned. The cable with the other factor of the build I was impressed with. These cable looks to be very durable and of solid quality. There is a bit of memory happening with the cable but nothing to be of real concern. I can tell the phones will last average to rough use with no issues so solid in all regards to build.
    To put is straight I am surprised just what $45 gets you now a days. I was thinking these might sound pretty decent for the price and that will be that. Well I have to admit I am very surprised on the heels of a decent R1M to these.. This phone my friends is a nice upgrade in sound quality in every aspects. Dual dynamics have come a long way ever since JVC pulled off the FXT90. So far tuning has been a hit or miss. The idea of a dual or triple dynamic somehow we associate more drivers with more sound maybe even a better sound. Unfortunately while there are clear advantages of having multiple drivers in an earphone in many cases this is simply not the case... It ultimately comes down to tuning and how the multiple drivers sound together..A common asset of having multiple drivers is that they portray the layers of music better in most cases. These S1s are no exception. Layering of sound is quite excellent on the S1 and this adds to ultimately enjoying your music even more so.
    These earphones have a solid well balanced tuning. Music is neither too forward or too distant. A clear indication of fine tuning of balance is evident on the earphones. For a phone that cost this little this sound quality is surprising. Testing the S1 out of my new Geek Out dac and my DX90.
    For what it is the sound on the S1 is every bit as engaging as any of my higher end earphones. Surprised? You bet.. In fact the depth and spacial qualities in the S1 makes your standard single driver phones somewhat lacking. These phones are clearly taking advantage of both drivers in the housing...Tonality is a touch on the warmth side of neutral which makes for easier listening. Sure it does not have the resolution of my IM03 or the bass end of my FX850 or the timbre but to be honest if I threw these S1s on someone who has never heard better, one could easily say these are just as good..
    In fact I am willing to bet if these earphones was made by. Lets say Sony. They could charge $150 and I wouldn't think twice about the sound and think they sound great for that price. Actually in hind sight. I think these do sound better than the H1 which is a hybrid but better.. Oh and also better than the R1 and R3 by brainwavz..Better than the FXT90 mentioned earlier. Even a bit better than the FXZ100 . Just a hair shy of the mightly KEF M200. But here is the catch on this sound quality. 10 Ohm sensitivity means you need the right synergy for this sound to be all that it can be. Out of the Geek Out. These earphones sound amazing. These earphones with more power is where they truly shine. Sounds great with standard daps and is easy to Drive.  So are these worth the money asked? OH yes. Absolutely.. Because ultimately you and I love a good deal. These are a fantastic deal.  Even better with what I will reveal later..
    The sound is spacious deep, fully layered dimensional with excellent treble extension timbre and full spacial mids and non exaggerated bass or bloat.A very similar balanced tuning that is on the Brainwavz R3, not quite as airy in sound but similar in sound layering perhaps better on the S1. Especially in the mids..The reason why these to my ears sound better is because these have no weird dips in the treble region the R3s real issue. Otherwise very similar in tonality and balance to the R3. A very solid sound. Depth is good and stage is a bit wider than average so decent there. I think what truly is impressive is how these make use of the average sized housing. I would even say fairly small compared to most other dual dynamics. Yet they portray a nice full sound making use of every bit of the housing.
    These do throw the out of head sounds which is something I look for in a nicer sounding iem. The bass is not overblown like the R1 or does it hover over the mids. The bass is good 2-3dbs north of neutral and has excellent sub bass extension. Good control and ample presence of bass when called for. The transition of lower mids to midbass is seamless.. Be prepared for a great sound experience with the S1s. I did a 100 hour burn in before this review and the bass has settled with a touch fuller more even mid range and smoother yet tighter overall sound. Burn in is recommended..
    So the one real negative of these earphones are the tips that was included. Yes for some reason they tuned these real nice to throw in some real cheapo eartips. The tips are basically useless. They work but actually restrict the large layered sound of the S1s and that is a no no.. Using my UE tips the phones improve immediately.. I have good word that Narmoo will look into some better tips for their next phone..Bad tips are forgivable... As long as the sound is excellent. And excellent it is. Give it a go fellas. I am certain you all will be happy with the new S1 from Narmoo..
    Oh and because you all are my friends. Friends gets a nice discount.  Here is the coupon code"HEADFI" with 20% discount..
    Go to narmoo.com. Happy listening fellas.
  2. DannyBai
    What!! That's some stiff competition you mention here. Wow, must be a killer deal at $45.
  3. jant71
    Nice find! Now we need to know how it stacks up to the Ostry, Havi, Tenore and such. Maybe against those new Rock Jaw dual drivers as well.
  4. doctorjazz
    Any links to purchase? Or is this just an Amazon jp/Tenso job?
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    www.narmoo.com  Put in the code HEADFI  for your 20% discount from $45..These are laughably cheap for the sound your getting.
    I just payed $45 for 2 sets of JVC FX850 tips from Amazon Japan. Lol.
  6. peter123

    The 20% discount doesn't seem to work through. It just says the code is used before. Probably because they used the same code for the RIM which I purchased when it was released.......

    Edit: DS beat me to it :wink:
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    That code should be good for the S1s as well. Let me mention that to eric at Narmoo and he will probably make a new code then. Hold on and let me communicate that to them.
  8. drbluenewmexico
    i just nabbed a set and the HEADFI code worked. then they charged me shipping
    so it ended up saving me about 3.00.  thats ok, still seems like a bargain when
    DS audio prophecies come true!!!!   long may he rave!
  9. peter123
    I'll try ordering again tomorrow, really like the RIM so would like to check out these as well.
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    Out of the box the sound is not as good as I am hearing them now. I look forward to what you guys think about these. I have been burning them in and this morning I threw them on the Geek out for the first time and that was when I knew these were a crazy value..Sound like this just don't happen at this price range.
  11. SilverEars
    I've never heard of anything more than one dynamic.  I know UM has the crazy triple dynamic one.  But, this is the first universal I've heard of more than one dynamic.  Does anybody have measurements of multi-dynamic driver iems?
  12. jant71

    Huh, been on Head-fi much[​IMG] 8,000 dual driver universals, a couple of triple dynamic universals, and approaching a couple of dozen hybrids(dual and triple). Check innerfidelity for measurements of some. FXT90 for example...http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/JVCHAFXT90.pdf
  13. sithjedi333
    How does it compare to the ath-im50?
  14. Dsnuts Contributor

    Sorry my friend.. Never had the IM50s. I am sure one of the fellas will chime in once they get the S1s.
    Oh and by the way guys the code for %20 discount is fixed. Should work now.
  15. delladood
    Just bought a pair.  Personal reward for my return to headfi lol.
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