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Kennerton & Fischer Audio Magister Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tamirci, Sep 26, 2014.
  1. Tamirci
    Kennerton Audio is a relatively unknown brand. But they had built this headphone with collaboration of Fischer Audio, famous Russian brand of many hand crafted phones. Kennerton is chosen to be the naming brand of FA's highest end products.
    Usage of bog wood is the thing that makes this headphone so special. Plus their requirement of the wood to be at least 2050 years old. Radiocarbon age test helps them target the woods.
    You can read its only review here 
    As for me, I am quiet happy with this Magister. You feel and hear the quality. But do not expect too much rumble. Mid range, details and wide soundstage does the job here :)
    ps: ibasso dx90 is not enough for it to shine. I am using my Beresford Gatorized dac/amp to maximize its performance.
    ps2: Cables are interchangeable with 3rd party cables. But why should you give up the beauty of these 3m long fabric covered almost 1cm width cables? 
    ps3: As dx90 is cannot drive these completely, who cares? You won't be using this portable. Will you? :)
  2. luvmusik
    Kennerton now also offers a new 2nd version - the Magister "Light", in addition to the Magister (standard). The Light is considerably priced less.
    Does anyone know what the difference is between the two versions ? Can't seem to find details. Maybe the wood type is different ? I dunno.
    Specs are the same.
    Site seems to imply the standard Magister has Titanium or Titanium coated drivers, calfskin headband & pads - maybe Light does not ? But it doesn't add up for price differential, unless if drivers were pure titanium. Wonder what info we're missing ?
    This Light version may be very worthwhile at $400 less - nearly half price.
    Anyone weigh in ?
  3. Kennerton Team
    Hi luvmusik!
    The difference between light and usual version are:
    1. Artificial leather ear cushions are used instead of true leather ones
    2. Ear cups have simpler structure, without pyramids
    3. Lower quality cable
    All of this components are available to order separately, so you can upgrade it to the full version later if you wish
  4. luvmusik
    Thank You for the info !
    Those are some nice headphones.
    I really like Kennerton/Fischer Audio & will look into the Magisters, Vali and Odin in the future.
    Currently have Fischer Audio FA-011 Beech, Jubilate 64 Padauk, Jubilate High Edition Peruvian Walnut, and also Kennerton Cherry Oldwood cups modded onto NVX Audio XPT100 with Brainwavz pads, both pleather memory and velour switchable, as part of my collection.
    The Kennerton/Fischer Audio have super sound and are high quality made, with really beautiful woods as a bonus. Very enjoyable !
  5. Kennerton Team
    Wow, that is quite an impressive collection!
    Thanks for kind words :)
  6. rq1111
    Just got a Magister. Really love it. It has the mdr7520 sound quality and the separation and soundstage is good! Do not understand why it is not popular. Some says it is a premium fa003ti. I ask the sales person and he told me that the driver is different. I believe it is different. I am glad to get the Magister. I think it is going to reach 350 soon which Magister will no longer be available. Glad to have grab one.
  7. Arcamera
    Really interested in these. Any more comments on the sound quality/sound signature? Thanks.
  8. rq1111
    I am not very good to describe it but i will try. It is a balance sound with good clarity and sub bass without overwhelming. Vocal is good too. Very balance sound. The sound stage is quite wide and enough depth to hear good separation. So it does not have congested sound. Have 3d feeling which is like listening in concert yet in a treated environment so you will not hear sound like echo in an untreated room.

    Now, mine has enough burn in which is even better sounding which i had described exactly what i had heard after burn in. I pair it with qp1r dap. Amazing combo! Really! You got to try it.

    I think the marketing is not strong and maybe is not their focus but it is really an amazing headphone. I have the mdr7520 which is a accurate sounding and magister has that but with additional of better separation and 3d sound like yamaha mt220 but better than mt220 due to better focus unlike mt220 which has echo 3d sound.

    Hope you get what i am writing. Really amazing headphone. I have compare it with LCD-XC and Kennerton Vali from memory which i had tried and i can say it is better than LCD-XC and Vali to me.
  9. Arcamera
    Thanks for the info. Sounds good.
  10. rq1111
    You are most welcome!
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  11. donpablo

    I see there are 2 versions Magister and Magister Pro (this one has 2 version Leather and Non-Leather Edition).
    link here: https://kennerton.com/headphones

    Any comparisons between Magister and Magister Pro?

    Also Non-leather version of Magister Pro is much cheaper than leather ones. Price difference is caused only by different pads?
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019

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