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Issue with tag on DX 90, Help :)

  1. Jbranch
    Hi all,
    I have a DX 90, and rid my CD's thru iTunes into AIFF files.  I like the player, the sound, battery life is ok, etc.
    My problem is I get a lot of "null" & "SD Card" displays on almost all of my songs.  I would say about 65-70 % do not show the artists name or album title.
    And I won't even start about the lack of album art that does not show up in any way shape or form.  I see the album art in my iTunes library, but never on the DX 90
    I imagine it's something to do with the tags, but this is my first DAP and obviously  I'm doing something wrong.  Is there a primer on when ripping songs what to do so that I do get the info I'm looking for?  If someone could steer me in the right direct, this player would be almost perfect.  Oh, and it won't scroll long song titles either.
    I'm getting a pair of 1964  V6 CIEM's soon and can't wait to try them out.

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