1. ExoNautic

    reasonable pair of over-ears

    Ok so im not an audiophile guy typically but i really need a good headset as some of the sounds that i hear coming out of my current sets sound worse to me by the day. i want a good pair of over-ears, preferably with a velvet ear cup like the hd 598's have (i believe). and i definitely would...
  2. Brick3

    ### Matrix Cube vs Audio-gb NFB-11? ###

    Hey everyone. I'm planning to get an amp/dac and struggling between matrix cube and audio-gb nfb-11 I'm planning to use it for games and movies. I was initially going to buy nfb-11 but heard that it's a bitt too analytical. What about cube? I personally would rather get a more fun based device...
  3. Natsukawa

    The Philips Fidelio X1 / X2 . . . aka Superlux EVO in a Candy Cloak!

    When i returned to the audiophile World back then . . . i did with the Superlux 681 Models. First thing I thought was: "What the Hell . . . thats how 19€ Cans sound like nowdays? BRILLIANT! They sound awesome." Then I became mad and bought and tested every Can i could get. I realised very, very...
  4. Campi

    Do your Sennheiser HD 558 foam make noise ?

    I have a quick question for Sennheiser HD 558 owner´s. I just bought a pair for 90€ and i think they are used even though they were advertised as new but whatever.   But my Velour foam earpads sound like there is some kind of plastic inside of them, as soon as u touch/squeeze them it sounds...
  5. Abouna

    Git ideas: upgrade from ATH-AD900X

    My family constantly harangues me about not knowing what to get me for gifts.    I like my current cans quite a bit (AD900X), but do feel they just a bit thin.  I'm no basshead by any means, but I would like a fuller sound.   I only listen at my computer and am running everything through a...
  6. jamieuk147

    gaming headphones recommendations please?

    I all ready have sone Sony Mdr 800 which I love, but fancy trying something different for gaming and movies. What do you recommend please?
  7. XLR8

    [Q]Which Grado has largest cup size?

    Simple really, of all Grado releases which has the largest cup volume?
  8. charlie875578

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs Bowers Wilkins P7

    I don't have the ability to test the Philips Fidelio X1. I'm looking at these two as a HP for mainly home use with some travel use (not so much using on a plane/car, rather a over ear that doesn't require a full amp rig to get enjoyment. Most of the listening will be Concert DVDs, Netflix...
  9. cheeno50

    Which is better? (Denon D600) Vs.(Philips Fidelio X1)

    These two headphones have many similarities. Has anyone tried both?
  10. cheeno50

    Senn hd600 vs. Fidelio X1 Compare?

    Which would be better for faster electronic and hiphop music? Also, what amp do you use?
  11. Valhallatier

    Mini reviews of headphones i auditioned

    Hello i just visited a local audio shop, auditioning headphones (for free, yes free). and this are my quick reviews of headphones i tried. Sennheiser HD800: No way you come into a headphone store and not looking at the Sennheiser HD800, its simply the 'best'. Plugged into a Oppo...
  12. TheReal14O

    How to clean Philips Fidelio X1 Headphones?

    Hello, I was wondering how you clean the X1 headphones. I've had these for about a year and they are in need of some cleaning.   Thanks.
  13. jodgey4

    9 can shoot-out (NVX XPT100 to LCD-2.2F)

    Welcome, and first of all, thank you to Saoshyant and my brother for lending me cans!   Ordered ~by price:: Audeze LCD-2.2F, Hifiman HE-400, Heir Audio S, Phillips X1, Sennheiser HD598, AKG Q701, Sennheiser PC 163D, NVX Audio XPT100     I lied. It's 7 for now, until my LCD-2.2F's come...
  14. cheeno50

    (Denon AH-D600) Vs. (Philips Fidelio X1)

    What do you prefer if you tried both? Also amp or no?
  15. Agony

    Can't seem to decide on a set of headphones, would like some help.

    Apologies for creating a new thread, didn't know if the "Looking for advice - post here" thread was still in service, per se. Long story short, I'm looking for a set of headphones to usa almost exclusively at home, and there aren't any places around me that offer any good sets to audition. About...
  16. jordannn15

    Are the Sennheiser HD650's worth another $100?

    I just got the Fidelio X1's and they are very nice compared to my Audio Technica ATH-M50s but thats to be expected. I like these as they have very nice sound stage. I kind of want to return these and get the HD650's because I've seen EVERYONE review and like these. If I were to switch I normally...
  17. eremus123

    Phlips Fidelio X1 for Desktop?

    Hi guys!   I've just purchased a Fidelio X1 and would like to find out some information regarding its set up!   I plan to use this headphone on my desktop for gaming (CSGO, BF4) and listening to music (Pop, Rock, EDM). I have previously purchased a PCI Sound Card for my desktop, the...
  18. Ultimate Audio

    Bowers&Wilkins P7 vs Philips Fidelio X1

    i'm stuck between this 2 cans, somebody tried both ??  i love bass but also the clarity and the soundstage,
  19. Phearzmeh

    How does the shure 1540 compare to the Philips fidelio x1?

    I'm just wondering how they compare. I'm new to the audio world. My main drivers are the x1s and the shure 1540s sound up my alley but I don't want to buy them if they're too similar. Thanks for looking!
  20. shinji17

    Can't decided between the Fidelio X1, HD598, or HD600

    Hello guys, I am new to the world of good audio and hoping to buy my first real pair of headphones. I have done a lot of research and have pretty much narrowed it to Fidelio X1s, HD598, and HD600.   Some things first:   - I am going to be plugging these into a MSI gaming laptop, pretty much...
  21. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  22. audiowatts

    Beats Solo 2: Is the Head-Fi community willing to give these a fair chance?

    Unlike past Beats releases these have a pretty good build and a good sound for a portable pair of headphones. (Subjective) Many comments on YouTube and other places on-line are quick to dismiss them based on the brand name. So many negative comments were even made when reviewers had...
  23. Jocas

    AKG-Q701 vs SoundMagic HP200 vs Fidelio X1

    Hi Everyone,   I listen to all kind of music. I am about to decide whether to get a pair of AKG-Q701 or SoundMagic HP200 or Fidelio X1. I really appreciate if you can share your experience with any of these headphones. Thank you.   KR, Jocas
  24. twalker294

    Sennheiser 598, Philips X1, or ???

    Hello there Head-fi'ers. I've recently gotten into the hobby and I'm looking to upgrade from my Grado SR60i. I am a very heavy headphone user, wearing them 6-8 hours a day while I work, so comfort is EXTREMELY important. In addition to my Grados, I have a pair of Etymotics ER4p, Klipsch S4i, and...
  25. AlanMcJ

    DAC/Player for Fidelio X1... X5 or DX90?

    Hello ppl, i own a pair of Fidelio X1 and also V moda m100.   I m looking for a dac to improve my poor laptop soundcard and i would like that dac to be also a portable player.   After reading tons of reviews i m thinking about fiio x5 and ibasso dx90. I would like to realize which 1 of em...