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Sennheiser 598, Philips X1, or ???

  1. twalker294
    Hello there Head-fi'ers. I've recently gotten into the hobby and I'm looking to upgrade from my Grado SR60i. I am a very heavy headphone user, wearing them 6-8 hours a day while I work, so comfort is EXTREMELY important. In addition to my Grados, I have a pair of Etymotics ER4p, Klipsch S4i, and Koss KSC75s. The Klipsch aren't in the rotation because the sound quality just isn't there but when I'm working right now, I switch between the Grados, Etys, and Koss because each pair is uncomfortable in a different way so once I get tired of one pair, I switch to another. I desperately need a set of cans that I can wear for hours.
    My primary music genre is jazz with some vocals thrown in here and there (Adele, Norah Jones, stuff in that general vein.) I am not a fan of bass but of course there has to be some there to round out the sound. Mids are very important to me as you can probably guess by my preferred listening habits. Highs need to be there but not be harsh and fatiguing (I'm lookin at you SR60s.)
    I'll be running through a Fiio E07K connected to my computer so higher impedance up to about 80 ohms or so shouldn't be a problem. As for tonal quality, I like the sound of my Etymotics the best out of my current phones but I would like a bit more bass than they offer, as well as a bit more "fun" sound. They are very detailed and neutral but sometimes I want a bit more like the KSC75s offer.
    I think I've narrowed my choices down to the Sennheiser 598 and the Philips X1 and I'm leaning more toward the 598s because from what I've read the X1s might be more bassy than I would like. I'm open to other suggestions of course. Price range is no more than about $250 if possible.
    Much thanks in advance!
  2. KT66
    used HD600s? have you heard/tried them?
  3. cel4145
    A little bit over budget, but HE-400s. Extremely detail resolving on the order of Grados and ER4Ps (I own both), but with a good bit bassier sound signature, but doesn't have that midbass hump or bleed into the mids that some bassier headphones do. Very even sound. I think you would really like them since you seem to want more bass. See this review and notice how they rank compared to others: http://www.head-fi.org/t/634201/battle-of-the-flagships-58-headphones-compared-update-audeze-lcd-2-revision-2-6-4-13#user_HE400

    If you need to stay in budget, Razordog has some b-stock. Trustworthy vendor to buy from.
  4. zunehdrocks
    There is the soundmagic hp200
  5. twalker294
    Thanks for the great suggestions. I've not really thought about buying used or refurbished but that's a definite possibility. I would love the HE400 I think so I might go that route. Thanks!
  6. twalker294

    No I haven't. There really isn't anywhere around here that sells high quality headphones so whatever I buy I'll be doing it blind. How do they compare to the HE400?
  7. cel4145

    For jazz and EDM, I think the HE-400s sound incredible. I've got a $3500 multichannel stereo setup in my living room, and I actually prefer listening to those genres with my HE-400s.

    The other thing you'll find, too, is that they are so detail resolving, if you ever want to get more out of them, upgrading your DAC and amp just allows you to hear even more detail. Strangely, I don't find to be true as much with my Grados.
  8. jodgey4
    The HE-400's have a recessed upper-mid region, which may not be the best for vocals, especially female vocals... though I haven't heard it myself. The X1's have a slow and emphasized bass... I'd go for the 598's if I were you over all other options but a pair of HD600's. That's just me though.
  9. twalker294
    I've just about decided on the HE400 but I'm a bit concerned about comfort. As I stated, I wear phones about 6-8 hours a day so comfort is very important. What is the comfort of the HE400s like compared to the Senn 598s?
    And HUGE thanks again for all the help!
  10. cel4145
    I don't wear my HE-400s more than a couple of hours at a time. I guess if I were going to wear headphones for 6-8 hours, I would want something even more comfortable than them.
  11. twalker294

    Do you have the velour earpads? Is it the pads that make them less than ideal or the weight?
  12. cel4145
    Yes. I use the velour pads. Yes. They are a little bit heavier than most. I just don't know about long term comfort with them personally because I haven't tried it. But I do know that the HD598s have a better reputation for comfort.
  13. Za Warudo
    I think the HE-400's soundstage is too small for jazz.
  14. Astropin
    What about the Beyerdynamic DT 880's?
  15. gradofan1
    +1 for the Beyer DT880's. Just make sure you get the 600 ohm version one (AND STAY AWAY FROM THE "PRO" VERSION 250OHM). Requires a strong amp to drive though @600 ohms..

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