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gaming headphones recommendations please?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jamieuk147, Oct 21, 2014.
  1. jamieuk147
    I all ready have sone Sony Mdr 800 which I love, but fancy trying something different for gaming and movies.

    What do you recommend please?
  2. Sundown
    Fidelio X1 with cable upgrade
  3. jamieuk147
    Thanks I will have a read up on them..... Any other suggestions?

  4. Sundown
    Sennheiser HD558. Though, they're not that great for movies as the bass is weak. Though, they make excellent gaming headphones for the sole purpose of that.
    HD700 has a very nice and realistic sound stage imaging. They're the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn, light, perfect clamp force, deep and wide ear cups.
    Fidelio X2's should be available in 4 weeks in USA. Supposed to have better midrange, removable ear cups, and a lower impedance cable.
    What's your price range?
  5. nicolasete
    Well, that pretty much depends on him caring more about immersion or pure competitive performance. Given that he asked for movies too, i'm going for immersion.
    Since I joined the the forums some 4 years ago (asking for pretty much the same thing) I've been consistently recommended the Beyerdynamic DT150 as a good compromise between immersion, fun and competititve performance. I have never tryed them, so please don't mark my words. Just giving you the -personal and probably biased- conclussions of my years long search.
    From my personal experience you should also take into consideration the quality of the source. I'm not talking about super-expensive dacs or anything, but for instance, my 60€ (now 49'99) CALs (which I decided to buy instead the DT150s, which are more than double or even three times that price) sounded extremelly underwhelming out of my old desktop (Asus P5Q-SE MoBo) and my laptop (Pavilion Dv7) but they sound pretty much amazing -for my uneducated ears- out of my current Asus P8Z68-v Pro motherboard.
  6. jamieuk147
    My budget is around $1200. Am happy to buy an Amp if needed.

    Sources will be PS3, astro mixamp, Asus latest Usb sound card

    Whats the best option?

    Amazing soundstage with decent bass

    Thanks so much!

    Ps I could maybe stretch to the new oppo headphones or HD800 if needed
  7. Sundown
    HD800's have been on BuySonic twice over the last 30 days IIRC for $1099. I'd grab those, and an O2 Dac/amp. I've never heard neither the amp/dac nor the HD800's but that's what I'd buy lol.
  8. jamieuk147
    How would Denon D7000 do for gaming and movies? Upgrade from MA900's :)
  9. Uberclocked
    Apparently they're great for gaming.  Soundstage is very nice, able to compete with most open cans despite it being closed, but still can't compete with monsters like the AD700x's.  Bass response is very very nice without it interfering with the mids or treble, giving it very good immersion.  Get them if you got the cash.
    The D7000 is complete and utter overkill for gaming.  
    Soundstage is incredible for a closed can, but not as nice as a good open can.
    It has more of a flat response, so immersion's going to be a problem if you want to really hear those explosions and such.
    If you really want to rek scubs, go for the B34t5 Pr0's.  They are "The Headphones Used To Mix In Every Major Studio" and
    "They’re the headphones that artists like Will.i.am use in the studio, and are designed to deliver the same level of emotion and power the artist originally intended.".
    420/69 IGN
    Seriously though, I have no idea what to get at that price point.  I've only been looking at mid-fi headphones so far.  If you don't want to spend that much and want a nice gaming headphone, go with either the Philips Fidelio X1's/X2's.  Really nice open cans, the X1's have more bass but the X2's have removable earcups as well as a larger headband if you have a big head.  The X2's are much more balanced (still not completely neutral though) and should have a better soundstage.  Get the X1 if you want more bass for greater immersion and the X2 if you want a more balanced sound with a better soundstage for pinpointing your enemy's location.
    Get the Sound Blaster Z for SBX surround for gaming, add a DAC of your choice that supports optical input, and stack it with an amp of your choice.
    Hope this helps!  Good luck with picking your setup!
  10. HiCZoK
    Not heard them myself but people say that Brainwavz HM5 is good for gaming thanks to it's wide soundstage.
  11. Uberclocked
    The HM5 is more of a neutral headphone, so it's probably not going to be as immersive as a bassier one, such as the DT990.
    Soundstage is decent for a closed can, but is a bit intimate and can't compete with a nice open can, such as the Q701.
  12. IYAshike
    Hello there,
    My recommendation is for Battlefield, which is what l usually play (B3 and B4).
    From the HPs l have tried, should you want an open-back model, l would go for the X1s (already recommended to you). l especially value on them their comfort, bass impact/quantity and soundstage. They're pretty good also for movies. These would fall into the 'immersive' category. l still have to hear anything more 'immersive' (in that it sounds so real) and cool than the X1s reproducing the sound of the ACE 53 SV mounting the LS06 suppressor, in B4. Cable is replaceable (so you can pick the length you need), however not the earpads. No need for an amplifier with these (unless you like to listen very loud).
    lf you want a close-can, then l would pick the Beyers DT-770 (l have the 250 ohms version). They also do well in movies (if only sometimes dialogues can seem a bit distant). For gaming, they're a great balance between competitive and immersive, as they have good bass (good sub bass, not punchy, though), great highs (to hear shots and footsteps) and pretty good soundstage (l would say you pinpoint enemies easier with this than with the X1s). Cable is non-changeable, and not too long (take it into account if you will be plugging them to the back of your PC or console, and these are not close to you). Comfort wise... well, l will never forget someone (l think in an amazon review) saying that they feel like "having a lamb over your head" [​IMG] (maybe someone should create a smiley to use in these occasions [​IMG]). They're super comfortable; besides, ear pads are replaceable. You might need an amplifier (back in the days, l used them with a Xonar DX -no amp- without problems).
    lf l had to pick only one, l would be in trouble. l guess, l would go for the close ones, as they are more polyvalent (on the go, with someone in the same room, etc.).
    Finally, if you don't have much experience with HPs, amps and DACs, l would NEVER recommend you buying anything too expensive (more than $500). l would suggest you to buy these 2, for example, instead of one single HP that cost the same as the pair. Why? Because IMO, getting to know different HPs will help you grow and determine your preferences. Besides, you could have 2 different HPs, for different uses and, also, as they say: "in variety is the taste".
    Let us know of your buy!  

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