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Can't decided between the Fidelio X1, HD598, or HD600

  1. shinji17
    Hello guys, I am new to the world of good audio and hoping to buy my first real pair of headphones. I have done a lot of research and have pretty much narrowed it to Fidelio X1s, HD598, and HD600.
    Some things first:
    - I am going to be plugging these into a MSI gaming laptop, pretty much exclusively because I don't own a good desktop.
    - These are for use at home only.
    - Excelling in movies is also an added bonus that I would really enjoy!
    - I listen to J-pop(Ex: Tokohana by Nagi Yanagi), some K-pop(Ex: Galaxy Supernova by Girl's Generation) and sometimes whatever is on the top charts in the U.S.
    Sorry for being a bit vague about music choices, but I basically listen to a whole lot of different genres. I am also open to other new suggestions but my hardcap might be at around $300.
    If any more information is needed, I will be happy to provide. Thanks for any help!!
  2. lestatdi
    With an amp - HD600
    Without - x1
  3. Trunks159
    All I listen to is J-Rock/Pop.  Anime OST kind of stuff.  I'd personally go with the X1 or MDR MA900, but the others aren't far behind.  The X1 is the more bassy of the two.  (currently, like right now)
  4. souhikyaku9
    I don't have a HD600 to try, but I did taken a listen to the two tracks you mentioned (and a couple others) with a HD598 and X1.  After listening, the thing that stood out the most was that, although the HD598 performs well, it could not match the pace of the X1.  A track like "Flower Power" (by GG) is just so much more energetic/exciting/lively with the X1.  So yeah, it wasn't so much about bass, mids, or treble differences (they exist - but everyone has different tastes), it was more about pace for me.
  5. shinji17
    Honestly I am really, really grateful for the replies. It seems to me like I am going to end up getting the Fidelio X1 as my first purchase!!
    I have a few more questions though:
    - I've read online that I may need to exchange the cables for better sound, is this true? If so, can I get a recommendation on the cables as well?
    - Would I need an AMP/DAC? My source is a MSI GE60 laptop, so I'm not sure if it has a built in AMP or DAC (How could I check?). I'm looking to pull the most out of these headphones, so even if it'll improve the headphones, I am willing to drop maybe an extra $100-200 for these.
    Thanks so much in advance!
  6. appsmarsterx
    stock X1 cable has too much resistance.. get something like Mediabridge cable. better amp/dac would give you better results with X1, but I suggest you first hear them with your onboard setup so you can make a decision afterwards.  
  7. souhikyaku9
    Yep, I second what appsmars said.
    I have tried the $8 Mediabridge cable (Amazon) and the $12 V-Moda audio cable (V-moda site) and both provide noticeable improvement over stock - choose either.  I have a Macbook Pro and don't know how its internal dac and amp compare to the internal dac and amp on your MSI laptop.  For the sake of furthering discussion, however, let's just assume the performance is identical for these two laptops.
    With the laptop, I am able to listen to about 3/4 volume with just the headphone.  Louder than that is not enjoyable - I like to protect my hearing.  Now with the Audioquest Dragonfly Ver. 1.2 (a simple "plug and play" usb amp & dac) the maximum listening volume is only about 3/5  (instead of the aforementioned 3/4).   Aside from that, there is a noticeable improvement in audio fidelity and soundstage.  Unfortunately, it does take up a usb slot - I'm not sure how precious those are to you on your laptop.
    So if you're looking to get the most out of your new headphones, will the Dragonfly outperform your MSI's relatively cheap internal dac and amp - the short answer is absolutely.
    But can your heart really handle the intensity?!!!!   [my monster truck voice]
  8. shinji17

    Haha, my heart better be able to handle these as they are staying me for a loong time. Thanks so much for the advice, it really means a lot to me. Now I can buy the X1s without worries!
  9. depleted
    Fidelio X2 are getting to market in the next weeks, I'd suggerì to wait a bit (or for hoping x1 price drop). Great choice though, I'm waiting myself for them =)

    Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. shinji17
    I see, I see. But aren't the Fidelio X2 going to be $300-$400? But I agree that there will be a chance for the price of the X1s to drop, so I'm going to hold on as well. Thanks for the advice!
    Are you going to get an AMP/DAC with yours? I'm still debating on which to actually get.
  11. Hokieboy01
    If you actually do get an amp/dac you might want to reconsider the HD600/598 again. The main problem with them earlier in the thread was no amp. If you really want the x1 though I agree with the others. Wait for the x2 and the price drop of the outgoing model.
    Or... wait for those people who buy an x2, instantly hate it and send it back, then buy it open box 15-30% off. 
  12. shinji17

    Thanks for the input, is there a reason why HD600 + AMP/DAC > X1 + AMP/DAC combo? On a side note, I'm eye-ing the audioquest dragonfly right now.
  13. Hokieboy01

    Greater.. that's opinion. The 600 is less dark sounding and should be less bassy than the x1 to my knowledge. Also the x1 shouldn't really need and amp and are built better than the HD600.
  14. thatBeatsguy
    Yeah. The X1 is efficient enough to run even straight out of an iPhone, although I hear extra power wouldn't hurt to make them sound their best. The HD600, however, requires an amp to sound audible and to sound they way they should. But in the end, it's mostly down to preference. I would probably pick the HD600 + Amp/DAC setup, though.
  15. BelialSeraph
    I know you said you already narrowed it down to those few headphones, but if you'll be listening to some jpop, I think you should audition a Grado headphone if you get a chance to. I use a Grado SR125i and I personally enjoy it for both metal and jpop. Very forward sound, good mids, punchy bass - complements the genre quite well IMO (they might be sibilant with certain songs, but not that many songs from my experience though). They're efficient headphones too so you don't really need an amp for it. Don't know how good they'd be for movies though, as I only use my pair for music. SR225i should be around 200$.
    If you're after comfort though, then I'd suggest going for the Sennheisers if you're willing to buy an amp for them. Also Grado headphones have a small soundstage so they might not be the best choice if you're gonna be using them for gaming

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