Beats Solo 2: Is the Head-Fi community willing to give these a fair chance?
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Jul 15, 2014
Unlike past Beats releases these have a pretty good build and a good sound for a portable pair of headphones. (Subjective) Many comments on YouTube and other places on-line are quick to dismiss them based on the brand name. So many negative comments were even made when reviewers had videos/articles published before the official release on June 1, 2014.
So would you give them a fair chance? Anyway, here is nicely done video review.
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The nice thing about beats is that anybody can audition them at target.

They're not my bag but they've sure improved over the years.
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The thing about beats is it's heavily marketed brand.  Which means there is a certain image associated with it.  The image is built with  hip-hop artists and celebraties to wearing them.  Also the looks of the phones targets a certain age group IMO.  
I don't fit the profile of a beats guy.  I don't like the styling, it's too trendy looking and I don't want to be one of the millions of those beats guys on the streets that for sure.  Just the image they have developed puts me away from even trying them.
My main focus is sound, and don't care for image or styling as long as I don't look like I have beer can on my ears. :)
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I would listen to them and give them a chance if I was into headphones, but I do understand what SilverEars said: Beats are a heavily marketed brand.  However, I don't really care if there is an image to them, meaning most any headphones are worth getting if they actually sound good.  The Beats that I have tried sound 'boomy', but maybe the Beats Solo 2 sound a lot better.  I would like to find out more about the Beats (or other Apple supported products) that have the lightning connector as an audio plug to find out what additional features are made as a result.  I don't like wearing headphones, as I'm more of an IEM guy, but could see a lot of people purchasing these headphones; hopefully not just because of the name, but because they actually sound good for its price point.
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Can someone confirm that "Solo Drenched" and "Solo2" are the same sounding headphones, and that changes are just aesthetic?
I don't have had the occasion to try the Solo2 yet. Local Futureshop just has the Drenched as demo, but sells Drenched and Solo2...
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Gosh, then I really HAVE TO listen to them.
I just hope they don't have the same bass as the aforementioned brand's headphones range (OE2). That's just too much for me.
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Hey guys have you seen Tyll's review? I think there should really be a discussion for these hps. Can we start one here. It would really help my desicion on my next purchase.
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I've been singing the new beats solo2 headphones praises from the second I heard them - they are superb in so many ways.

However, my praises here have largely fell upon deaf ears and old prejudices seem to die hard with a lot of negative remarks such as beats are toy headphones for kids, muddy bass, yada, yada, yada - all the old sound bites came rolling in again.

But now, a legend of the headphone industry, none other than Mr. Tyll Hertsens has had the conviction to tell it as it is and made this YT review video that I hope will act to some as an education and finally cease constant beats bashing.

Not only does Tyll rate the beats solo2 above the Sennheiser Momentum on ears and v-moda X's, but he has given the solo2 a place on his wall of fame - high creds for sure.

But I don't want this thread to be a "I told you so" type deal, so I'll give my opinion as why I think the solo2 is such a amazing headphone.

Well, it's design is straight from it's older brother, the Studio, only smaller so ideal for portable on the move use, but unlike the Studio which only works whilst the internal rechargeable battery that powers the ANC function, the solo2 has no ANC function and not reliant on any batteries - they will play as long as your DAP will.

Though having no ANC, isolation is still very good for on ear design, with very comfortable fit and moderate clamping force giving passive noise isolation.

Build quality has been significantly stepped up with the solo2, it feels solid and robust and the high gloss finish, though fingerprint prone, is quite beautiful and sleek.

The sound of the solo2's is the most "neutral" sound to date for a beats headphone. Don't think beats have lost their bass,they haven't, only it's controlled and well measured in the solo2 allowing crisp and clear mids and highs to shine without any bass bleed, really the solo2 has such broad appeal with this sound signature, I think it's suitable for most genres.

But it's not as though the solo2 is just a new turn around for beats in delivering something that Tyll can genuinely rave over, this beats evolution has been going on for some time now - models such as the mixr and new Studio headphones, wired and wireless are also superb - it's just Tyll hasn't reviewed them to give them the credibility they deserve like the solo2.

Beats are what got me into this hobby and I've always found their sound and brand just a fun time and shouldn't but do get dismayed at some of the sometimes incredibly OTT put downs of beats as a brand that just make no sense to me such is there ferocity.

Anyhoot, as Tyll says, it's time to rethink beats by dre as the solo2 really do sound the way the artist intended :wink:

Big thanks to Mr.Tyll Hertsens for taking the time and effort in making this video review, he was already a legend, now with this review - he is an immortal - a Head-Fi Knight who didn't forget about Dre :)

If you are lucky enough to pick up a pair of solo2's as they may become in short supply now Tyll is recommending people to rush out and buy a pair, this track sounds awesome on the solo2's as it should as it's from the main man himself - Dr Dre :cool:


The second track I'm recommending to hear on the solo2's is from the dubstep champion, Skrillex's album, Recess, track, "try it out" - just amazing big synths and drops with a silky female vocal interspersing to break up the mayhem, and a fitting title track, as you really should "try it out" - solo2 - now on innerfidelity's wall of fame to much acclaim :cool: :L3000:


Lets review what's happened here - Mr.Tyll Hertsens has given an Epic glorious review of the beats solo2 and added it to his wall of fame.......

That is just such a beautiful thing ......

I never thought I'd see this day come, I'm welling up *sob* :wink:

Mr. Hertsens has even done me a personal honour of linking my solo2 thread here on head-fi on his more in depth review on found in below link:

Man, I'm so stoked - what an honour - just wow wow!

Here's link to my thread:

Unfortunately my beats solo2 thread got locked, I think after it was trolled by beats haters, but Mr. Hertsens has actually listed my thread as "resources" - he used my thread as a resource!

So awesome - maybe thread could be re-opened due to this momentous solo2 wall of fame occasion?

I'll have to ask permission for that of course, but it's such a shame that the biggest headphone web site, head-fi, doesn't have a beats thread for owners impressions and discussion as there are literally millions of beats by dr dre headphone owners out there and surely a thread for them here on head-fi would simply increase site hits massively and enrich the community with new members?

But dear lord! Pretty epic, just beyond epic, epic doesn't describe just how momentous this occasion is ......Mr. Hertsens I and dare say many beats owners salute you :)

Check my solo2 photos starting from below link:

Link to my solo2 first impressions:

Also big shout out to the original beats headphones king of YouTube unboxing videos - Hifiguy528 - awesome dude, awesome headfier, awesome YT channel

I'm gonna sign off my first post here with one last recommended track to listen to on solo2 headphones - now wall of famer! :D

This is possibly my most favourite Skillrex track - First of the Year

It's epic and I always get goose bumps and an adrenalin kick just before the drop is signalled with screaming female "CALL 911 NOW!

The below video of this track was made from the film " Sucker Punch" and isn't the official video for the track but is edited beautifully to do justice to such an awesome track - now go pick up a pair of solo2's already and join me & Mr. Hertsens in the beats revolution :wink:

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This surely is going to change the views many audiophiles have of beats... I really liked the solo2's when I auditioned them. Maybe now people will believe me when I say beats are as good as v-moda huh?
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This surely is going to change the views many audiophiles have of beats... I really liked the solo2's when I auditioned them. Maybe now people will believe me when I say beats are as good as v-moda huh?

Absolutely, I think peoples perceptions of beats could only be challenged by somebody who carries the kind of respect that Tyll does :)

And now maybe people will start saying to you - "you know what, you were right about beats" :wink: history in the making :cool:
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The Beats Solo 2 sounded great (especially for the price) to my ears when I demoed them at my local Targé (fancy way to say Target).
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Absolutely, I think peoples perceptions of beats could only be challenged by somebody who carries the kind of respect that Tyll does

And now maybe people will start saying to you - "you know what, you were right about beats"

Yeah, perceptions sometimes aren't the best thing in this world, so who cares what other people thinks regarding most things in this world.  If you (us as a whole) like it, and it's legal, then more power to ya! 


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