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    Beats Mixr DJ Headphones in red
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    Beats Mixr DJ Heaphone in red
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    Beats Mixr DJ Heaphone in red
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    Beats mixr headphones - photo manipulation filtered
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    David Guetta - mixr beats
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    Beats Mixr Red Vs R2 DJ version 2 photo manipulation pop art
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    Daft Punk Vs beats mixr (version 2) - photo manipulation pop art
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    Neon orange mixr beats (with photo hard blur filter)
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    beats mixr (Monster) in black - photo manipulation pop art
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    beats mixr white "dre's soundcloud" photo manipulation art
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    beats mixr (all colours except limited edition rose gold)
  12. AllAlone

    Beats Mixr Vs Beats Studio... Opinions Out Of The Two?

    Right, i know this is an audiophiles forum, but I really want Beats, don't trash me, I understand that there are better headphones for cheaper.. Please don't go suggesting any other audiophile phones, i just want opinions on the two;   So i wanted to get a pair of Beats for my birthday, and...
  13. 2pocketdeuces

    Recommendations for a $300 headphone? Help a Beats owner change his ways

    Can be $200-300 give or take I don't mind.    I mainly listen to Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop. So good bass is a plus. I have a pair of Beats Mixrs and while I think they sound great I am going into a career soon and I am getting older. I don't see myself wearing these around the office and I still...
  14. D

    Beats mixrs vs studios!!

    I ordered the mixrs do any of u think I made a mistake and should've got the studios? Thx :cool:
  15. audiowatts

    Beats Solo 2: Is the Head-Fi community willing to give these a fair chance?

    Unlike past Beats releases these have a pretty good build and a good sound for a portable pair of headphones. (Subjective) Many comments on YouTube and other places on-line are quick to dismiss them based on the brand name. So many negative comments were even made when reviewers had...
  16. lilboozy

    Why the Beats Hate?

    You guys do realize that some people would sacrifice detail for bass right? And every other headphone model recommended over them usually look terrible or alright but not good (vmoda m80). Plus the combination of portability and a detachable cable is great.
  17. timorusaki

    Beats Mixr vs. V-moda M-80

    Hi guys I'm thinking about buying a gift for little brother and I was wondering which one to get. I know you guys really really don't like beats in anyway, shape, or form but it would help a lot if someone can give me a professional comparison for these. My little brother is a Top 40 hit list...
  18. Yummerzzz

    Sennheiser HD 598's or AT ATH-AD900's - Huge Genre Variety

    Hello, this is my first post (and to be honest, I'm not sure if this is the right section, I wasn't sure if the banner for recommendations and whatnot was the right place to ask this, so bear with me please) and I'd like to ask a question about these headphones, or maybe other in this price...
  19. Keelan Mckev

    mdr 10rc vs Inspiration vs Mdr 1r vs beats mixr which should i buy???

    Looking at these headphones    Sony MDR 10-RC - £90   Monster Inspiration Active Noise Cancelling - £100   Sony MDR 1R - £120+ NOt availible atm... one selling for £170   Beats Mixr - £80     Mainly looking at 10 -rc and inspiration buying soon so tell me which one you think i should...
  20. ssrock64

    Beats Mixr First Impressions

    Today, a few weeks after they first started appearing on shelves, I took a trip to the local Best Buy to try out the new Beats Mixr on the Monster Cable test stand. I waited a few weeks because I didn't want to rush in while they were being burnt in still on the test stand, and despite the wait...
  21. gogotheyogrtman


    Hello all,   Okay so I obviously know that beats aren't very good headphones.  But what about monster itself?  Are their products any good?  Cables, TVs, other headphones, etc.  Enlighten me please.
  22. KTTB

    Beats Mixr with loose hing !!

    Well guys i just bought a used beats mixr and the right hinge is loose , do you guys know how to tighten it? ,plz help
  23. DarthBane93

    Mixr vs Studio question

    Before I get flamed by all the beats hating (with good reason) audiophiles in here, allow me to preface this by saying I know that beats are terrible headphones for the price and that there are indeed much better out there. I do in fact own a pair of v-moda M-80's which are some of the best...
  24. crazy0023

    Dre bets mixr or Monster Turbine Copper

    Hi I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section of the forum, this is my first time posting. Only headphones I have ever owned are dre beats solo hd and now I have the dre beats mixr. As you can tell ive never really researched a lot about headphones and just went with the mainstream by...
  25. melikhammoud


    I have an ath m50s and a beats mixr...i wanna sell mt beat and buy a sony xb1000...i use an ipod classic...its a good idea?