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Beats Mixr Vs Beats Studio... Opinions Out Of The Two?

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  1. AllAlone
    Right, i know this is an audiophiles forum, but I really want Beats, don't trash me, I understand that there are better headphones for cheaper.. Please don't go suggesting any other audiophile phones, i just want opinions on the two;
    So i wanted to get a pair of Beats for my birthday, and i'm really drawn in on the Mixr's, but lots of people and websites are saying that the Studios are better, which i have heard are not, so:
    What is the better overall headphone out of the two?
    Pro's and Cons of both?
    Are Mixr's over ear or on ear?
    What is the better overall phone...
    Thanks for the answers in advance.
    vmoda m80s, look better, sound better. much more durable.
  3. AllAlone
    I did say, I only want opinions on beats, but thanks for the reply anyway.
  4. TrollDragon
    The guy at Best Buy told me, and I know him personally...
    That the Studio's need batteries.
    The Mixr's are the love child of David Guetta.
    And the Only ones to buy are the Pro DeToX edition...
    +1 for the vmoda M80's
  5. AllAlone
    I don't mind David Guetta music, just don't listen to on my own accord... And yeah the Studio's need batteries, which kinda puts me of them... Thanks for the reply...
    Can anyone here please answer my questions though?
  6. gelocks
    I don't think too many members here have both of those headphones. Can you try them out at the store though? From those two I WOULD take the Mixr's... (just because, have only tried the Pros...)
  7. AllAlone
    Yeah, i think trying them would be the best option.
    I still cant understand why anyone that knows that they are overpriced and dont sound good for the money would still want them, the only explanation I can come up with is if you have the self esteem of a rock and you want too look like a tool thinking you would look better. and if you want too get something that sound good and looks great then why not the akg tiesto headphones?, there not out yet but I can tell you they will sound miles better than any beats.
    Swatcsi and zachchen1996 like this.
    heck, the skullcandy mixmasters sound better than any beats.
  10. poikkeus
    SONIC BOOM makes a good point. V-Moda sounds better, looks better, lasts longer and has a better price.
    I strongly suggest listening to both - then make your decision. You may be surprised at the results.
  11. roma101
    Whole-heartedly agree with the statements above. You would be doing yourself a real disservice if you didn't look into the V-MODA M-80.
  12. gelocks
    Is funny that you guys mention V-MODA... I'm listening RIGHT NOW to the V80s (same as M80s but with the "True Blood" theme) and I'm liking them a lot! I need to compare them to my other on-ear (Skullcandy Mix Master Mike's) but not only does it look good, it's sounding well to my ears!
    To the OP, whenever you go out and check/try the Beats, check if they have the V-MODA's and test them also!!
    Good luck!
  13. AllAlone
    Ok guys, I will look into the V-MODA's,
    Thanks for the help... But i still want beats.
    vmoda m100s coming next month, over ear versions of the m80s.
  15. astroid
    The studios are the best sounding beats, mixr is super uncomfy .
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