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Beats mixrs vs studios!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dijon, Apr 21, 2013.
  1. Dijon
    I ordered the mixrs do any of u think I made a mistake and should've got the studios? Thx

  2. ev13wt
    If you like design, it doesn't matter much - buy what you like.

    Sound wise: I
    f you like muddy sound with large amounts of wobbly bass: Mixrs
    If you like large amounts of bass with semi ok mids but fatuiging higs: Pros

    All in all, for that amount of money you can get some headphones that totally blow both products waaay out of the water. I know its not what you wanted to hear, but obvioulsy you did NOT do any research before buying into the beats hype. Both products are worth, marketing money factored off, about 60 bucks worth of tech.
  3. viralcow
    The Mixrs are hands down one of the most uncomfortable headphones around. Enjoy having to put them down every 30 minutes and have them hang on your neck most of the day due to the high clamping pressure.
  4. Dijon
    You can just stretch the top!
  5. Dijon
    But thx for replies

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