1. inseconds99

    Pro700mk2 vs Beats Solo 2 vs Something Else

    Looking for a headphone that excels with hip hop music and edm, I will be using the headphone at home and on the go. I am looking for: Comfort (very important) Deep tight bass Ability to use without an amp direct from iPhone Pro700mk2 look great but from everything I read they are ultra...
  2. david8613

    Anyone go to CES? I'm interested in any new bluetooth headphones coming to market.

    Anyone go to CES? I'm very interested in any new bluetooth headphones coming to market. If you see or hear anything cool please give details post some pics...
  3. nugget2013

    Beats studio 2.0 headphones I've ever heard!

    I've had some kind of expensive headphones in the past. Sennheiser momentum over ear, urbanite on ear v mode m100 and they don't even come close to the new beats studio I got yesterday for £210. The bass is the best I've ever out of any headphones while the mids and highs both sound good to me...
  4. h1a8

    Beats Studio 2.0 wired vs. wireless in Sound Quality

    Do these sound the same? If not then which sounds better and what are the differences?   Finally, what other wireless headphones are great in sound quality. I listen to hip hop, r&b, some jazz, some rock, techno   I like bass (but with clarity). I have the v-moda m100 and think they sound...
  5. Strider

    [Sports] Sennheiser Momentum / Beats Solo 2 / B&W P3

    I'm planning to buy a new headphone (on ear) which i mostly going to use when i'm mountain biking, or doing some fitness exercising. Currenlty, i use the AKG K450, but i want something new :)   I know that i should buy some in-ear headphones, but i found these very uncomfortable in my ears...
  6. Maukey

    V-Moda M100 or Beats Solo 2

    I am currently using the ATM50x for my home use, and the Bose QC20i when I travel. The thing is, I'm looking for another portable headphone for use on the go when I don't need the Noise Canceling of the Bose. I listen to all types of music, so I really want the one that has the overall better...
  7. Fungus

    beats solo 2 vs hd25-II

    Which is better?  I'm surprised by the amount of positive feedback the solo 2s are getting from non beats fans. 
  8. ThickT

    Review and Comparison: beats solo 2 and the Vmoda M80

    I never wanted a pair of beats. I didnt see the point. Even if they sounded good, there were still too many other companies that appealed to me alot more. Besides, nothing's worse on a products reputation than having to sit by and listen to friends who know nothing about the hobby rave about...
  9. orl2222

    I commited Headfi sacrilege! Bought a pair if Beats solo 2's.

    Ok, before I get bashed to death on here, let me tell you why. I picked up a new ipad mini, and tried my different cans on them, just wasn't satisfied. I tired the senns  momentous, which are good phones, but I didn't like the fact that they needed a amp to my ears to properly  drive them on my...
  10. FunkDrummer

    Beats Solo 2? A good sign of change?

    I walked into the Apple store after work to determine which headphone I would buy next. I started demoing many things ranging from B&W's-Bose's since they didn't have any of the high grade "audiophile" stuff. I walk over to the Beats side and put on the Beats Solo 2. To my surprise, these didn't...
  11. audiowatts

    Beats Solo 2: Is the Head-Fi community willing to give these a fair chance?

    Unlike past Beats releases these have a pretty good build and a good sound for a portable pair of headphones. (Subjective) Many comments on YouTube and other places on-line are quick to dismiss them based on the brand name. So many negative comments were even made when reviewers had...
  12. joe

    Press Release: Sennheiser launches URBANITE headphones

      Berlin, September 4, 2014 – Let your ears be loved: Sennheiser’s new URBANITE headphones are the new sound of urban style, bringing the bass for an intense club experience on the move. The audio specialist’s new mobile headphone range – including the on-ear URBANITE and over-ear URBANITE XL –...
  13. lilboozy

    Why the Beats Hate?

    You guys do realize that some people would sacrifice detail for bass right? And every other headphone model recommended over them usually look terrible or alright but not good (vmoda m80). Plus the combination of portability and a detachable cable is great.
  14. Beats Solo 2.0 On-Ear Headphones (Red)

    Beats Solo 2.0 On-Ear Headphones (Red)

    Engineered for Sound. Tuned for Emotion. Introducing a totally new sound experience. The Beats Solo 2 is fully re-engineered with improved acoustics with a studio inspired design.