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    beats solo HD monochromatic white - photo manipulation pop art
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    beats by dr dre solo HD monochromatic white

    sennheiser hd25 drivers to Beats solo/studio/pro body ...

    Can I take a HD25 drivers and put them into Beats solo/studio/pro body to get good sound quality and maximum style.   thx.
  4. Bdashrice

    Sony XB500s or Beats????

    Ive got into a lot of arguments about how my amazing xb500s are better than everybodys beats, and im not even sure if they are... so i thought you guys would know and i dont want this to be a money thing, just purely sound.
  5. shadowxfma

    Solo HD support for a noob

    Yea i made the mistake of getting beats but they just snapped like this. Anyone way to repair?
  6. Mister A

    Sennheiser HD218 VS Beats Solo HD?

    Before I offend anyone, I just want everyone to know that I AM NOT a headphone expert. I currently own a pair of Sennheiser HD218 headphones, but my friend recently recommended the Beats Solo HD (which is what he uses). I haven't had a chance to try them out, but he told me that it's truly a...
  7. purplesw4g

    Best Headphones for Rap Music Under £120?

    Please could someone suggest the best headphones for rap music under £120? I listen to Kanye West, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean, so basically recent rap music. I also listen to a bit of pop music, pop-punk like Blink-182 and pop-rock music like Maroon 5 here and there. I will be hugely...
  8. keez1993

    How to make headphones wireless?

    Hi there, I just got a pair of Beats Solo HD and as some of you may know, they come with the wire seperately so you can plug it in whenever you need them. I was just wondering if there was some kind of bluetooth receiver to plug into the headphone and a bluetooth transmitter to plug into my...
  9. Mister A

    Battle of the super-marketed brands: BEATS Solo HD vs. BOSE OE vs. SENNHEISER HD218

    So having had all 3 for the purpose of study, I can give an average consumer's thoughts on these. Borrowed a pair of Beats Solo HDs from a friend (and he bets his life that they're not fake) with about 50 hours of burn in. I also already owned the Sennheiser Hd218, and recently got the Bose OE...
  10. redz

    Boomphones - the only headphones ever that dont work on cell phones? Static in right ear.

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but I actually have been on here for months reading up.   Now I know you guys aren't a big fan of the Boomphones, but I don't want a lecture about "you should just get v-moda" or "boomphones are crap"... I returned my Beats Solo's for the Boomphones and made...
  11. K3Ls0

    Need advice on buying new headphones

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I desperately need help.   Today my mate broke the only pair of headphones I ever head: my Beats Solo. Yes I know, not the best headphones ever but they were a present 3 years ago I didn't feel like throwing them in the bin to buy something else. They were not too...
  12. Nirmalanow

    For the person who has everything....

    ....except for even the slightest bit of common sense:   There are also a bunch of average headphones on ebay for about $8000. What is with that? Why...
  13. Headphonejunky

    Looking to move up a level in Audiophile

    I am new to the forum but am a headphone collector. I currently own the following in my collection Vmoda M100 Beats Pro, Mixr, Solo HD Skullcandy Mixmaster SMS Audio WIreless Ferrari T350 and R300 (Noise cancelling) Soul By Ludacris SL300 Monster DNA, Diesel, Diamond tears   My...
  14. nugget2013

    Sennheiser Urbanite, what on earth happened here?

    i got my urbanites this morning and took them out with me and played some music and was delighted, decent bass, i even heard some details in tracks i've never heard before, even on my dali zensor 3's which i use for my home cinema. they was a treat, but as soon as i got back home and listened on...
  15. St0rMl0rD

    Which good headphones to replace Beats Solo HD

    Hi guys,   I'm getting a pair of free Beats Solo HD. I am selling them even before I'm getting them, and I'll probably get around 180 € for them. Instead, I want to buy a pair of audiophile headphones, something the range of Grado SR125i's, I was looking at Alessandro MS-1i. Are there any...
  16. musicman1872

    Best headphone $150-$200 or under for jazz?

    Hey guys, I got the Beats Solo HD headphone for free with my HP Beats Audio laptop, and I'm looking to sell the headphone for another pair. I'm guessing that I can get about $125 for it on eBay, etc., so I'm looking to not go too far out of that range. I mostly listen to jazz (ranging from big...
  17. FacePalmMonkey

    Beats Solo HD

    I have heard so many negative things about them on the internet. But when I ask owners, they usually have nice things to say about them. If you had disposable income, would you spend it on them?    Does anyone over here own a pair? Do you dislike them? How was the experience?
  18. pixelsphotopro

    Need help

    Hi everyone, I have 3 pairs of headphone: Sony MDR-ZX300 Beats Solo HD Monster N-Tune   I know that they are crappy headphone, for now I can put about $200.00 for a new pair of headphone or get an DAC/AMP to use them on my computer and maybe have a more decent sound.   What would...
  19. electro4sale

    Help with IEM's

    Hi guys!   I need some help on choosing some earbuds. Right now I owe the Bose IE2 and some Beats Solo (which i hardly use). After burning in the Bose earbuds and using it with my Fiio amp they are sounding really good. I am looking for something that sounds better. My range on spending is...
  20. Fluffy Kittens

    How to fix my brother's Beats Solo HD

    I broke my bro's headphones and feel terrible. I want to make it up to him by fixing them. The sound is quieter and worse (since when could Solo's become any worse?). I broke them by tossing a pillow at them. It shows how cheaply made they are. I am 75% sure that it is a cable problem; the...
  21. potterpastor

    Noontec Zoro HD review

    These headphones look like Beats Solo HDs, but sound much much better in my opinion. Beats Solo HD headphones sound boomy and muddy to my ears, but the Zoro HD's sound like high fidelity phones. I took these headphones to a Fourth of July parade, I had my relatives try them out, and two of them...
  22. DutchGFX

    Where are the elusive Fake Beats?

    Hey guys, I've read about $12 SOLO HD's that sound decent, and I wanted to pick up a pair. However, I can't seam to find them! If any of you know where I an get these $12/13 SOLo HD it'd be great! Please don't just say eBay. As that is not useful lol, of you say eBay,move me item name or auction...
  23. purpp13

    Beats Solo HD vs Beats Drenched Bass

    Hello. I need some last mintue help deciding if I want to spend around 120 for my previously owned solo hd's which I really enjoyed, or the newer drenched in color and plastic one. There is a newer one out also. Is there any difference in sound, generally bass between the solo hd and the...
  24. RoyaceGA

    Looking for thumping bass IE/Over Ear Headphones for $~600 (Bass + Clarity)

    Hey there, I'm new here. I've been reading around this site a lot and I need some help or recommendations finding my perfect earphones/headphones. I want a good thumping sub-bass earphone/headphone (In ear, over ear) that also sound clear.   I have/had these headphones and earphones before and...
  25. PunkOz

    Which Headphone should I buy for Gaming and Nexus 5?

    Hey guys as you can see I'm a new member and I'm not too experienced in the audio world. I have a Nexus 5 and I use a program called Viper4Android that makes my phone sound way better than an iPhone. I listen to metal and house music, mostly house. I want to use my headphones for gaming too and...