1. HiFiGuy528

    "First Look" Philips Fidelio X1 Audiophile headphones - Video

    I got a chance to play with this at Philips's press event in S.F.  Thank you Philips and Jude for setting me up. :)  I hope to get a review sample soon so I can give you more impressions.  Enjoy!  
  2. sexhero

    Fidelio X1 vs V-MODA M-100 as basshead can?

    Hello,   A newbie here. I recently purchased DT 880, HD598 and Centrance Hifi-M8. Only DT 880 has arrived, the other two are on the way. I heard that DT 880 and HD598 are great for many genre, so my plan is to keep the one that I like and return the other one.    At the same time, I am also...
  3. camaker

    Open headphone recommendations (HD 600 vs Fidelio X1 to start)

    I am pretty new to the higher end headphones scene and have pretty much been limited to closed 'phones so far. I am interested in seeing what open 'phones have to offer, too, now. As background I mostly listen to New Age music along the lines of Delerium, Mythos, Amethystium & Enigma with some...
  4. HeadHuntR

    Schould I buy the Philips Fidelio X1

    Hei, I am planning on buying a headphone in the next couple of days and is wondering whether to buy the Philips Fidelio X1 or not. It is gonna be used primarily for gaming and I'm worried it will not provide any good "surround quality" aka being able to her where footsteps/explosions originates...
  5. Nihl

    Fidelio X1, Sound Setup -- Recommendations?

    I've been using a pair of Philips Fidelio X1's for awhile now. Still using the stock cable, but I do have a v-moda cable sitting on the shelf that's just waiting to be used. It's just a tad too short to reach the back-end of my PC, though. These headphones are mostly used for listening to music...
  6. ralphsv

    Senn HD 558 vs Fidelio X1 vs HiFiMan He 400

    Hello guys, I'm looking to upgrade my current headphones and these three are the candidates.   What I love when listening to music is being able to follow individual instruments (specially the bass guitar) and being able to hear details, like the sound of cymbals (which sometimes are hidden...
  7. OnePotatoArmy

    How can I increase the audio qulity for my Philips X1?

    Hey guys,     I am currently running a philips x1 with a creative z.   In total, I payd arround 260€ for both. I wanted to know, if there is a better setup for better audio quality. I am not looking to upgrade my headphones, more into upgrade the creative z.   Are there any sound card...
  8. PDCP

    Upgrade the system arcam rpac+fidelio x1

    I´m looking to make some improvements in my equipment. i own an arcam rpac and the fidelio x1. My goal is to improve the source quality (which think is the weakest part), and replace the dac/amp with a better one. Any suggestions?
  9. WiZLV

    Aune X1 MK2 vs Yulong U100

    Hi Please help me to chose DAC for my Fidelio X1 Aune X1 MK2, Yulong U100 or you option I listened Matrix Rip, it played like my Realtek
  10. arj154

    M50x for the office/travelling or philips x1 for office/home?

    Hi   I'm looking to venture into the world of over the ear headphones after using IEMs for quite a while. My music taste has varied quite a bit and I normally listen to things ranging from Kanye West to Zepplin to Daft Punk and It normally centers around rock/house/rap. I Will predominantly be...
  11. estreeter

    Cable reccs for Philips Fidelio X1 ?

    Tyll mentioned that the impedance on the stock cable is too high for his liking - its the only fly in ointment for me as I absolutely adore these cans while my LCD2's sit idle in a drawer. With a detachable cable design using nothing more elaborate than a 3.5mm plug, it would seem to be an easy...
  12. christiffer

    Philips Fidelio X1 vs DT 880 premium(250 ohm)

    Which one of these is better for the following: Most Important Music (Electronic, Classical, Rap, Rock) Gaming(A lot of BF4 so hearing footsteps from different locations is important) Less Important Videos(Youtube videos, Twitch Streams, short movies) Music while traveling(this would be very...
  13. grkn

    Philips Fidelio X1 VS Creative Aurvana Live. Looking for the ultimate at home all rounder value!

    I've had a few headphones, mostly driven by my UDAC 2, but have also played around with various Chinese amps, from the top of my head: AKG 700 - Great soundstage, but too lacking in bass. Denon D2000 - Overall great, but a bit cumbersome and not the best value for money. Sennheiser HD600 -...
  14. Cupahtee

    Looking For A All Rounder Pair Of Headphones

    Im Looking To Buy A Pair Of Headphones For Gaming,Music,Movies And A little Bit Of Tv.Im Currently Looking At The   1.Philips Fidelio x1 2.Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm or 250 ohm 3. AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition 4.AKG K712 Pro any of these will probably impress me since im upgrading from...
  15. AzraelDarkangel

    How many of you have found your endgame holy grail headphone?

    Which headphone and what's your amp/digital train?
  16. butterfingazz

    About to buy Philips Fidelio X1, any suggestions before I do?

    Like title says, I'm about to buy a pair of Philips Fidelio X1 headphones with a V-MODA Shareplay cable, since almost every review on the X1 says that the stock cable makes it sound worse and it's only 3 dollars more than their regular 'Audio Only Cable' and I like the sharing feature, so I...
  17. blinkstar

    ATH-A900x VS Phillips Fidelio X1? Thoughts?

    I just got the X1 and I like them, but not as much as I like the Denon D2000s they're (temporarily?) replacing ...   If you have heard BOTH the A900x and the X1---how do the two compare?   Which did you feel is superior and why?
  18. ades

    Need help picking out mid-range headphones (HD598, K545 and the likes)

    I've now been reading review after review and comparison after comparison, but am still having trouble deciding on which choice to go for. I'm looking for a new set of headphones in the 200-300$ range (I live in Sweden though, so this is a rough estimate).   Currently, I've limited it down to...
  19. smurfORnot

    Denon D600 or? (for PC)

    Hello guys I am buying myself new set of headphones, mainly for PC use,gaming. Although I listen quite a lot to trance/chill music. I never had experience with those more quality headphones, I only used 30-40$ headphones till now. Since I found quite a good deal on D600, for 170$, I am...
  20. el34han

    Philips Fidelio X1 with LaFegaro 336C

    There are so many head gears and so many different ways to put them together. On top of that everyone's tast is different. I am simply sharing my experience. Hope my experience can help some because I received great help while researching my gears. Not here to offend anybody. Just started...
  21. Meh

    Should I get the HD650 when I have the X1?

    So the HD 650 is being sold for $350 right now... my current collection includes the Shure SE535, Shure SRH-840, Philips Fidelio X1, and the Sennheiser Momentums. I've always wanted the 650's, but never had the opportunity to demo them. My question is, should I bother though? I mean from what...
  22. krelianx

    Fidelio X1 vs. HD600 Early Comparisons

    I should preface this by saying I am not a seasoned audiophile, so bear with my naivety.  Also, I have yet to receive my Aune T1 amp, which is underway. So I will update this later. For now, however, I thought a few provisional results are interesting: I am using my ipod touch 4 and my...
  23. Ayyte

    Phillips Fidelio X1 and Magni & Modi

    Hello Head-Fi users,   I have a few question about a set-up that I was thinking of buying (excuse me if I have posted this in the wrong forum) that is the Phillips Fidelio X1 with the Magni and Modi DAC & AMP.   I have heard that these headphones are extremely good for overall audio quality...
  24. Ayyte

    Phillips Fidelio X1 and Magni & Modi

    Hello Head-Fi,   I was looking for some opinion on a set up that I was thinking of buying that is the Phillips Fidelio with a Magni and Modi DAC and AMP.   Anyone that has this exact set-up please any opinions - the X1 is currently being sold for roughly $230 on Amazon and was wondering if...
  25. genzeleam

    Fun, forgiving headphones

    I've done some (overly) extensive research and still can't find an adequate answer. I'm looking for a fun, forgiving type headphone for everyday use. I've already used and sold the M50s in the past. The mids were annoyingly recessed and the bass had some body but was relatively tame and boring...