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HD600 + Extended Bass + Larger Soundstage = ?

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  1. PTom
    I think the above equation "sums" up my question. [​IMG]
    Regarding budget, I'm assuming improvements on the HD600 will require entering Summit Fi territory. The LCD3/HD800 are the most expensive headphones I'd consider buying.
    Depending on which headphone comes closest to the sound signature I want,  I'm looking to build a system around it so I'm not looking for recommendations based on which amp/DAC I have at the moment.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Trunks159
    Well the Fidelio X1 has both of those things.
  3. PTom
    Yeah I used to own the X1 but I found its mids too recessed. Also vocals don't sound natural (too warm). Soundstage and bass were great though. However, I find these two aspects lacking in the HD600.
  4. Claritas
    HD800 won't give you much in the way of bass over your HD600. Before reaching for an Audeze, what about HE400 and even DT990?
  5. Radioking59
    HE-500 without a doubt. It's pretty much neutral like the HD600 but with better bass and soundstage. I own both.
  6. PTom
    I just checked the frequency response of the DT990, it seems to look a bit like the Fidelio X1, i.e. enhanced mid bass and treble. I'm guessing this means recessed mids? Would this be how you describe the sound? How's the soundstage/imaging and speed/attack? Is it airy?
    Yes, sonically I think the HE-500 might be exactly what I'm looking. Same questions as above: how's the imaging and speed/attack? Is it airy?
    The only issue I can see with these is with regard to comfort. I read that planar magnetics weigh over 500 g, I found the Fidelio X1 which weight 430 g too heavy. The HD 600 at 230 g is perfect IMO. 
    I am reading that the new HiFiMAN planar magnetics coming out in a few months i.e. the HE400i and HE560i are lightish i.e. around 350 g.
  7. Claritas
    The upper midrange is a little overpowered by the bass, but the treble isn't. I find the Beyers to have a well-integrated sound. Attack is good, but soundstage is average for open over ear; better than HD6x0 in both.
  8. PTom
    I see in that case I don't think the DT990 is the signature I'm looking for. What I really like about the HD600 is that the frequency response strikes a good balance and it sounds natural. The bass is not overpowering but sounds natural and present. However what the HD600 lack IMO is sub bass. Also a wider soundstage would be nice.
  9. PTom
    Anyone  got anymore recommendations?
  10. Sam-Fi
    I'm really waiting for the HE-400i and HE-560 to drop, it may be my first ortho purchase. I love the HD600 signature, so I might look to that too if I were you.
    I'm waiting for impressions by serious head-fier's first though. Just my opinion though.
  11. Claritas

    HD650 should give you that. The trade off is neutrality; but coming from HD600, you'd probably be trading that regardless.
  12. eugenius
    There is no spoon. :) That's what the HD700 should have been. A HD600 with angled drivers, better bass extension and no 3kHz peak. If and when such a thing is made, I want to know about it ASAP.
    I don't think it's going to be a Hifiman though. Probably Sony or Sennheiser can make such a headphone.
    Recently there have been improvements in portable closed headphone arena (Nad, Focal). We should petition NAD to make a 500$ open headphone like that. Or Sennheiser to launch a HD801, this time with the correct frequency response. That would be something. :)

    Lumos likes this.
  13. Sam-Fi
    +1 vote for HD801 ;p
  14. Claritas
    I think they'll call it HD1000.
  15. PTom
    I'm glad to see this thread has been revived somewhat. 
    I recently got the Beyerdynamic T1 and my first impressions are that it sounds very natural, has a large soundstage and extended bass. So maybe this is what I'm looking for. I still need some more time with it though to be sure.
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