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DAC/Player for Fidelio X1... X5 or DX90?

  1. AlanMcJ
    Hello ppl, i own a pair of Fidelio X1 and also V moda m100.
    I m looking for a dac to improve my poor laptop soundcard and i would like that dac to be also a portable player.
    After reading tons of reviews i m thinking about fiio x5 and ibasso dx90. I would like to realize which 1 of em pairs better with my headphones..
    I live in a place where i have 0 chances to try those jewels before buying.
    Any suggestion? 
  2. AlanMcJ

    Any help based on your direct experience or reading?
  3. SubSTI
    Hi Alan,
    If you are looking for a DAC to improve the sound of your laptop you should try the iDSD Nano, works great with my X1.
    You can hook it up to an Android or Apple phone or tablet and have a great portable solution.
  4. Sam21
    Spec Wise, DX90 is better
  5. AutioBSN
    I would agree with Sam21, although I haven't owned one to confirm.  The X5 is nice, and the EQ function is pretty sweet.  However, the DAC isn't mind-blowing or anything, and the UI takes some time to adjust to (everything is backwards lol). 
  6. AlanMcJ
    @SubSTI I would prefer to find a DAC that is also a music player. Also, i belive you about the sound quality of the nano but it looks bulky and not really portable to me. Thanks for the suggestion! I ll read some review about it..
    Do you think an iphone 4s + the nano would sound better then a dx90 or a fiio x5?
    Aesthetically i prefer the dx90, and i would go for it but i have a doubt.. Looks like the mids of the Fiio are more "in your face" so, i was thinking that maybe it would help the "slightly recessed" mids of the Fidelio X1.
    On the other hand the dx90 has a wider soundstage and clarity that would also help..
  7. AutioBSN
    I have listened to the X5+Fidelio X1 pairing as well as with other headphones, and while I can't speak for the dx90, I can say that the EQ function of the X5 will help tweak the phones somewhat to your preference. The EQ is a bit more in-depth than some, allowing for more specific tweaks.  I'm sure you could find a picture/video online of the EQ.  Both companies will more than likely release firmware updates to improve upon them so that might not be as much of an issue. 


    Maybe try this thread. Might provide some insight. 

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