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How does the shure 1540 compare to the Philips fidelio x1?

  1. Phearzmeh
    I'm just wondering how they compare. I'm new to the audio world. My main drivers are the x1s and the shure 1540s sound up my alley but I don't want to buy them if they're too similar.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. mgh24
    Wondering the same thing, in particular the bass.  I like how low the X-1 goes, it has good strong bass, but maybe a little artificial at times?
    Would really like to see a comparison of the two.
    I am going to ask on the 1540 review thread also, see if anyone there has tried both.
  3. OMGLadyGaga
    They sound pretty damn similar to me
  4. AnalogSavior
  5. mgh24
  6. Delance26
    I have not compared the two, but I do own the Shure 1540.  I would not classify it as a basshead can, but it is bass present but well controlled.  It has been compared as being a HD650, but closed back.  As far as the compared to the X1 I would say they are very similar overall, but the X1 would have a little bit more of an airy feel do to the open back design.  I will say this though the 1540 does an excellent job at having an open feel, despite being closed.  I was very surprised by this.  I think ultimately what it should come down to what suites you best, an open or closed back headphone.  I hope this kinda helps, it is a shame I could not offer an exact comparison.
  7. Phearzmeh
    Thanks! :D I really do need to get my hands on one to try it out. I would have to say that I've discovered I'm more of a t50rp kinda guy so i don't know if i'll actually get a 1540 anytime in the future.

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