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ENIGMAcoustics Dharma

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dopaminer, Jan 12, 2015.
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  1. Dopaminer
    I am starting this thread to collect more information on the ENIGMAcoustics Dharma, announced at the 2015 CES.  I cannot seem to find any other information than short exultations, like this one by Tyll of Innerfidelity :
    "Now, did anyone else hear the Enigma Acoustics Darma headphone? No? We'll, holy **** you missed out. A real stunner.  Hybrid dynamic w/estat tweeter.  Crossover at 8kHz. Expected price at $1.5k, I think. This and the HE-1000 were the best things I heard at the show."  
    So, anyone have any other info, or pictures ?  
  2. kapanak
    This is all I have found so far, from their own facebook page and innerfidelity.
    From what I understand, it is very similar to their speaker systems in design. They do not have an external bias for the electrostat speakers. I am reading through their technology page http://www.enigmacoustics.com/tech.asp and so far, I am fascinated and a little suspicious, as the physics described is a bit dubious.
  3. grizzlybeast
    Looks a lot like a philips x1/x2
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  4. lamode
    Seems very unusual to crossover at 8kHz
  5. goldendarko
    I'm curious about this headphone too, but there seems to be nothing on the internet about it other than that blurb. Would also be interested in info/pics.
  6. citraian
    Curious about this too. What amp will one need in order to drive this? :)
  7. Oregonian
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  8. XERO1
    This thread should probably be moved to the Summit-Fi section since its going to cost between $1200-$1500.
    And the name of the headphone is spelled "ENIGMAcoustics Dharma".
  9. Dopaminer

    Thanks XERO1, I`ve changed the spelling mistakes, except in the quotation of Tyll`s tweet.  Unfortunately I don`t konw how to move a thread.  I agree this should probably be summit-fi  . . . 
  10. BlakeT
    Part Time Audiophile's twitter report:
    "Enigmacoustics Dharma ($1200 SRP), coming soon (CanJam in March?), self biasing ESL hybrid, huge sound, fast as demons on fire!"
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  11. greenkiwi
    I'm definitely interested, though I also agree that the 8k crossover feels high. I'd like to have the electrostatic section for more of the signature.
  12. XERO1
    The xo point kinda has to be high because of the Dharma's design, which is using the electrostatic driver as a supertweeter, which means that it should have a pretty flat FR well beyond 20kHz (a first for any over-the-ear headphone, I think). 
    Another benefit is that almost all of the tweeter's output and sonic signature will be above 10kHz, well above the 2-5kHz range where our ears are the most sensitive, so the xo point should be nearly undetectable.
    Also, if the xo point was lower, the lower frequencies would begin to modulate/distort the tweeter more and more as the volume level was increased.
    Some of the early rumors about Sony's possible upcoming flagship have hinted that it might also be a 2-way design as well.  [​IMG] 
  13. lamode
    Several magnetic planar designs extend to 50kHz
    But there is very little musical content above 10kHz. Most people can only hear a few tones above 10kHz anyway. That's why I'm surprised. Have an electrostatic element and crossover is a lot of complication to cover the last 4 or 5 audible tones (out of around 75)
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  14. Focker
    Thanks for starting this thread...like you guys, I'm extremely intrigued with these headphones. Seems like they have some pretty innovative speaker deisgns, as well. Very interesting company. 
  15. XERO1
    True.  But I got to hear a heavily-modded OPPO PM-2 by FFRESPONCE that was measurably ruler flat to nearly 20kHz and it had some of the best, most beautifully shimmering treble I have ever heard from a headphone.
    So there's definitely something to having a headphone (or speaker) that can go at least one octave lower and higher than what is considered the audible range to cover all of the musical harmonics that naturally occur above and below the fundamental notes or sounds.
    So by that definition, a headphone that is ruler flat from around 10Hz-40Kz would be ideal, which pretty well matches the FR limits of a 96/24 recording.
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