Need help picking out headphones for someone as a Christmas present.
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Everyone on Head-Fi,
With the help of all the people one Head-Fi I was able to get an extremely good set up for myself roughly two years ago now.  And I could not be more happy with what I got after reading all the reviews on different products people told me that they liked as well as just reading around on the website in general so I'm asking for help again.
For Christmas I would like to buy my tutor a pair of really nice entry level cans that are self amplified and do not need a dac and or amp.  Possibly even something 32ohm so that when he listens to music on his laptop it will have all the power it needs to fully meet the needs of the headphones he is using.
What I am looking for is something over ear sort of similar to the DT990 style cans ''but not them specifically, just that style of over ear cans in general'' either with a built in amp or 32 ohm.
I'm just not sure what is the best way to go, either self amplified ''built in amp'' or 32ohms.  I know there are a lot of excellent 32ohm cans out there but I have never tried any of them, I went strait from crap generic headphones to 600ohm headphones with a decent dac and desktop amp.  So if any of you know of any good cans that suit what I am looking for could you drop me a reply?
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What's your budget? I can suggest the Philips Fidelio X1, they have a similar sound signature to the DT990 and are easily driven out of a portable device (they're 30 ohms). They are around the same price as the DT990 Premiums. 

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