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    JVC HA-SZ1000
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    JVC HA-SZ1000
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    JVC HA-SZ1000
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    JVC HA-SZ1000
  5. basshead4eva

    please dont hate me lol :)

    I know that the stylish headphones do not have a very good reputation her on head fi but ill say it anyway . I am looking for a stylish looking headphone that can pump out some serious bass when they nees to but need to sound rich and detailed also. Not looking for a flat headphone by anymeans...
  6. TwinQY

    Anyone recognize these headphones?

    These threads pop up on the forum ever so often and can be very interesting. I was catching up on my shows (Trot Lovers, Episode 6) this weekend and came across a particular looking pair of headphones worn by the lovely Eunji. It might just be that everyone and their grandmothers knows of...
  7. Hawaiibadboy

    The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

    What are the best bass headphones? This is the hunt for the "Top 10" Bass headphones on the consumer market. The list will be compiled and based on identical set-ups (or similar) and tracks with identical Eq sloping/boosting...
  8. Sopp

    JVC HA-SZ2000/1000 Impressions Thread

    The design (55mm plus 30mm units) looks interesting. Does anyone notice these new headphones?   http://www3.jvckenwood.com/press/2013/ha-sz2000.html   SZ2000/1000 will be around 35,000/25,000 JPY.          
  9. eltocliousus

    K550 vs Hp100 vs MDR-1r? Anyone compared these?

    They're all similar in price, I don't have much experience in closed headphones sadly, does anyone know how they compare to one another? I'm certain answers will be useful to many in the future too.
  10. JVC Kenwood Victer Stereo Headphones Ha-sz1000

    JVC Kenwood Victer Stereo Headphones Ha-sz1000

    the object for band type headphone "live beat system" -- the loading -- junior and senior high schools with high "stream woofer DB (double bass reflex)" resolution which reproduces realistic heavy low-pitched sound -- the junior and senior high schools of the exclusive tuning which enables...