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JVC HA-SZ2000/1000 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sopp, Apr 24, 2013.
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  1. Sopp
  2. mosshorn
    They look comfortable. Let's hope they are as good as the S400/S500 line in bang/buck
  3. sfwalcer
    oh dear sweet mother of god!!! IT HAS ARRIVED!!! Full size over ears CNT cans??? :triportsad:
  4. Kamakahah
    Thank you google translate. I'm interested. They seem a bit heavy based on the weight indicated, but the protein leather pads look comfy. We'll see come "late May". 
  5. esmBOS
    Based on my experience with the fxz200's and HA-s500: TAKE MY MONEY!!!!1!!1!
  6. sofastreamer
    i am so excited
  7. sfwalcer
    ^ void0-33.gif

    gikigill likes this.
  8. esmBOS
    After this I will have a JVC collection. Oh dear...
  9. Jakkal
    Looks interesting, seems a bit pricey though, 350 bucks.  [​IMG]
  10. sfwalcer
    Lordy lord these things are massive looking. And for like $300 something.

    click on the arrow button in the left to see other photos.

    I am out of this JVC hype train before it even got started haha, too rich for my blood. But that was what I said about those FXZ200 and look when I am now, troLoLoLoLoLoLOL. :triportsad:
  11. marlonmarabe
    this is something to look forward to. DSNUTS where you at?
  12. nick n
    so the difference as far as i can tell is that the SZ2000 has pads being made from Protein Leather ( that trademark name always creeps me out ), a brass driver housing( or outer part thereof ) and a silver coated copper cable. Oh and it looks like the 2000 has a different mesh type headband padding underneath
  13. sfwalcer

    yeppp so it seems but why does the 1Ks look more premium to me than the 2Ks, even the headband seems better, but I guess it is all about the inners.

    Man are detachable cables really that outta fashion in Jpn??? You would expect any cans over $150 to have detachable cables by default but Jpn companies loves to troll us with the cables it seems.
  14. Baxide
    I suspect that it is the Japanese to English translation of what is commonly known as faux leather. So no animals were harmed, which would in turn not cause sales problems with customers who might be turned off by the use of animal hide.
  15. Lifted Andreas
    These are gonna be sick!

    Although I doubt they will take the portability spot from the S500.
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