1. kamaro

    Buying First Headphones for EDM

    Hey, I am fairly new to this site, and I am just looking for some great reviews from you audiophiles!   I am looking for over the ear headphones. The type of music I listen to is 95% EDM. Mostly progressive house, electro, tech house and lots of vocal/uplifting trance. My budget is $250 but...
  2. TheGreat

    Closed headphones for a dorm

    Hey there,   I'm looking for a pair of headphones for when I go off to college. I currently own some Ultrasone Pro900s and some M80s, and while I do enjoy them, I want something more.   Basically I'm looking for headphones that a very, very comfortable that I can listen to for hours at a...
  3. thatryan

    Help Finding Great Headphones for Home Theatre Use

    Hi all,    I could use some help finding some good over-ear headphones please.   So our house has a new baby which means time to get some headphones. They will only be used for BluRay movies and plugged into a Denon AVR-2313 CI...
  4. NHMN

    Closed back headphones help

    Hi, new here. I'm looking for a set of closed back headphones for personal listening. I listen to a wide range of stuff from classical, to blues, and electronic music. Looking for something that has good clarity but also smooth highs. Not going to use them for any studio mixing etc. but more or...
  5. Hun7er

    Help me to choose a closed headphone

    Hello,   I search a closed headphone.     My house sound is : -neutrality, -tight bass, -fast -transparency, -air -soundstage with width and height   I want good isolation and very confortable.   Headphone that seems to match my expectations are Focal Spirit One...
  6. jpongin

    Questions About How To Choose Good Headphones

    Hi, I'm in the market for good headphones + DAC / amp with about a $700-$800 total budget.   My source will mainly be from a Macbook Pro (late 2011) w/ lossy streaming @ 320 Kbps (Spotify).  I still want it to sound good with FLAC files.  I listen mostly to rock, jazz, classical, hip hop...
  7. mikewr

    D5000 like sound?

    Hello all, just trying to find a headphone that suits me.   The main thing I'm concerned about is the bass and mids.  I'm looking for headphones with some mid bass hump, but is also very well extended.  The mids I'm looking for could best be described as the mids of the Denon D5000...
  8. SHP53

    Need help choosing portable headphones $100-$200 IEM/OEM

    Going to New York City in August pretty soon and looking for a decent portable headphone in the price range of $100-$200. It can be IEM or OEM but preferably OEM since I think that will have better sound quality. I can't take my Denon D2000 on the trip because it is too fragile, so the headphone...
  9. glicioto

    new comer, small experience, big questions

    Hello to everybody,    I am Italian and since 10 yrs I am quite enthusiatic about hifi. I also did some DIY (two speker pairs and a two power amps). I got a child since few months and I started thinking that in the future I would need some headphones for music listening without bothering to...
  10. ZSamuels28

    Best mid price in ear headphones

    Hi audiophiles, I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones and my budget is around $100-$300 with a little wiggle room if necessary. I'm looking at the Etymotic ER4PT because I've read they have amazing sound quality and clarity, but the lack of bass and comfort make me a little unsure. What's...
  11. Truesound

    What are the best headphones to buy?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'm wondering what headphones I should buy? My budget for the Headphones + any equipment I need (Amp?) is around £2000 . I'm not an audophile, I just enjoy good sound and would like to purchase some top quality headphones. I was thinking about the Sennheiser HD...
  12. ActualCitizen

    Headphones for < $300?

    Hello,   I'm on the quest for headphones on a budget of $300.   Sound: Looking for a lush, full sound that is especially strong with mids for reproducing female vocals while not being especially lacking in other areas. Punchy mid-bass and rumbling sub-bass are a plus. I also don't want...
  13. spenny91

    Looking for a good pair of headphones ( over ear) for outside use !

    Hey my name is Spencer Gorman I am looking for a good pair of headphones around 200-500$ I bought a pair of sennheiser hd 558s I absolutely love them. I have a hearing loss in my right ear and I just got a hearing aid so I cant use my earbuds anymore. As much as I would love to use the...
  14. acti0n

    $400 budget for *comfortable* closed headphones + amp (if needed).

    I've been on the hunt for several weeks for a headphone that is both comfortable and sounds good for vocal trance and other electronic music.   I've already owned or demoed a number of headphones in this price range:   Sennheiser Momentum - owned for about a week - loved the sound...
  15. JonasRas

    What would be a good overall headphone for more bass heavy music?

    I need a new pair of headphones, the problem is, I don't know which pair to get. I have the HD-650s, because I primarily listen to rock, but I would also like to listen to some hiphop and the more bass heavier genres, occasionally. I have been looking at the Denon AH-D600, because I can get them...
  16. Muscle

    Closed portable headphones

    I'm looking to purchase a set of closed portable headphones with detachable cords (preferably) or at least cables that aren't long enough that you can't take them around.   Not looking to power these with an amp. Just going to listen to music straight from my iX   Price range can be...
  17. Blocked

    Help Needed! Buying Headphones and Amp!

    Hello everyone My birthday is coming up soon and I think it's time to get a good quality pair of headphones for under $500. I mainly listen to electronic music like Dubstep, Chillstep, Trance, House, Techno, and EDM. Meaning, I want these cans to have brain melting bass and have good kids and...
  18. HeckRaiser

    My mind is going to explode looking for new headphones.

    I have been researching for WAY too long and every time I think I see headphones I like there is some factor that someone says and I run away from them on look for another pair.   I currently have the M50's like most and I have no issues with sound quality but after a few hours of listening my...
  19. gofogo

    Suggest me :)

    Hi everybody. I want to buy a new pair of headphone, I already have Beats Detox, I know that are VERY overpriced, but i bought just for fashon accessory, so now i want to buy a better headphone without looking so much at the estetic. I like a lot how my Beats sound, just to give you an idea of...
  20. be awk

    Need help purchasing headphones (done a lot of lurking)

    As the title says in looking for headphones. Over the ear closed back is preferred. I'm going to use them at home and on the go. I am looking to use them with my iPod, no amp at the start will pick one up later. I listen to everything but mostly rap and dubstep like bass nectar. I had a...
  21. Costell

    Replacement for DENON D2000

    Hey guys,   My Denon D2000 stopped working and since that model does't seem to get produced anymore I'm looking for a different headphone.   I want something with a similar sound; deep (but not overpowering) bass, pleasant highs and a warm sound in general. It will be used at home on...
  22. enm260

    Headphones for the office

    I recently decided to get a good pair of headphones for use in the office, hopefully someone here can recommend a pair.  Up until now whenever I wanted to listen to music in the office I would use the klipsch reference s4, but I stopped because in-ear headphones just aren't very comfortable for...
  23. Electro

    Headphones for Liquid Dubstep/D&B/House (electronic music)

    Hey there  I'm looking for over-ear headphones, my limit is $300 USD. Basically I'm listening to all types of electronic music, I need something with deep bass and high sound quality. I mainly listen to liquid Dubstep and liquid Drum & Bass.  Any recommendations? I've been looking at the...
  24. kskwerl

    Best closed headphone for movies?

    I want a different pair other than the M50s to watch movies at work. I'll be using either the Fiio E10 or E17. 
  25. Synthax

    Best mid-price closed ones for classical music ?

    Dear Head-Fiers, Which headphones would suit classical music best? Most spacious but natural sounding and smooth.   Denon AH-D600 Mad Dog Mr.Speakers Ultrasone PRO900 AKD K550 ATH A900 DT 770    ?   I do have not well known OTL Amplifier and Lovely Cube SS Amp.