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new comer, small experience, big questions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by glicioto, Jan 27, 2013.
  1. glicioto
    Hello to everybody, 
    I am Italian and since 10 yrs I am quite enthusiatic about hifi. I also did some DIY (two speker pairs and a two power amps). I got a child since few months and I started thinking that in the future I would need some headphones for music listening without bothering to much him and my wife. I am new to this world and it is since few days that I started some research about headphones.
    I want to use ipad or iphone as the source, and I would go for a portable amp to be used in several locations in my house (while in bed, on the sofa, outside...). I would really like something DIY, but in Europe I could only find Objective 2 kit (which I do not know if it is really supported here - do not blame me please, but I read on his blog all the story about being banned here....) in Switzerland (for about 56€).  I am thinking about an amp because I do not need compromises on sound quality (of course I have budget constraints): for travelling I will rely on a pair of super portable Hf3 Etymotic connected with my iphone 4, at home I do not need low impedance gears since I can bring with me even a not really pocket size AMP (preferably battery powered to be free from power cord). An additional requirement is about the fact that I do not want to disturb my wife while in bed: for this I was thinking about full size closed headphones.
    My budget is around 250€ (plus or minus 50€) for the headphones....For the AMP, if it will be a DIY product, something substantially less than 100€ would be right. If not DIY, 100€ should will be ok as well.
    For the moment I found examples like the mentioned O2 AMP, but I am open to other suggestion (FIIO E12, when it will come out on the market?). For the headphones I looked at AKG 550 (I would like to know if I will really need an AMP with such low impedance)...Beyer DT990....Audio Technica ATH M50....
    I like Etymotic HF3 sound, and I do not want to move far from there (ok, better basses and less in-head sound would be appreciated).
    So, please help me with some suggestions, due to my low experience I am not ready for big €, I would really like to avoid buying from US (due to Italian custom which is quite expernsive), and clearly when you will have made some suggestion I will try to do some listening test.
    I hope the picture is clear...I really like to get your appreciated hints.
  2. squallkiercosa
    Welcome to head-fi
    Sorry about your wallet.
    First of all: Congrats for your newborn child, may your child be blessed. 
    A lot of people recommend the O2, You wont probably find anything better for 70sfr and If you like DIY, why not? 
    In any case you might need a closed back headphone and the AKG 550 is a good option. 
    Hope it helps
  3. MalVeauX
    The K550 is pretty flat, so maybe not what you're looking for. Sounds like you want a better sound stage and a little more low end response.
    Headphones to consider:
    Beyer DT770 PRO (32ohm, 80ohm ,250ohm any will do)
    Nuforce HP-800
    Ultrasone PRO 750
    AudioTechnica A900X
    AKG K167 & K267
    Denon D600
    Brainwavz HM5
    Sony MDRZX700
    Mr Speaker Mad Dog (modded T50RP)
    As for amplifiers, the JDS Labs Objective 2 is an excellent DIY project. Otherwise, look into the Muse DIY tube amp kits (ebay). You don't need these for the above or most headphones you'll be looking at however. You could easily do fine with a smaller portable rechareable amplifier such as a Fiio E11, Fiio E12 (when released, this would be my first pick at this point), JDS Labs CMOY (DIY portable amp; great), iBasso D-ZERO ( and many, many other iBasso portable amps, just take a look at their website).
    Very best,
  4. glicioto
    Hi thanks for the replies: I ended up with DT770 pro 250 ohm. In one word: great headphones. They are precise and full of enjoyment. Maybe mids are a little low, but more and more I listen them, more I love them. Do not believe to who say they are bassy: they sound like big speakers and not like the smallest bookshelf. Believe to who says they are comfortable: gosh, they really fit the head and do not require difficult fitting.

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