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Headphones for < $300?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by actualcitizen, Apr 27, 2013.
  1. ActualCitizen
    I'm on the quest for headphones on a budget of $300.
    Looking for a lush, full sound that is especially strong with mids for reproducing female vocals while not being especially lacking in other areas. Punchy mid-bass and rumbling sub-bass are a plus. I also don't want headphones that are excessively bright because it may cause sibilance and/or fatigue for extended listening. I don't plan on using these for analytical purposes and am open to any colored sounds if they fit the criteria.
    I'd rather avoid fragile/delicate headphones because I need these to last long without babying. I will of course be careful, but I'd rather not always have the safety of the headphones in mind. I will not be using these at work; however, I still want closed/semi-open headphones to reduce sound leakage to avoid disturbing others. Detachable cables and other such mechanics to increase longevity are always a plus.
    I plan on using these for extended periods of time as well and thus would like comfortable headphones, preferably with non-pleather alternatives to avoid heat and perspiration. I can replace pads if they do not come with velour or other pads, or try to mod them.
    Keeping it under $300. I plan on purchasing an amplifier after the headphones, but I'd like headphones that are fairly easy to drive that do not absolutely need/don't sound terrible without an amplifier.
    Thanks for reading, I'm open to any suggestions.
  2. MattTCG
    Two headphones come to mind based on your description...the hd600 ($300 from razordogdeals.com) and the maddog by Mr. Speakers. The Maddog is much more on target after reading your criteria. 
    The isolate very well and have a tank like build quality. There voicing and reproduction of mids/female vocals by the Maddogs seriously contends with headphones costing $1k. The current build of this hp adds more weight and texture to the bass making it a truly complete audiophile hp at a ridiculous price. 
    Word of warning: you'll need a decent portable amp to get them sounding their best. A desktop amp is better. So I wouldn't suggest them if you are trying to power them from a phone or ipod. 
  3. ActualCitizen
    Any amp suggestions? I found that the stack of Schiit was recommended, but that's another $200...
  4. formula1
    The most popular good value stacks are the Schiit one and the Objective amp/dac. 
  5. cel4145


    The O2/ODAC if you need some portability. Otherwise, go with the Schiit Magni/Modi.
  6. MattTCG
    If you need portable for amp dac, consider the fiio e17 which is often on sale for about $100. It wouldn't be as power as the other two mentioned though. 
  7. Oregonian
    I'm going to suggest Denon D600 (even tho it has a list price of $499 I bought mine last week for $239 rom Amazon) and NOT the Mad Dogs. If you like mid bass and rumble bass these are not the answer. Yes, I owned them and if you want the whole package including good mid and sub bass I prefer the Denons hands down.
  8. MattTCG
    The denon is $400 on Amazon now which is $100 over budget. I haven't thought much of the denon's since they discontinued the old line and came out with their current line. The old line was better IMO. 
  9. Oregonian

    They have the used/refurb section that right now has some for $259. Just looked at it.

    I own both a D600 and a D2000 w/ MarkL mods and to be honest I think the D600 is better in a lot of ways.
  10. ActualCitizen
    Is the D600easy to drive?
  11. Oregonian

    The night I received them I played them straight out of my iPhone 5 and was blown away.

    So yes, easy to drive but now with my amps they sound even better.

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