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Best mid price in ear headphones

  1. ZSamuels28
    Hi audiophiles, I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones and my budget is around $100-$300 with a little wiggle room if necessary. I'm looking at the Etymotic ER4PT because I've read they have amazing sound quality and clarity, but the lack of bass and comfort make me a little unsure. What's your opinion?
  2. proedros
    mid-iem price with (almost) high-iem quality
  3. jelt2359 Contributor
    JVC FX850- $250 with really good bass and everything else. My review's here if you're interested: http://www.head-fi.org/t/746615/earwerkz-legend-r-vs-noble-k10-brief-review-and-15-others-including-customart-harmony-8-pro/45#post_11159077
  4. plonter
    Welcome to Head-Fi, "best" is a subjective term.
    I never heard the ER4,But I own the more low priced HF5.. you can read my impressions here:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/452875/the-etymotics-hf5-appreciation-thread/465
    they are truly amazing IMO, and the ER4 should be even better (double the price though..)  but not by a big margin from what I understand.  I also considering getting the ER4 in the near future.
    But the fact is, the HF5 totally banished my upgraditis :)  
    The HF5 should be just a tiny bit more bassy than the brutally neutral ER4, If you are not a hardcore basshead you got anything to worry about the bass, it is enough and is perfect IMO.  goes deep when needed..and this is checked! and have plenty of punch ...again, when it is in the recording.   These are pretty balanced IEM's and show the true character of the recording.   

    Ofcourse there are more very good IEM's for your price range I am sure..so see what others will recommend too..But this my true reccomendation based on my experience so far.    I own the Grado 325e and the ATH-M50 (and owned much more headphones in the past: Denon AH-D5000,HD650 and RS1 to name a few), both which considred very price / value effective, and the HF5 are number 1 right now in my list ..if that helps :)
    Good luck!
  5. Koolpep

    DUNU DN-2000
    JVC HA-FX850
    But that depends what you are listening to and from which source. Will you be listening to losses files, Mp3s, from which device? Which genres of music etc...
    Hard to make an all around recommendation.
  6. ZSamuels28
    Mostly I listen to rock, jazz, and top 40. I am a bass player so I like some punch in my bass but definitely not overpowering bass. I have the RS1i as my headphones and love the sound of those. Looking for replacement IEMs since I left my monster Miles Davis IEMs on a plane :frowning2:. I usually listen to 256 or 320 mp3s through an iPhone or MacBook Pro.
  7. proedros
    i think that re600 gets the advantage over the fx850 , because of this - the 850 bass is considered its strong point and a monster bass as well (in a good way but a tad more than needed)

    i also listen to rock and jazz too (no top-40 though) , the re600 is great for jazz , for rock it may be a bit 'slow' (but take this with a grain of salt, i am listening now to mars volta and the re600 handles them just fine - and they are one of the more 'complex' bands out there)
  8. ZSamuels28
    Hmm so right now it is between:
    JVC FX850

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