1. lilboozy

    Shouldn't An Analytical Sound Be Superior?

    Shouldn't it be the best because it correctly reproduces the recording? Even if you are a bass head doesn't anything above a flat response be artificially enhancing it and not how the producer wanted you to hear it? On a side note should this be moved to the sound science thread?
  2. Sahara

    Which one? Etymotic ER-4PT/S , Noble PR or Aurisonics ASG-1+

    Hello!!   I'm very interested to purchase a new iems and doubt among Etymotic ER-4 PT/S, Noble PP/R or Aurisonics ASG-1 +   I would like to have a flat frequency response ( I admit a slight attenuation in highs but not an emphasis in low frequencies) and also a wide but coherent stereo...
  3. thatonenoob

    [Not-So-Poor Man Reviews] Dita Answer (Truth & Regular Editions)

    DITA'S ANSWER (TRUTH & REGULAR EDITIONS) << Bang & Olufsen H3 Quick Navigation Panel       Beyerdynamic T70P >>   INTRODUCTION Dita was born out of a dissatisfaction with existing audio products, and the belief that there was an answer that could satiate what can only be...
  4. ZSamuels28

    Best mid price in ear headphones

    Hi audiophiles, I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones and my budget is around $100-$300 with a little wiggle room if necessary. I'm looking at the Etymotic ER4PT because I've read they have amazing sound quality and clarity, but the lack of bass and comfort make me a little unsure. What's...
  5. ZSamuels28

    Worth getting used Aurisonics ASG-2.5 or buy a new mid price IEM?

    Hi, I've been looking for a good mid price IEM and have been looking at the following IEMs: Etymotics ER4PT HiFiMAN RE600 JVC FX850 Shure SE425 Audio Technica CKR9 or CKR10   However, I got a private message today that someone is selling their Aurisonics ASG-2.5 for $410. I am weary...
  6. ZSamuels28

    Worth getting used Aurisonics ASG-2.5 or buy a new mid price IEM?

    Hi, I've been looking for a good mid price IEM and have been looking at the following IEMs: Etymotics ER4PT HiFiMAN RE600 JVC FX850 Shure SE425 Audio Technica CKR9 or CKR10 However, I got a private message today that someone is selling their Aurisonics ASG-2.5 for $410. I am weary because I...
  7. blazer78

    MUIX IX3000: A collaboration between Golden Ears and iSOUND

    Look what arrived ^^       The MUIX IX3000 canalphones spawn from a collaboration between iSOUND and Golden Ears. Whilst probably not well known to the majority of the head-fi community, iSOUND is a Korean OEM that makes earbuds, in-ears and headphones for many companies either as a...
  8. gHeadphone

    Are there IEMs that can match full size headphones

    Hey all. The headphones i use most often are Etymotic EPT4s. They are convenient and i enjoy the sound from my Fiio X3. However when i use my Denon AHD2000s i can pick out instruments that i cant with the ETYs. I also get better sound stage. I have a pair of Grado SR225i which also give more...
  9. thatonenoob

    [Poor Man Reviews] Etymotic Research ER-4PT

    ETYMOTIC RESEARCH’S ER-4PT << Final Audio Design Lab 1          Quick Navigation Panel                  Bang and Olufsen H3 >>   INTRODUCTION Our previous review on the Final Audio Design Lab 1 brought us to the upper limits of avant-garde audio.  In contrast, today’s review...
  10. jackson1

    I need maximum attenuation from outside noise - help me find the best monitors.

    Help me find some monitors, preferably In-Ear, with the best sound isolation possible. On top of the In-Ear monitors, I will use the best earmuffs I can find. I have zero experience with In-Ear monitors, but I think they are the best solution for this, right? They don't have to be top class HiFi...
  11. abrocod

    Schiit Lyr + Bifrost combo doesn't improve my music at all

    Hi guys   Two weeks ago I brought new Schiit Lyr and Bifrost combo. I use my MacBook Pro as music source. I have a Bose Music Monitor speaker, plus a Etymotic ER-4PT Portable In-Ear Earphones. Most of my music are in the format of mp3. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell any difference between...
  12. Willieboy

    New Eymotics ER-4PT for Bill

    I received a pair of ER4Ps today and they are the "Nuts".  I am currently listening through an old Cowon D2+ and these phones are just wonderful.  The sound.throughout the range is beautiful.  I had reservations about IEMs because I've never had a pair that fit well and did not fall out.  The...
  13. miko

    Which Etymotics for me?

    Hello, I am a Shure SE 115 user. It is quite good but I am looking for a device that is better at sound isolation (ideal if it could block out loud people conversation when there is no music playing). I am torn between the HF-3, HF-5 and ER-4PT. Could you please help me to decide?   1. I heard...
  14. miko

    Do in-ear earphones cause damage to ears?

    Hello, I am trying to decide between the Bose QC20i and the Etymotic (HF-5 or ER4PT). We all know that the Bose cannot block all the noises such as conversations while the Etymotic can do a better job, some feel uncomfortable with the plugs. Do in-ear earphones such as the Etymotic cause damage...
  15. glorkaglickflic

    Etymotic ER 4 S vs ER 4 PT

    Thinking about getting either.  With the ER 4 PT, would there be loss of accuracy by attaching that thingy on the end or would I be better off with the plain ER 4 S?  I know that the ER 4 PT would be more versatile, but I can't help but thinking that there would be some accuracy lost even with...
  16. sullivbt

    Replacing Stolen My Ety ER4-PT w/ Custom Fit Tips - Shure 535, Westone 4R, Other?

    All;   Noob poster here, but long time music listener :-). Anyway, my ER4-PTs w/ custom molded tips just got stolen and I need to replace them. While I totally LOVED the clarity and "uncolored" (i.e. neutral) sound of the ER4's, I totally HATED the way the phones and cables stick straight...
  17. dillydally

    Need suggestion on a SMALL desktop amp/DAC to drive HD 650 + Ety ER-4PT

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I need recommendations on a small USB DAC + desktop amp to drive my Sennheiser 650 and Ety ER-4 IEMs through my laptop. It needs to be small because I plan on taking it with me when I go abroad soon and I won't have much desk space. I want something that's solid...
  18. boker23

    need some suggestion's for iem's

    hey,3 years ago i bought the sennheiser mm550 and i had great time with those but they are about to see their final days . i decided i should switch to iem's and i need help choosing a pair.  by the way . i play drums for 9 years and i take music very seriously (as all of i guess). ilike...
  19. mgpyone

    Amp ( or AMP+DAC) to go with Etymotic ER4PT

    I am looking to purchase a ER4 and people say that it needs a good amp to get it fully. Only amp will be enough but in the mean time, I am looking for a DAC too.  Portable would be better like iBasso D-zero ?  my budget is about 300$ ..  I am looking forward to your suggestions. =)
  20. ADD

    ER4S / ER4PT left and right matching

    I note that the ER4PT comes with a certificate of sorts indicating the left and right channels are balanced to within a certain tolerance. The ER4S, however, does not come with this certificate. Does this mean the ER4PT are made to a closer tolerance than the ER4S? And if not, why don't Etymotic...
  21. SLV

    Best place to sell a used pair Etymotic ER-4PT?

    Hi there, I am fairly new to the trading business and I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this. But where is the best place to sell a pair of ER-4PT?   Thank you!
  22. RollsDownWindowsManually

    Christmas gift for sister who wants best headphones for air travel - getting her Bose QC15 and Etymotic ER-4PT?

    Hi,   My sister travels a lot and wants something good for listening on airliners.  I'm thinking of getting her both the QC15 and ER-4PT for christmas so she can try both and use whichever she prefers.  Would also be wiling to get her the QC3 if those are better than the QC15.   Do you think...
  23. 5minastronomer

    Recommendations on Etymotic ER-4PT IEM and Apple iPad2 / iPhone 4S / MacBook Pro?

    I've been a long time user of the ER-4P and recently replaced my old set with  ER-4PTs after the former pair was lost on a business trip.  In use, I typically pair the ER-4PTs with an iPad2 (primary source), iPhone 4S and MacBook Pro using the audio-out jack in all cases.  Almost exclusively I...
  24. note2self

    looking for my first pair of nice iem

    hello i was lead to this site because of all the wealth of knowledge about headphones ,iem ect.. i am very virgin about it all but have been doing some reading here and other sites i have a budget of max 400$ i listen to all types of music im not a bass head but i would like to hear the song...
  25. AONihilist

    Upgrade cables for Etymotic ER-4PT?

    I currently have an ER-4PT that I use for music production/editing. It pretty much has no other use, since I use my Phonak PFE 112 for outdoor use. My Phonak's grey filters are now apparently our of production (according to my local Jaben guy), so the next best thing that I can use would be my...