1. xnor

    Headphones sensitivity, impedance, required V/I/P, amplifier gain

    The following table is based on measurements, not manufacturer specs.   Target SPL is 110 dB SPL. The source is assumed to output 2 V. The amp is assumed to be a voltage source (0 ohm output impedance). Voltage, current, power are RMS figures.   What do the columns mean? S@1V is the...
  2. bob000000005555

    Can any recommend the best headphones for under $800.00 (USD) / €606 / $771 AUS

    I'm currently looking for headphones to bridge a gap I have, electronic music; my other pair of headphones (Sennheiser HD 380 Pro's) don't quite cut it -- though they're great for metal and orchestra. I am currently using a VRM headphone "amp" which agreeably is probably atrocious.   Liquid...
  3. ghostchili

    Denon AH-7100D rewite to 4-pin Neutrik, Before I cut the plug off..

    Before I cut the stock 1/4" plug off does it have 4 wires at the terminal end? I know the 7000D did. Are there 2 blacks a red and a white? What's what? both blacks - the red r+ white l+? Thanks   I will be doing this to the non in-line remote/mic cable. 
  4. Brumagician99

    I am no longer a junior head fier!!!

    I am now a head fier!!!!!   Its like having a promotion at work yeah sickk!  
  5. ZSamuels28

    Looking for closed headphones

    Hi All, I currently have the Grado RS1i's but I am looking for a closed headphone that is equivalent because I want to use my headphones at work and do not want everyone around me to hear what I am listening to. Please give me your recommendations. I will be looking to trade my Grado's...
  6. WeggliNet

    High End closed Headphones for me

    Hi,   i own a pair of LCD-2 rev.2 for over 1 year now and i like them very much except for the weight. They start give me headaches because of the weight if i wear them for more than 3-4 hours. Plus i work now in a different environment that is not that quiet as before so i would prefer...
  7. AgainstTheGrain

    Signature Pro vs. LCD-2 vs. T1

    I've been searching for weeks on a comparison of these 3 but one doesn't exist. I mainly listen to electronica, a lot of down tempo and atmospheric music, also jazz and classical and hip hop. Don't listen to rock so its not a factor which headphone is better with rock music.   I have a...
  8. JIGF

    Headphiles Anonymous

    Quote: Quote: <>     After reading that and laughing (not out loud) it just clicked to me. What if there was a thread just for this purpose? Concordantly, here it is, Headphiles Anonymous; I thought of...
  9. Sound Quest

    The Comfort Champions

    I like my audiobooks and i'm looking for a pair of headphones that are high on the comfort list so I can just drift off to sleep with them on.   Sound quality doesn't have to be outstanding, just clear enough for speech and some light background music.   What would peoples...
  10. Truesound

    What are the best headphones to buy?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I'm wondering what headphones I should buy? My budget for the Headphones + any equipment I need (Amp?) is around £2000 . I'm not an audophile, I just enjoy good sound and would like to purchase some top quality headphones. I was thinking about the Sennheiser HD...
  11. grapefruit

    Balance issues driving me insane

    Everything I've been hearing for the past 3 months has been biased towards the right side.  I'd say the "center" of my music is at my one o clock, and this is with all my in ear headphones, but not my denon d7000s nor my hd25's.  Does anyone else have a problem like this?   Its currently...
  12. Dougeefresh

    Velodyne vPulse Review - Bass lovers rejoice!!!

    Got these in today and have been listening to them for a couple of hours. Three things I immediately noticed when I put them on (and this is me coming from SoundMAGIC E10 user):   BASS   I gotta say WOW, HOLY BASS BATMAN!!! The quantity is definitely there and it goes down deeeeeeep...
  13. soundslikebliss

    PERCEIVED Flat Headphones?

    Hey all!   Still pretty new here... I have a question regarding an issue that I'm surprised no one has discussed (or at least that my 'advanced search' skills were unable to find).   The issue I'm talking about is the perceived curve vs the actual curve of headphones in comparison to...
  14. bscheffel

    Based on my history which headphone is best for me or should i stick with CIEM?

    Really need some advice on which full size headphone I should get given my history and requirements.     Requirements:   -First of all the headphones I select must be closed headphones with good enough isolation/sound leak profile to be used on planes at moderate/high volume.  I travel...
  15. Sound Eq

    is the denon d7000 still king of closed headphones

    i am in search for a closed can, and i own the audeze lcd2 and i love it, i was wondering how different the d7000 is from audeze   is the d7000 still considered the best there is in closed headphones under 1300 USD, i was considering closed planar ones like zmf vibro or alpha primes or even...
  16. Melvins

    Headphone specs

    Ok so I understand impedance fairly well, what other technical data and other jargon do I need to understand to grasp the crispness, clarity, bass, depth, and the loudness and distinctness of each instrument of each pair of headphones.   I will be spending between 100-200 bucks on some find...
  17. 3X0

    Hardest downsizing decisions you've made

    Three years ago I chose between my HD 650 and Grado HF-2 and that was pretty difficult. I regretted selling the HD 650s, but it had to be done. Today I sit here listening to my D7000s and W3000ANVs and ponder sadly that one of them might have to go. What is the hardest decision you've had to...
  18. quain

    How to choose a Headphone

    Hi,   I am always looking into getting better sound quality. But i am a starter so not sure how to i go ahead to choose a headphone, how to look at the specification when choosing.   As i do not want to pay a lot of money to buy the most expensive headphone(sometime expensive does not...
  19. meyner

    what got you started towards the path of becoming a audiophile?

    I don't recall having a single audiophile friend, family, or acquintence. Never really listened to expensive headphones before either but one day just for the heck of it decided to buy a pair of grado 225i. A lot of my friends and my bro thought i was crazy since it was $200 and frankly i...
  20. sloomingbla

    The best basshead 'phones?

    Hey guys, im in search for the ultimate basshead pair of headphones, and my budget is around 1300$.   Quality is more important than quantity, but i would like as much quantity as possible without losing anything.   Right now i have the Ultrasone hfi 580's (yeah i know its a huge leap...
  21. kazaakas

    Closed-back sidegrade for Q701

    Hello Head-Fi,   I'm currently a satisfied owner of a Titanium HD, Matrix M-Stage and a Q701. I've had this setup for two years now and it's been truly great. I listened to a lot of rock, folk, prog and acoustic music with this setup and it always sounds super nice. However, the past few...
  22. mrjayviper

    where to find quality replacement pads for the Denon D7000?

    I saw a link before but I didn't bookmark it and now I cannot find it.   Thanks a lot
  23. Boyz2men

    t5p vs d7000. Which one has the wider soundstage?

    Now I'm considering getting a pair of top class close-back headphones. Can somebody tell me the major difference between t5p and d7000? And what will be the second-hand prices? Thanks!
  24. Taowolf51

    I feel like I might be nuts - CIEM's

    Hey all, I've been a full size headphone junkie for years and am now looking to possibly jump over to CIEMs for a few reasons like portability, isolation, comfort, and lack of sound leaking. Currently, my two main headphones are the Denon D7000 and the Audeze LCD-2. I'm looking for a CIEM that...
  25. Boyz2men

    D7000 with ear pad of TH900?

    Anybody has tried replace the D7000 ear pad with TH900's? My imagination is that it will enlarge the soundstage and reduce the amount of bass. But I don't want to have vocal much farther than it currently is.   Any ideas about this?