1. LDBaha

    *SOLD* XDP-300R (rooted)

    Hey guys. I'm selling my Pioneer XDP-300R becuuse I upgraded to a new Fiio M11. I rooted it and you can install things like doze and greenify to make battery last longer and the device even faster. The root is permanent and causes no issue. The XDP is in perfect condition. The only thing with...
  2. lawshredpower

    SOLD Pioneer SE-Monitor5 like brand new in box [EU/UK]

    Selling this underrated and unusual gem. Neutrality beast, only selling because I own two. This is as new as it gets. Box it’s a little rough but that’s it. Headphones look brand new (please see pictures). Two cables are still sealed, manual is still sealed, extra velour pads are still sealed...
  3. S

    Best DAP with Tidal // Google Play for CIEM use?

    I use CTM-500Elite CIEM’s and usually listen on my Pioneer XDP-100r which is great but there is a little noise floor that’s annoying at times, and I mostly use Tidal to stream especially in offline mode I want to upgrade new something new, I’ve looked at a lot of DAP’s out today’s and...
  4. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Pioneer SE Master1 Headpones

    Selling my Pioneer SE Master1 ceramic coated aluminum driver open back headphones. These are an extremely underrated TOTL pair of headphones that don't get the recognition they deserve. I purchased these brand new and they are in absolute mint condition. Hesitant to sell these as they do things...
  5. M

    I need help to use my vintage pioneer CS-307 speakers

    I have some really old speakers but I can't figure out how to use them. I'm relatively new to this whole technology thing and would really like some help. My speakers are of the pioneer brand and the model is Cs-307. I would really appreciate if someone would help me to use the speakers. Cause...
  6. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Pioneer XDP-300R (B) [SOLD]

    I have a Pioneer XDP-300R (B) in excellent condition for sale or trade. It is an excellent transport or stand-alone DAP. The original packaging is missing the inner sleeve. The DAP has no issues with the sturdiness of the headphone Jacks. However, the battery life depletes quickly when Wifi is...
  7. Pioneer CH3

    Pioneer CH3

    Sound Graphene-Coated diaphragm for Hi-Res Audio. Rare-earth magnets for dynamic sound. 8 Hz–40 kHz frequency response covers Hi-Res Audio spectrum. Design Luxurious alumite-processed high-texture gloss earphone finish. Available in five attractive color variations. Fit Supports...
  8. TommyFro

    TRADED Pioneer XDP-300R w/ pelican 1060 and 128gb micro sd

    TRADED Selling this unit as I have new gear on the way to replace it. Well taken care of by me and the original owner. Comes with the case, manual, original packing(minus the interior sleeve), and two extra screen protectors. Sounds excellent and everything works as it should, will be wiped...
  9. MarcoC978

    Best 60€ cans for music production?

    Hello, world! So, let's cut it short and straight to the subject. I want to find the best headphones for music production costing 60€. NOTE: They must be from Thomann. NO LOCAL DEALS. I already have a few options and requirements: Audio-Technica ATH-M30X/20X (What's the difference between the...
  10. plakat

    Pioneer U-05 USB DAC + Headphone amp -- SOLD

    In making room on my desk I'm selling my Pioneer U-05 in mint condition. Includes original packaging, remote and power cable. Local pickup in Vienna preferred, shipping by Postal service is otherwise included in the price. Payment in cash on pickup or by EU bank transfer. All items are in the...
  11. Lurk650

    Grab bag of budget IEMs

    JVC FX850 (bought used) ToneKing Nine Tail (bought new) iBasso IT01 (bought new) CCA C10 (bought new) Pioneer CH9T (bought new/removed nozzle filters) Adv Elise (bought new) Adv S2000 (bought new) Adv Sleeper (bought new) UiiSii CM5 (Blue) (bought new) MaGaosi K3 (bought new) Zero Audio Carbo...
  12. faisal2003456

    Pioneer XPA-700 Portable DAC/AMP

    For sale is a Pioneer XPA-700 portable DAC and AMP. Input: Micro-USB (PC, Android) USB (iPhone) Optical 3.5mm (Amplifier only) Output: RSA Mini Balanced (included is a converter to XLR, see pictures) 3.5mm unbalanced High and low gain switch. Supports native DSD playback and hi-res audio...
  13. Lewis Li

    WTB: pioneer se master 1

    I just have a strong curiosity about the old hi-end dynamic, the pioneer master 1. Which considered to be something with wide sound stage as hd800 and punchy juicy sounding as th900 So I really want to try out. Is there anyone with it can sell me at about $950 or just describe the filling of it...
  14. Preachy1

    ***No Longer Available*** For Sale (no trades please) Pioneer XDP-100 R (black or silver)

    Greetings phellow phreaks. I need to raise a bit o' cash, so I'm thinning my collection a bit. I have for sale a Pioneer XDP-100 R in your choice of black or silver (pick one, I'll keep the other). Both are in near-mint condition and will come in the original box with a USB cable and original...
  15. Todd

    Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500 @

    Hi All, The new Pioneer Elite UDP LX500 Universal Disc Player fills a gap left with the departure of OPPO from the Universal player scene. We think very highly of this new offering from Pioneer Elite and can recommend it to you as a very fine audio player as well as being an excellent Blu-Ray...
  16. HiFan

    [SOLD]Pioneer XPA-700 Portable DAC/Amp

    HI, Up for sale is my personal item. Bought it new some years ago but only very lightly used. There is some lint on the surface. Functions are all normal as I recently checked. Original accessories are all included (see last two pictures). Asking for $155 USD shipped ConUS. Paypal is...
  17. Jaywalk3r

    Need a hack/workaround to play non-Apple DAP through HomePod

    I have a Pioneer XDP-02U DAP inbound. It will be my primary mobile source. When I'm at home, I keep my music in my local iTunes library and listen through a pair of HomePods. Currently, I'm using my iPhone as my source, so as I'm walking in the door, I can switch the output to my HomePod, and...
  18. Tex Irie

    Pioneer SE-Monitor5 + Fiio Q5 for a DX200 or WM1A [Traded]

    Behold!! A Pair of Mint Pioneer SE-Monitor5's and Fiio Q5 have appeared!! .... . I'm open to trading my Beloved SE-Monitor5's and Fiio Q5 as I will be commuting and traveling more for work. These were well kept as I was the sole owner in a smoke free home. Included in the package: New Velour...
  19. caenlenfromOCN

    [FS] [USA] Brand New sealed Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones

    I recommend when you open them you do the spring mod, headband mod if you have a weird head like mine, and get some HM5 velour earpads (I have tried over 10 earpads on my SE-A1000 and Hm5 velour is best imo, even better than sheepskin imo, yeah I own two, was going to keep this one for backup...
  20. Lurk650

    [SOLD] Pioneer 300R (Silver)

    Basically like brand new. Bought last November. Will ship fast with box. 48 States only. Price includes shipping.
  21. shyamwanne

    SOLD: Pioneer SE-Master1 SE-Master 1 headphone headphones

    Pioneers flagship headphones. Really great sound! I am original owner and bought them new in Japan for $2500. Headphones are in great shape. I had the MMCX connectors replaced on the cable with higher quality aluminum ones, as the original plastic connectors were loose. Includes all...
  22. Lurk650

    Pioneer HRM-6

    Don't use them and need to make some room. 48 States only.
  23. Smurfs2010


    This unit is in excellent condition. It comes with charger and original box. I am the original owner and the unit is about a year old. I used it only at my desk at home. I will pay for shipping within USA, buyer pays PP fee or gift. PM me with any questions.
  24. Camper1995

    New DAP stuck in Factory Reset Protection, cannot use the device

    Hi guys, so recently I bought (on eBay) the Pioneer XDP-100R for fun, to try it out since it looked promising enough for an affordable price. However when I opened up the package and launched the device, I got the very first andriod initialization screen where you have to select langauge, wifi...
  25. awt.chu

    Help me to decide

    can you help me to choose between these 2 iem. so that i can finally buy my tier 3 of new iem . because currently i am using co donguri right now