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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. mbwilson111
    That would actually be better for movies than being inside your head... but I know what you mean. By now I am used to a variety of sound signatures and just enjoy it all:)
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  2. sareer007
    Now i am used to it and its actually better. Voices in your front and other sounds in your back. A out of head experience.
  3. JackFlash
    Could someone please provide the approximate relative size of several of the most commonly recommended earbuds? I know some use the same shell (e.g., MX500). I vaguely remember reading a similar size/fit discussion in this thread but cannot locate it now. Thank you!
  4. audiohurric4ne
    so my vido arrived: i just started playing with earbuds few weeks ago. i ordered 4 buds on the same day, my first two buds that arrived was faaeal rosemary and remax rm303 which i dont really like. both sounded hollow and vocal is muffled. at the time i thought i had a fit issue and earbuds are just not for me and ill just stick to iems. i think that changes today as my vido arrives. i think these sounds really, REALLY good especially for the price, literally cheap as chips. thanks mr clieos for recommending these. i think its weird that my cheapest buds sounds the best. maybe its because i prefer the vido's signature but to my ears these sounds the most natural. both rosemary and rm303 dont sound natural to my ears.
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  5. assassin10000

    16.1mm vs 16.8mm for PK shell vs. MX500. But the shape also makes a difference.

    Some comparison pics are here and page before:

    What's the fourth? RY4S may be a more refined Vido. Unfortunately I gave my Vido away and am only going off unreliable memory.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
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  6. audiohurric4ne
    its the RY4S. ill love it then.
  7. viatraco
    Is Smabat ST-10 easy to wear cable down, not over the ear?
  8. jogawag
    Replace the left and right housings and replace the cables with straight ones (copper).
    I am using Smabat ST-10 this way.
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  9. activatorfly
    ...i.e. swap the R & L housings around - so that the connectors are pointing down?
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  10. waynes world
    Yes. You will need a straight cable though.
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  11. activatorfly
    No worries - been preparing a great quality balanced cable to use.
  12. Otto Motor
    I don't know the Toneking but tested the Smabat: good depth but a metallic sound with horrendous sibilance and unnatural, metallic voices. I also don't know how the shells should keep in my ears: ergonomic horror. Since the left MMCX connector is loose, I'll return it at my own cost. Although it is a "free" review unit, sometimes even free is unaffordable..and mood killing.

    In comparison, the much cheaper ISN Audio Rambo made me hang on to a relatively boring Chopin cello sonata because of its natural timbre...vs. the sterile sounding Smabat.

    And once I am done with the Rambo, I'll retire from earbuds as they are a general design flaw, considering the wrong angle between transducer and ear canal.
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  13. mbwilson111
    Wow, I am shocked by this. My ST-10 sounds great...not unnatural nor metallic. Did you use foams?
  14. Otto Motor
    Silicons...and I use donuts on the Rambos. As to metallic sound: did you try chamber music -- self amplified music? Details are in the end irrelevant as the left earpiece is faulty.

    I have a similar poorly fitting Sennheiser design, the OMX-185.

    If you want to get your money's worth at $100, in an iem that has been well thought out in terms of fit, comfort, cable, and sound...the Sennheiser ie40 Pro is the way to go.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2019
  15. HungryPanda
    I have been enjoying the Sunrise SW Dragon II this evening
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