1. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. Please DO NOT PM me for any question. Sennheiser MX985, Blox TM7, Venture Electronic Zen 1.0, Rose Technology Mojito. From top to bottom, left to right: Audio Technica ATH-CM999...
  2. Mike D

    BLOX are in STOCK!!!!! DECEMBER 24th 2013

    Hi,   Just a heads up . . . . BLOX M2C and ANV3se are back in stock. I don't know how long they'll be there, but I know at the time of this writing both are still available.   Cheers, Mike 
  3. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C, Sennheiser HD25-1 ii, VSonic GR07 Impressions to come!

    Next paycheck I will be investing in some headphones, so expect some impressions to come pretty soon! For anyone who's heard of the new M2C (earbud) by BLOX, it's their new earbud replacing the TM5 for a quarter of the price, so I'm pretty excited to see how these sound for 40 bucks! 
  4. jy92

    Koss PortaPro or Blox M2C or Yuin PK2?

    I'm stuck with deciding which to go with? I like my grado sr80i sound, so anyone can suggest which is a better choice?
  5. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C review delayed/cancelled (impressions)

    hey everyone at head-fi! If you read my thread about the m2c i stated i had a review coming (which was in the impression stage) but 3 days after recieving the product the right speaker has already blown! Not sure if i received a defective headphone or if the drivers are really weak. I've...
  6. SplashArtist

    [Review] BLOX M2C: Good Things Come In Small, Rather Bland Packages.

    (Notice to reader: Approximately 100 hours of burn in was given before the writing of this review)     BLOX M2C: Good Things Come In Small, Rather Bland Packages.     Now I'm not going to beat around the bush here, the M2C (Manufacture 2 Consumer) do sound good. Very, very good in...
  7. oopeteroo

    blox m2c for 47 usd inc shipping ? other earphones ?

    i need some new earphone for my galaxy s2 and sansa clip+ heard that m2c is quite good but for me to get them shipped to sweden will be 47usd, is it worth it (seems a bit expensive )?     what about the rest here in my list ? i can get it cheaper from ebay inc shipping and some in the...
  8. oopeteroo

    Need new earphone (not in-ear) ? my blox m2c died =(

    my blox m2c died =(   now i need something new.   using my sansa clip+. listening to kpop, jpop, cpop, ballad, mainly female vocal.   any rec  ?
  9. Gekass

    Where can I buy the Blox M2C

    Hi, I'm looking for a store to by the blox m2c. Im from israel so its importent that the store can ship it to israel. Thanks! Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk 2
  10. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Blox M2c

    First, I’ll to thank Blox for the M2c sample. Blox is an odd brand. They are first known for their TM5 – a supposedly US$180 top-tier earbud which unfortunately I have had no luck of hearing as it was out-of-stock most of the time and discontinued before many can get their hand on one. But Blox...
  11. oopeteroo

    Blox m2c vs Yuin pk2

    i see that they sell m2c again.   But also heard good words from yuin pk2.   whats the diff in sounds between those two earphones ?   iam using it for sansa clip+
  12. naike

    Earphone suggestions under 100

    I need some earphone suggestions for under 100€. Looking for those regular old school ones (not the ones you stuff inside your ear), and durability is my main concern.
  13. goodsound

    Dont like IEMs. Any 'earbuds' out there in the $25-30 range ?

    I dont like inserting IEMs into my ear canals. I am ok with the apple ipod style earbuds. I just need something a bit more comfortable and better sounding. What can I consider for earbuds in the $25-30 range ?
  14. Question2

    Buying earphones in Australia

    Any Australians here can give some advice on buying earphones here? I don't want to walk into the typical electronics shop and get ripped off on some crap earphones, as what usually happens when people do that...   The cables on my yuin pk2 just got sliced in half by....SOMETHING...(i have...
  15. Melvins

    Blox MC2 and amplification

    does anyone here use a pair of Blox Mc2's with amplification? even a simple pa2v2 or cmoy? just curious. Used to own a pa2v2 and was thinking about getting another used one if it would be beneficial to my current portable headphones (blox). Thanks for your time!
  16. SelenaGomez

    Blox M2C Stock Update

    Woke up this morning to check the purchase page of the Blox earphones and guess what, I didn't see "Out of stcok"!   It would be awesome if someone started a group buy.   That's all. 
  17. zeno

    Has anyone gone back to hearing the iPOD stock earbuds after being away for a long time?

    I have for a long time been using my Grado SR60s first model, not the i version for my iPOD, and my wonderful AKG K340s in my AMP, CD-Tuner setup. For fun I got out the stock Apple ear buds that came with my iPOD and gave them a try again with my iPOD.....WOW, they really suck now. A bit...
  18. ClieOS

    Blox M2C Audition Thread

    Thanks to kanonathena, I have been given the chance to listen to his well burnt-in pair of M2c (800hr+) as well as receiving a brand new pair from Blox for comparison and review. However, Blox is willing to sponsor an even wider audition / review program and kanonathena has agreed to loan his...
  19. phil2yoo

    Blox M2C compared to Blox TM5, Yuin OK1, PK1, etc etc

    As the title says, how do the Blox M2C's compare to the HIGHLY regarded TM5s and the Yuin OK and PK series? Are they comfortable? How do they sound? I don't expect much isolation, but is there some?
  20. ThaJM

    Interested in the blox m2c?

    I am sorry to announce that i can no longer organise this group buy. Due to personal reasons, i find myself lacking the spare time to individually repackage and send out each set. I realise that i am leaving a bad impression here on head-fi and i sincerely apologise. This was never a scam or...
  21. ShenaRingo326

    Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320)

    Blox has updated with their new flagship TM7's info, and it will be available on Aug 1, 2012! looks like the same housing as the m2c but shinier... Driver : Dynamic 15 mm Frequency Response : 20Hz - 19KHz Impedance : 32Ω Sensitivity : 112dB/mW @ 1KHz Cable : TPE 1.2 m. (3.5mm. plug) $140 USD...
  22. oopeteroo

    the copper ring is missing ? need help fast

    hi recently my blox m2c cable died :p so i want to switch cable from another headphone cuz i love m2c   but when i open up the earphone a piece of metal/copper ring fall out.   what does it do ? and will it work without it?       you see the copper ring is missing on one...
  23. oopeteroo

    recable but the metal ring is missing ? help ?

    hi recently my blox m2c cable died :p so i want to switch cable from another headphone cuz i love m2c   but when i open up the earphone a piece of metal/copper ring fall out.   what does it do ? and will it work without it ?   you see the copper ring is missing on one..  ...
  24. ardilla

    BLOX M2C

    Nice price earbuds from BLOX, the producer of the discontinued TM5