1. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. PM me if you have any specific question (*general ranking or recommendation question will not be entertained), as I am not posting / replying in this thread anymore. Sennheiser...
  2. Mike D

    BLOX are in STOCK!!!!! DECEMBER 24th 2013

    Hi,   Just a heads up . . . . BLOX M2C and ANV3se are back in stock. I don't know how long they'll be there, but I know at the time of this writing both are still available.   Cheers, Mike 
  3. CosaNostra

    Want to Buy - Blox M2C or ANV3

    Hello fine folks of Head-fi. I've recently been intrigued with earbuds after trying our the PK1. Please let me know if anyone has a M2C or Anv 3 up for sale. I'd prefer the Anv3, but pretty curious to see the blox sound. Their website is currently out of stock...otherwise I'd have already made...
  4. kanonathena

    BLOX M2C shiped worldwide

    No package, no accessories, a sample pair, brand new, no warranty, shipped worldwide for $30
  5. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C, Sennheiser HD25-1 ii, VSonic GR07 Impressions to come!

    Next paycheck I will be investing in some headphones, so expect some impressions to come pretty soon! For anyone who's heard of the new M2C (earbud) by BLOX, it's their new earbud replacing the TM5 for a quarter of the price, so I'm pretty excited to see how these sound for 40 bucks! 
  6. jy92

    Koss PortaPro or Blox M2C or Yuin PK2?

    I'm stuck with deciding which to go with? I like my grado sr80i sound, so anyone can suggest which is a better choice?
  7. SplashArtist

    Blox M2C review delayed/cancelled (impressions)

    hey everyone at head-fi! If you read my thread about the m2c i stated i had a review coming (which was in the impression stage) but 3 days after recieving the product the right speaker has already blown! Not sure if i received a defective headphone or if the drivers are really weak. I've...
  8. xxhaxx

    WTB: Blox M2C

      As stated above, I am looking to buy a pair of Blox M2C   PM me if you are interested in selling   Thanks 
  9. SplashArtist

    [Review] BLOX M2C: Good Things Come In Small, Rather Bland Packages.

    (Notice to reader: Approximately 100 hours of burn in was given before the writing of this review)     BLOX M2C: Good Things Come In Small, Rather Bland Packages.     Now I'm not going to beat around the bush here, the M2C (Manufacture 2 Consumer) do sound good. Very, very good in...
  10. chrislangley4253

    Blox M2C

    Self-explanatory :)   Toss me a PM
  11. jant71

    New Blox M2C and Hisound White PAA-1 earbuds(Rocoo P Stock Earbud)

    Hi,   Selling my Rocoo P stock earphones since I have a pair of the Hisound Live earbuds and won't need them. They are white, and unopened in their little box. These are the ones...
  12. oopeteroo

    blox m2c for 47 usd inc shipping ? other earphones ?

    i need some new earphone for my galaxy s2 and sansa clip+ heard that m2c is quite good but for me to get them shipped to sweden will be 47usd, is it worth it (seems a bit expensive )?     what about the rest here in my list ? i can get it cheaper from ebay inc shipping and some in the...
  13. oopeteroo

    Need new earphone (not in-ear) ? my blox m2c died =(

    my blox m2c died =(   now i need something new.   using my sansa clip+. listening to kpop, jpop, cpop, ballad, mainly female vocal.   any rec  ?
  14. sharkz

    WTB: Blox M2c Ear Buds

    Like the title says, I am looking for a pair of gently used Blox M2c earbuds. I am a long time PK3 user and just can't get past the J-cord for listening at work. Since the Blox seem to be perpetually out of stock, I would like to see if anyone is looking to get rid of a pair.   Please PM me...
  15. nightrhyme

    Blox sound M2C

    Selling my Blox-sound M2C. 1 month old. Just ordered them as I was curious. Will send them anywhere provided you pay the shipping. They are located in Denmark (Europe)   Price exclusive shipping   Kind regards NightRhyme     ---SOLD---
  16. chrislangley4253

    WTB: Blox M2C, Sansa Clip+, Sansa Clip Zip

    send me a message with what you've got :)
  17. Gekass

    Where can I buy the Blox M2C

    Hi, I'm looking for a store to by the blox m2c. Im from israel so its importent that the store can ship it to israel. Thanks! Sent from my MB865 using Tapatalk 2
  18. fleasbaby

    Blox M2C *SOLD*

    Hi All,   I have owned these for roughly 5 months. They have received light use (I purchased them for an ultra-portable rig and as backups to my main headphones) and have now been replaced by the new Blox flagship model, the TM7 in my collection. I will include the original packaging and...
  19. chrislangley4253

    BLOX M2C

    looking for a pair
  20. sharkz

    FS: Blox M2C

    Like the title says, I have a pair of barely used Blox M2C's for sale.   PM me if interested.
  21. FoxSpirit

    WTB: Blox M2C earbuds (ship to EU)

    Well, just what the title says, managed to utterly destroy my old ones by being stupid, now I need a new pair. Just pop me an offer by PM and please don't forget to include shipping costs to EU :-)
  22. Vlooienuker

    WTB: Blox M2C & ANV3 & HiSound PAA1-PRO!

    Buying these earbuds and hopefully they are in like new condition with all original box and accessories. Willing to ship to New Zealand.   PM me if you happen to have any for sale!   Cheers, Leon
  23. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Blox M2c

    First, I’ll to thank Blox for the M2c sample. Blox is an odd brand. They are first known for their TM5 – a supposedly US$180 top-tier earbud which unfortunately I have had no luck of hearing as it was out-of-stock most of the time and discontinued before many can get their hand on one. But Blox...
  24. tsiknus


    Title says it all.
  25. oopeteroo

    Blox m2c vs Yuin pk2

    i see that they sell m2c again.   But also heard good words from yuin pk2.   whats the diff in sounds between those two earphones ?   iam using it for sansa clip+