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Dont like IEMs. Any 'earbuds' out there in the $25-30 range ?

  1. goodsound
    I dont like inserting IEMs into my ear canals. I am ok with the apple ipod style earbuds. I just need something a bit more comfortable and better sounding. What can I consider for earbuds in the $25-30 range ?
  2. kmhaynes
    The new Apple EarPods have been getting good reviews here.  If you don't want to try them, Sennheiser is still making decent earbuds:  MX-470, MX-580.
  3. goodsound
    Those are not in current product lineup of Senn so I guess they are not made any more. Any others ?
    I know about the 250+ IEM compare thread, I wish there was one for earbuds.
  4. wskl
    You may want to take a look at this thread (but it is not categorized by price)
    Before venturing into IEMs, I had those Sony earbuds which came out with the earlier Sony walkmans. Sounded great but the most annoying thing was loosing the cushion that came with the earbud. After that I had to place it back onto my ear without the cushion.
    You can still find them (Sony earbuds) in walmart for $9.99. It also comes with a protective case which you can spin around and watch in amazement[​IMG]
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  6. kjk1281
    World Wide Stereo has the MX581 for $25 via ebay. Check out ClieOS' review (posted by wskl above) for more info on those.
    They also have the JBL Tempo Earbuds for $11.50. I haven't tried the JBL's yet but I do have a pair on the way.
  7. jant71
    Even after the Hisound Live, M2C, PMX680(modded), MX471, MX880, Cresyn, etc, on and on, the JBL Tempo are up there with my all time favorites.
  8. goodsound
    so wwstereo off ebay or buy.com would be safe ? (worried about counterfeit and all..)
    I might give the JVC HA-F150 a try.
  9. rickdohc

    you can still find the Sennheiser MX580 at amazon or ebay, i bougth mine for 28 bucks a few months ago, also got the new Apple earbuds,  IMHO the MX580 sounds better, got less bass but a more coherent sound, with better mids and highs.  but thas My Opinion.
  10. rickdohc
    from what i know, the 1 model is for smaller ears and thats a red version, so it should sound exactly like the 580.
  11. kjk1281

    I'm glad I decided to give these a shot! Can't wait till I receive them later this week.

    I know for a fact that World Wide Stereo is an authorized dealer for Sennheiser. I believe they may be the same for Harman (i.e. AKG, JBL, etc.) as well. I've purchased from them a few times and can personally recommend them.
  12. ClieOS Contributor

    They don't, actually. Here.
  13. rickdohc

    Thanks!   are you affiliated to Sennheiser?   
  14. iamthem
    Yuin makes some nice earbuds, you might want to look into them. I own the EarPods, great balanced sound but severely lacks detail, sparkle and refinement up the top, and the soundstage is non-existent. Seriously the soundstage is SO BAD it feels like my head is getting crushed - although that might be because I've been pampered by AKG K701's mammoth soundstage. Still I'd recommend them for your price, they aren't bad so long as your ears aren't accustomed to top tier IEM sound.
    Edit: The earpods are very, very comfortable and don't fall out either. A great design by Apple. The sound is really the only part which needs improvement.
  15. ClieOS Contributor

    By some people's standard, probably yes. By common understanding of the word 'affiliated', no :cool:

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