1. H

    Do you have any recommendations for high quality VE Monk style earphones?

    I'm trying to find a really high quality VE Monk style of earbud: the type that just hang in the ear without sealing off the outside world.(So without rubber inserts) I'm currently using a set of Atomic Floyd Airjax Titanium, without the hooks. They're fantastic, but they've stopped making...
  2. JLab Audio Epic ANC Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

    JLab Audio Epic ANC Wireless Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

    14+ hours Bluetooth®& ANC playtime 25+ hours Bluetooth playtime AUX cord adaptor for wired plug-in IP54 sweatproof Microphone for phone calls Plug in to watch a movie
  3. sierras

    Searching for decent earbuds (not IEMs)

    Hi, As per title, my ok-ish Philips SHE3205 buds have just failed after over 5 years of service so I'm looking for replacements. I have tried the Airpods which are good for both fit and SQ but far out of budget. I've tried the likes of Monks MKii which are great value but not good enough SQ...
  4. C

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2

    Unrivalled stereo sound From classical to contemporary, every music genre is enhanced by the bespoke 7 mm dynamic drivers of the new MOMENTUM True Wireless 2 earbuds thanks to its deep bass, natural mids and clear, detailed treble. Plus, you can now tailor your listening experience with...
  5. poppopio

    Brass Silver Gold earbuds shell for diy

    Hello everybody I come from Thailand. My Name is Thanat I have jewelry factory and Goldsmiths shop . and I am admin IN THIS GROUP TEF Thai Earphones Fanclub https://www.facebook.com/groups/266119590921199/ FACEBOOK GROUP and I like headphones very much I can make diy earbud from...
  6. V

    Looking for in-ear headphones under $30

    No amp, source will be my phone, usually Spotify on high/very high quality, also Youtube videos ofc. I listen to all kinds of music: metal, rock (mostly alternative/indie), bit of jazz, hip hop (lo-fi too), rap, pop and electronic. Would be really good if they have a microphone (+ a button)...
  7. jrazmar

    SOLD: Moondrop Liebesleid Flagship Earbuds

    I have for sale a Moondrop Liebesleid in very good condition. The earbuds have been kept and used diligently in non-smoking, pet-free location. I still have the complete box and accessories which came with it including a free unused Faaeal earbuds. Price includes international shipping with...
  8. munchzilla

    Like New Toneking TO600 earbuds

    Hi! As title- Toneking TO600 "high end" earbuds. Used for maybe 8 hours, the fit unfortunately isn't working for my small ear openings. Sound is great, very clear but with a bit of warmth to the mids, and IMO non-fatiguing and non-sibilant. Surprisingly good imaging and staging, overall...
  9. BrandtRanj

    Status Audio Holiday Offering: Two gifts for one

    Head-Fi members, Status.co is hoping to make your holiday shopping a little easier by offering an on-site “buy one get one free” bundle on our BT Transfer earbuds through December 13 at 9pm EST. No promo code is required, simply choose the option to add an additional BT Transfer to your cart...
  10. BloodyPenguin

    Earbuds Anonymous Earbud

    Welcome. This is a Thread for the discussion of the Earbuds Anonymous Earbud (also known as the 'EA Earbud'). I started the Facebook Group Earbuds Anonymous back in December of 2016 as a place to discuss all things earbuds. Fast forward to Fall of 2019, we wanted to thank our members by...
  11. revokasi

    DIY Death Headphone, IEM, Earbuds Repair Tutorial. Step-by-Step The Art of Reworking Voice coil from low to high end cans.

    Hello guys, Well I am audio enthusiast in Indonesia. In the last three years opened workshop for headphone repair. but, i think now I would like to share you a tutorial. a simple but efective tutorial to fix your broken cans. Due to many of audio enthusiast in different country dissapointed of...
  12. nofarewell

    Looking for: Sony MDR-E252 earbuds

    Hi, I am looking for a set of Sony MDR-E252 headphones. It should come with the dedicated winding case and should be good, operating condition. Colour doesn't matter. Please write me if you have a pair for sale. Thanks
  13. BrandtRanj

    Black Friday 2019: Our deepest discounts of the year

    Head-Fi members, The Status Audio team has decided to go all-out for Black Friday this year: we’re offering a 40% discount on our website and on Amazon — no promo code required. These deals are live, and will be available until Tuesday, December 5. International shipping is available to...
  14. Smabat M1 Pro

    Smabat M1 Pro

    Specification: 1. Product Name: Smabat M1 Pro metal earbud 2. Brand: Smabat 3. Model: M1 Pro 4. Type: Earbud 5. Impedance: 32Ω 6. Eerphone sensitivity:110dB/mW 7...
  15. Ourart QJ21

    Ourart QJ21

    Description OURART flagship earbud, sound continues OURART earbud popular style, prominent vocal. Inspired by the prototype of supercar wheel shaft, it is ergonomic to wear. The whole hollow out design brings the natural and transparent listening feeling. 8 strands 27AWG single crystal pure...
  16. RuFrost

    [FSOT] Shozy BK Stardust 2.5mm (special edition)

    1) Shozy BK Stardust are my favoutie earbuds in terms of the sound and comfort. I have owned 6 of them (4 non balanced and 2 balanced). This is my last pair of Shozy...I'm quitting audio hobby due to life changing conditions. 2) This pair is rejacked from non-balanced and I do not know why, but...
  17. J

    NON in-ear earbuds recommendations

    Hi All, I'm looking for a new pair of bluetooth earbuds and I wanted to ask the community for some suggestions. Here's my criteria: Must have: Bluetooth No rubber tips (classic earbuds) chargeable carrying case No wire/string connecting the earbuds Nice to have's: $120 USD or less USB-C...
  18. Mobifen Flex-L Air Wireless Neck-Band Earbuds

    Mobifen Flex-L Air Wireless Neck-Band Earbuds

    Specifications > Product name: Flex-L Air (MFB-NB7100A) Type: Semi-opened Bluetooth: version 5.0 (MSTS, LDAC, Apt-X, AAC) Consecutive talk time: 9.5 Hrs Music play time: 7 Hrs Stan-by time: 14 Hrs Charging port: Micro USB Additional Feature: Sweat-Proof, Built-in Vibration motor Weight: 23g...
  19. XP_98

    [SOLD] New Smabat ST-10

    Just tried them less then 30mn, and found that only Yuin shell are compliant with my ears... So they are like new :) 70 euros + shipping See reviews here : https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/smabat-st-10.23718/reviews?page=2
  20. XP_98

    Smabat ST-10 like new

    Double post
  21. B

    Bluetooth issues with wireless earbuds

    Hi, I recently bought a fairly cheap pair of wireless earphones from amazon due to the great reviews (ENACFIRE Future) with Bluetooth 5.0. I bought them mainly for connecting to my PC when I don't really feel like wearing headphones. They're great except for one problem: the audio lag on PC is...
  22. thejoker13

    The Toneking discussion lounge

    Greetings friends! I looked and was surprised to find that no Toneking threads existed here. I created this page for discussion about any and all Toneking products. There are no rules here, so posting music that you enjoy on your Tonekings, is not taboo. What Tonekings have you tried or owned...
  23. thejoker13

    Toneking impressions and reviews

    Welcome to the Toneking discussion thread! What products have you tried and what are your feelings on them? I first was introduced to Toneking by purchasing the Nine Tails and was pleasantly surprised to find them to be a very well tuned and enjoyable listen. I then proceeded to buy the T4 and...
  24. deco cat

    Best earbuds with "earpods" form factor.

    I'm searching something very comfortable that firmly grips my ears but also good sounding. I've found this MEMT T5, are they valid or there are best alternatives? Thanks.
  25. Z

    Shozy BK vs Smabat ST-10?

    Hi, I currently own the Shozy BK and I was wondering if the Smabat ST-10 were a step up. Thanks!