1. regancipher

    Call Quality on TWS - 30+ models tested

    The question 'which are the best TWS for calls' usually gets buried in the Going Wireless IEMs. Too Soon? Are We There Yet? thread on a multitude of the 3000+ pages, so I thought I would start a new thread with some resources to help you out if, like me, you only use their TWS when I absolutely...
  2. BuduBuds V1

    BuduBuds V1

    MX500 shelled open back earbuds, handmade in Malaysia - 32 Ohm dynamic driver - 100db sensitivity For more details please check https://www.facebook.com/budubuds
  3. Rose Martini

    Rose Martini

    Description Good sound comes from sophisticated and complex hardware design. Two-way air pressure adjustment system, the bass is more surging Brass gold plated cover Carbon-based ceramic diaphragm Magnetic conductor basin 304 steel cavity Brass gold plated flute tube 304 flute cavity 304...
  4. Gravastar Sirius Pro + TWS

    Gravastar Sirius Pro + TWS

    Gravastar Sirius Pro+TWS delivers an immersive True Wireless experience with incredible Gravastar Signature Sound. Build-in Gravastar’s proprietary DSP audio algorithms developed to deliver balance bass punch and 3D surround sound with custom tune mode for Music, Gaming, and Movie. Couple...
  5. SoundPEATS H2 Hybrid Dual Armature Driver AptX-Adaptive QCC3040 TWS

    SoundPEATS H2 Hybrid Dual Armature Driver AptX-Adaptive QCC3040 TWS

  6. Kavhat

    Bassy Earbuds? Upgrading an Edifier P180

    Hello everyone, The cable of my P180 earbuds is starting to fail, so before buying a new pair of them, I would like to buy (if there is) an upgrade to them. The only requisite is to have that bassy sound P180 have and to be wired earbuds (not IEM). Today I tested my brother's IEM Moondrop Aria...
  7. Venture Electronics Monk Slim Metal

    Venture Electronics Monk Slim Metal

    Impedance: 32Ohms Sensitivity: 115dB/1mW Frequency Range: 20-22KHz Shell Size: 16.4mm Shell Type: PK Termination: 3.5mm SE / 2.5mm Bal / 4.4mm Bal (Straight Plug)
  8. Yincrow RW-3000

    Yincrow RW-3000

    1. Product Name: Yincrow RW-3000 HIFI Audiophile In-ear Earphone 2. Brand: Yincrow 3. Model: RW-3000 4.Product Type: In-ear 5.Color:Blue 6. Impedance:16Ω 7.Shell Material: Metal 8. Eerphone Sensitivity: 113dB/mW 9. Frequency Range: 10-40000Hz 10. Earphone plug type: 3.5mm/2.5mm...
  9. Kukuster

    Wireless *earbuds* (with earhooks, with neutral sound) for a nanny

    1. earbuds not IEMs (no sound isolation) 2. they have to be wireless, so a child doesn't do much mess up business with them 3. they have to fit well, with no risk of falling because of sudden movements. I think we need earhooks. 4. [less priority] since they will mostly be used for listening to...
  10. Venture Electronics Asura 3.0 FE

    Venture Electronics Asura 3.0 FE

    - 155 Ohm Dynamic Drivers - 105db Sensitivity - VE Standard DI Copper Lite - Available in all connectors type https://www.veclan.com/engappliance_sel_one?eng_ApplianceVo.eac_id=64
  11. Kobe Audio "Sovannah"

    Kobe Audio "Sovannah"

    Specs: 32 Ohms signature driver Rhodium Plated Plug Aluminum alloy splitter Silver-plated copper litz Inclusions Sovanna Earbuds Storage Case w/ silica gel Leather Cable Winder 3 pairs of foams
  12. W

    Similar to ShoonTH ESEP-01B, but with a microphone

    Hello. I have been advised here to buy ShoonTH ESEP-01BL they are really amazing, and don't cost $100-500 dollars. Right now I am searching for something similar, but with a microphone. They must be wired (good durable cable as well), and they must be open like ShoonTH ESEP-01BL or an Apple...
  13. Joemanji


    Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Cable: 4 core black & copper colorway Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Driver diameter: 15.4mm Plug: 2.5mm Gold-plated Balanced Joemanji is an entry-level earbuds made by Just on Earbuds; a startup company in the Philippines. The name came from a fellow...
  14. Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Go

    Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Go

    Impedance 32Ω Sensitivity 116db Frequency range 18-22000Hz(±10dB) Interface 3.5mm Cable Length 1.2m(±2cm) Plug type Straight PLUG Size (diameter of shell) 16.8mm Monk Go are entry-level earbuds by Venture Electronics which are only produced with limited quantity. They were released 2021...
  15. Onyx


    Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Cable: 4 core black Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Driver diameter: 14.8mm Plug: 2.5mm Gold-plated Balanced Onyx is a PK-shelled earbuds made by Just on Earbuds, a startup company in the Philippines. The name was derived from the mineral "Onyx" which...
  16. ANN N200

    ANN N200

    Impedance: 16Ω Earphone sensitivity: 116dB/mW Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Interface: 3.5mm Cable: 4 core black plastic-sleeved cable Plugs: L Plug SE termination ANN N200 are vintage earbuds that was introduced way back 1997. These are already discontinued and comes off as extremely rare at...
  17. Jagan v3

    Jagan v3

    Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Sensitivty: 116dbmw Cable: Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) pre-made cable Driver diameter: 15.4mm LREY Jagan v3 is an mx500 shelled earbuds made by LREY Portable Music, a startup company in the Philippines. LREY portable music specializes in creating...
  18. Vetala II Lite

    Vetala II Lite

    Price: 16 USD/Php 800 Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Cable: Alum-insulated Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) Driver diameter: 15.4mm Vetala II Lite is made by Marco Santos of Madcap Music, a small start-up company in the Philippines. The name comes from hindu folklore, an entity that is...
  19. mft004

    Seeking a true sister to MX-365

    Greetings wizards; I seek help. I've used two types of earbud to keep my ears happy for the past 10 years. Sony's MDR-E828LP has proven king for black/death/power metal together with some mixed metal&electronic(like Celldweller), although it can't handle 90s metal demos (like Crematory from...
  20. Korven Orora

    Korven Orora

    Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Cable: Black Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) Driver diameter: 15.4mm Korven Orora is an MX500 shelled earbuds made by Kris Sumabat of the Philippines. He is an audio-hobbyist who prides of making earbuds with quality and definition.
  21. Hannya


    Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Sensitivty: 108db/mW Cable: None MMCX: Gold-plated Driver diameter: 15.4mm Hannya is an MX500 shelled earbuds, tuned by Bernard Aureus for listening to EDM tracks. The name "Hannya" is homage to the famous Hannya masks in Japan, which Bernard adores...
  22. P3k150 v2.0

    P3k150 v2.0

    Impedance: 150Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Interface: Cable Dependent Cable: None (MMCX) MMCX: Rhodium Plated MMCX The p3k150 v2.0 is 3k Audio's rendition of the famous PK-shelled earbuds. Made in the Philppines, they have 14.8mm drivers inside and can be ordered either cabled or mmcx.
  23. Astrotec Lyra Mini

    Astrotec Lyra Mini

    Lyra Mini--a new option for a lite daily gear. Inheriting the microscopes design of Lyra series, Lyra Mini provides transparent and natural sound experience, with a smaller size. Patented improved design, with sweet voice and natural sound; High transparency, surrounded, focused, listening...
  24. poczta6788

    Earbuds on budget

    Hi, after 5 years my "Sennheiser MX471" broke down :#, i looking for something that can replace them, something that is clear and balanced so i could use it as daily driver for anything (movies/games/music). Budget 30$ USD / Only Earbuds.
  25. VIDO Earbuds

    VIDO Earbuds

    Specification: 1. Product Name: Vido In-ear earbud earphone 2. Model: Vido Earbud 3. Type: In-ear earbud 4. Impedance: 32Ω 5. Earphone sensitivity: 108dB/mW 6...