1. S

    Advice for a newbie

    Hello, I am looking for earbuds for listening to music - mainly pop, hiphop and musical theatre. My criteria are: * budget 50-75 euro *without heavy or extra bass * wired * with mic I have had kz zst x and kz zsx. I love the energetic and vivid sound. Sadly they broke. I have salenotes...
  2. k273

    Most basshead IEMs with the best bang for bucks

    So, Where is the sweetest price range for basshead IEMs, and what are the basshead IEMs there on the range? My past experience with basshead IEMs was SoundMagic E(PL)11s and a pair of SOL Republics (with flat cable, I forget the name) and I liked them a lot. I have V-Moda Crossfade Wireless and...
  3. Rikubuds Grand Alter Saber 3

    Rikubuds Grand Alter Saber 3

    Rikubuds Grand Alter Saber 3 Earbuds from DIY maker Rikubuds https://rikubuds.com/generation-3/
  4. FiiO FF3S

    FiiO FF3S

  5. WoodyLuvr

    FranQL DIY Earbuds - Magical Mystery Tour

    I have been reluctant to create this thread as FranQL (FQL) DIY Earbuds are not readily available, nor are they made to sell, but rather are kindly gifted to fellow flathead fiends and earbud lovers that the earbud maker is acquainted with. Upon receipt the other day of another brilliant...
  6. P

    Which TWS would be considered an upgrade from Sennheiser MTW3?

    I am a happy user of a working pair of Sennheiser MTW3. The sound quality is great, but I started wondering what would be the next step in searching for the best sound quality in true wireless realm. I mostly listen to extreme metal and enjoy a bit of more bass here and there. I use Iphone +...
  7. Apos Audio

    Moondrop Beautiful World IEM - Now On Apos Audio

    Hi all, Meet the Moondrop Beautiful World IEM — the embodiment of seven years of MOONDROP's passion and precision. This isn't just about listening; it's about experiencing every nuance of your favorite tracks. The silver housing guarantees clarity, while the platinum coating and VS jewel...
  8. Rikubuds Alter Rider 3

    Rikubuds Alter Rider 3

    Rikubuds Alter Rider 3 Earbuds from DIY maker Rikubuds https://rikubuds.com/generation-3/ Introducing the RG39 shell with Soundsphere technology. it’s pyramid shaped features interact with backward acoustic waves generated by movement of the driver redirecting them into different...
  9. P

    [Resolved] I can't seem to find any wireless earbuds without silicone attachments that have buttons on them?

    Edit: SUCCESS! After weeks of searching and three failed purchases later, I've bought a pair of Sony LinkBuds (thanks to Earmonger for suggesting them) and they're EXACTLY what I wanted. (they were also reduced from £150 to £89 on "very", which is really nice.) So, the fact that they're touch...
  10. knght990

    1st post and of course, need help

    Hello I suppose this is how most people end up on a forum. Either they have a massive interest or need help. So, time to show my ignorance. For the last 6 or 7 years I've been using a set of Senn CX985s with various Samsung phones for a portable music experience. Recently I started using an...
  11. Samsung Galaxy Buds2

    Samsung Galaxy Buds2

    Dimensions and Weight Earbuds 17 x 20,9 x 21,1 mm - 5 gramms Case: 50 x 50,5 x 27,8 mm - 41,2 gramms Driver 2 ways (tweeter + woofer) Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 Compatibility Android, iOS Battery Earbuds: 61 mAh Case: 472 mAh Battery time Earbuds: up to 5 hours (ANC on) - 7.5 hours...
  12. FiiO FF3: Drum type Dual cavity Earbuds

    FiiO FF3: Drum type Dual cavity Earbuds

  13. Yincrow Calf

    Yincrow Calf

    Yincrow Calf Brand: Yincrow Model: Calf Product Type: In-ear Color: Blue Impedance:26Ω Shell Material: Metal Earphone Sensitivity: 109dB/mW Frequency Range: 10-40000Hz Earphone plug type: 3.5mm/4.4mm Balanced Optional Connector: Detachable MMCX Cable Length: About 1.2m±3cm Whether with Mic...
  14. WoodyLuvr

    RikuBuds Hangout

    RikuBuds by @RikudouGoku Since there are a number of other threads dedicated to certain brands of flathead earbuds I figured a hangout for RikuBuds owners was in order! RikuBuds by @RikudouGoku IG: https://www.instagram.com/rikubuds/ Google Docs...
  15. V

    Hello Everybody! :D

    Hello Everyone! My name is Villese. And I am new here~ I collected several videos about earbuds from youtube. If you need them, just click it! Thank you! Have a good day! These days, wearing earbuds is one of the most popular trends. However, it seems like every company is releasing their...
  16. Dsnuts

    TGXEAR discussion thread.

    TGXear Serratus Many of you guys know me from the numerous IEM threads including the discovery thread and such. I start threads that I deem worthy of starting. Meaning the items of topic I feel needs its own dedicated thread. Well recently our good buddy @tgx78 has been around headfi as long as...
  17. Sivga M200

    Sivga M200

    Specifications Transducer type: Dynamic Transducer size: 15.4mm Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: 114dB ± 3dB Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% Cable length: 1.2m ± 0.2m Connector: 3.5mm Weight: 24g Packaging 1 earphone 1 carrying case 1 clip 1 pair of earhooks 2 pairs of sponge covers
  18. cstjean

    Punchy bass earbuds under $250 IPX4+?

    Hello! I like to powerwalk around town and listen to music, but I can't exactly take my planar magnetics, amp, and dac with me. My company gave me some AirPods 2 that I've been using, but I'm not a huge fan. I'm looking for some better earbuds for metal, trance, and occasional orchestra. Some...
  19. TGXEar Serratus

    TGXEar Serratus

    Driver Setup: Single Dynamic Driver (300ohm Blue PET Polymer Resin Crystal Diaphragm) Sensitivity: 102dB SPL at 1mW Purchase link and contact info: https://www.instagram.com/tgxear/ Serratus is the first flagship produced by @tgx78 under his own TGXEAR brand.
  20. regancipher

    Call Quality on TWS - 30+ models tested

    The question 'which are the best TWS for calls' usually gets buried in the Going Wireless IEMs. Too Soon? Are We There Yet? thread on a multitude of the 3000+ pages, so I thought I would start a new thread with some resources to help you out if, like me, you only use their TWS when I absolutely...
  21. BuduBuds V1

    BuduBuds V1

    MX500 shelled open back earbuds, handmade in Malaysia - 32 Ohm dynamic driver - 100db sensitivity For more details please check https://www.facebook.com/budubuds
  22. Rose Martini

    Rose Martini

    Description Good sound comes from sophisticated and complex hardware design. Two-way air pressure adjustment system, the bass is more surging Brass gold plated cover Carbon-based ceramic diaphragm Magnetic conductor basin 304 steel cavity Brass gold plated flute tube 304 flute cavity 304...
  23. Gravastar Sirius Pro + TWS

    Gravastar Sirius Pro + TWS

    Gravastar Sirius Pro+TWS delivers an immersive True Wireless experience with incredible Gravastar Signature Sound. Build-in Gravastar’s proprietary DSP audio algorithms developed to deliver balance bass punch and 3D surround sound with custom tune mode for Music, Gaming, and Movie. Couple...
  24. SoundPEATS H2 Hybrid Dual Armature Driver AptX-Adaptive QCC3040 TWS

    SoundPEATS H2 Hybrid Dual Armature Driver AptX-Adaptive QCC3040 TWS

  25. Kavhat

    Bassy Earbuds? Upgrading an Edifier P180

    Hello everyone, The cable of my P180 earbuds is starting to fail, so before buying a new pair of them, I would like to buy (if there is) an upgrade to them. The only requisite is to have that bassy sound P180 have and to be wired earbuds (not IEM). Today I tested my brother's IEM Moondrop Aria...