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Feb 24, 2012
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Full time student.

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  • About

    Full time student.
    Reading headphone reviews. Listening to music. アニメ。
    Cycling, Biology, Japanese Language
    Headphone Inventory:
    AKG k701
    Creative Aurvana Live!
    HiFiMan RE-400

    I prefer a neutral sound signature. Clarity, balance, neutrality, technical performance and detail are of utmost importance.

    Nothing wrong with a touch of EQ for those bassy days.

    Denon D1001
    Meelectronics A151
    Meelectronics CC51
    Ultimate Ears 400
    Apple In-ear
    Audio Technica ath-AD700
    Audio Technica ath-m50
    UE Triple.fi 10
    Brainwavz B2
    Unique Melody 3-Way Quad Driver CIEM
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Objective2 by NwAvGuy, built by JDS Labs.
    Source Inventory:
    iPod Touch 5G
    Cable Inventory:
    Stock cables only.
    Westone Epic.
    Unique Melody stock cable.
    Fiio LOD
    Cable agnostic.
    Power-Related Components:
    Firewood. Lots of it.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Adam F5 Studio Monitors
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Reading biased, overhyped headphone reviews and then spending lots of money on the aforementioned headphones./sarcasm

    Cleaning your ears. Earwax buildup inhibits the transmission of high frequency sounds. No jokes.
    Music Preferences:
    Mostly Rock, rock/pop, alternative rock, J-rock, J-rock/pop, prog rock but not pop/mainstream stuff in general. A little bit of DnB, Electronic, Indie, Punk Rock, Synthpop... and many others, with the exception of rap (do you even call that singing?), dubstep and other ear bleeding genres.

    Orchestral OST's and instrumentals from various Anime/VNs/Games. Classical. Contemporary.

    Well recorded albums only.
    MacBook Pro Retina 13" (Haswell, Late 2013) w. Win8 BootCamp

    Trek 7300 Bike

    ~Fountain Pens~
    Pilot Decimo
    TWSBI 580
    Pilot Custom 74
    <Currently lurking Head-Fi>


    Main rig: Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 > Objective2 > AKG k701/HD650
    Portable: Xperia Z3 > HiFiMan RE-400
    If music is dry and boring with colourless headphones, the problem is with your music, not your headphones. EQ away!
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