1. goodsound

    MX581 alternative earbud (not iem)

    I have a pair of MX581 and they work great for me. I like the sound and more importantly they are a good fit in my ears (small). I have tried many other earbuds they become uncomfortable (too big) for me after just a few minutes of listening. Even the apple headphones that came with my 4th gen...
  2. Erick3150

    Best Earbuds under $50

    Hello I'm looking for some good quality ear-buds under $50. Ive been looking around but just cant find the right ones. It can be a little over $50 just not too much. I don't want any of beats crap or those skullcandy toys. Thanks
  3. noktekniq

    Good recommendation for small ears

    My last pair of nice headphones was Hifiman RE262 which only lasted me a few international trips before one of the ear speakers gave out on me. The fit for those was barely comfortable with small rubber fittings Now I'm looking to replace those as Hifiman quoted me $40 bucks to repair them...
  4. goodsound

    Dont like IEMs. Any 'earbuds' out there in the $25-30 range ?

    I dont like inserting IEMs into my ear canals. I am ok with the apple ipod style earbuds. I just need something a bit more comfortable and better sounding. What can I consider for earbuds in the $25-30 range ?
  5. geeked

    Looking for Earbuds (not IEMs) for my small ears. Under $40 or so.

    How do I put this? First of all hello. Now that I'm done sounding like a dork... it's time for me to sound like I don't know what I'm talking about (there's a very good reason for that). I like putting a pair of cans on my head. They're generally comfortable, and sound good. They are however not...
  6. cassiohui

    Earphones (non In-Ear) with microphones for iPhone

    Hi all,   My friend just asked me for suggestions for earphones with microphones for her iPhone. She did specify she doesn't want In-Ears so I literally am lost - All I can think of are the original Apple earphones which are complete crap.   Can anyone help me out?   Many Thanks!
  7. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. Please DO NOT PM me for any question. Sennheiser MX985, Blox TM7, Venture Electronic Zen 1.0, Rose Technology Mojito. From top to bottom, left to right: Audio Technica ATH-CM999...
  8. vision20

    Looking for a good pair of earphones. Which to get?

    Hello!   I am looking for a good pair of earphones as an upgrade to my $5 pair of Panasonic earphones. I figured that I would need to find something with even more quality sound.   I have been looking around for some earphones, but I am having trouble of finding which one is better than...
  9. Ringoko

    Cheap earbuds advice (non-IEM)

    I'm looking for a good cheap pair of earbuds to replace my standard apple earbuds.   IEMs aren't really an option, as they are for wearing during work, I'm constantly moving around and the IEM seal is constantly lost. I have Sennheiser IE6s which sound great, the problem is I have to keep my...
  10. wcstick

    Need help choosing earphones with volume control

    I'm quite new to the audio equipment scene so bear with me. I'm looking for a set of earphones to replace my last pair, which were the ones that came with (or used to come with) hp laptops. They are my benchmark for earphones because they weren't in-ear and they had a sliding volume control and...
  11. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sennheiser MX580 / MX581 – Fraternal Twins, Equally Fabulous.

    In today’s market, there are not as many manufacturers focus on making good quality earbuds as it used to be. The Japanese, which produced some of the best earbuds ever back on the 80’s and 90’s, have all given into the in-ear trend (or simply given up) and abandoned the idea of investing time...
  12. Sennheiser MX 581 Stereo Stereo Headphones with Intergrated Volume Control

    Sennheiser MX 581 Stereo Stereo Headphones with Intergrated Volume Control

    This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.