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Earbuds Round-Up

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  1. ClieOS Contributor

    Sennheiser MX985, Blox TM7, Venture Electronic Zen 1.0, Rose Technology Mojito.

    From top to bottom, left to right:
    Audio Technica ATH-CM999
    Dasetn Mod M760
    Dasetn MC5
    Musa SP2
    Hifikiwi (晨光M&G) 'Lyrebird' H1
    Hifikiwi (晨光M&G) 'Honey Buzzard' H1
    Ucotech ES1003

    Tingo TC200
    HiSound AS-Feeling
    Pioneer SE-CE521
    Sidy (BGVP) DX1
    HiSound AS-Miss
    HiSound AS-Charm
    Boarseman MX98s

    Panasonic RP-HZE70
    Tingo TC-100
    Tingo TG-38S
    HiSound PAA-1
    HiSound PAA-1 Pro
    HiSound Living
    1More金澈 (EO320)

    Ucotech ES903
    Ostry KC08
    MrZ (MusicMaker / ToneKing) Ting
    MrZ (MusicMaker / ToneKing) Tomahawk
    NineWave Studio Pro
    JiuShao E600
    JiuShao E300

    From top to bottom, left to right:
    Blox MC2
    Hifiman ES100
    湖西小筑DIY DDM
    Yuin PK1
    Creative Air
    Headphone Association 400ohm
    AKG K319

    FiiO EM3 retail
    Apple stock (2nd Gen.)
    DUNU Alpha 1
    VE Asura 1.0 beta
    VE Zen 1.0
    B&O A8 (Earphone / Earset 3I)
    Audio Technica ATH-CM707

    FiiO EM3 (M3 stock)
    BenQ Stock (Sennheiser MX500 equal)
    Shozy Cygnus
    VE Asura 2.0
    Sennheiser MX760
    Marshall Minor

    Panasonic HJ329
    Sovov S20
    SoundMAGIC PH-10
    AKG K311
    Sony E888
    Sennheiser MX985
    Panasonic RP-HV600

    From top to bottom, left to right:
    M1N (水月雨) V5
    M1N (水月雨) VX
    Sidy KT100
    VE Asura 1.0 final

    Final Audio Design Piano Forte II
    JVC HA-F130
    Baldoor E100
    Celsus Sound Gramo One
    Sennheiser MX50
    Beyerdynamic DP100
    VE Zen 2.0 Balanced

    Vsonic UU2
    AKG Y15
    Sennheiser MX581
    Sennheiser MX580
    SoundMAGIC EP30
    Edifier H101
    Edifier H190

    Blox ANV3
    Blox TM7
    潜25 red/blue edtion
    Edifier H180
    Edifier H185
    Audio Technica ATH-CHX7
    Edifier H186P

    Blox BX III (TM7 beta)
    Rose Technology Mojito
    CrossRoads HR2
    CrossRoads HR1

    Left to right:
    Hifikiwi (晨光M&G) 'Lyrebird' H2
    VE Monk+
    Fareal (original)
    Pai Audio 3.14 (PR1)

    Sound Tuner's 'Queen'
    TY (Hi-Z) 400ohm
    VE Monk
    MrZ (MusicMaker / ToneKing) TO300

    Ucotech ES1103
    舜仕01B (Extraordinary Sound ESP-01B)
    Fareal 64ohm 1.0
    Fareall 300ohm 2.0

    Fareal 64ohm 2.0
    AuGlamour RX-1
    TY (Hi-Z) HP-400s

    DaiK DK-宋 (Song)
    MoonDrop (水月雨) VX Pro
    PureSound (醇声) PS100-500Ω Extreme Edition (= Classic Edition) Balanced

    T&Y Audio (腾阳) 16ohm
    T&Y Audio (腾阳) 300ohm
    MrZ (MusicMaker / ToneKing) TY2

    Atomic Floyd AirJax Sport
    HY耳机 (HY Headphone) HY-1

    TY (Hi-Z) 32ohm
    TY (Hi-Z) HP-650
    K's Earphone 500ohm Balanced

    Yuin OK1
    bengkelMACRO Edimun V3

    Sennheiser MX375
    Rose Technology Masya
    Sony Ericsson HPM-62 (recabled)

    Sanyo EAH-Z3E
    1MORE E320 Piston Earphone
    Shozy BK (Stardust) Balanced

    Yinman HiFi (音曼) 醇净2.0 500ohm
    Rose Technology 64ohm
    Heavenly Sound Concerto

    Koss KE7
    Koss KE10
    Senfer PT15

    1MORE E1008 hybrid dual driver
    Lenovo 500

    道具工厂(Prop's Factory) 1E39
    BingZu (冰族) 梅花 (Plum)
    Yincrow (音可若瓦) X6

    QingYin (磬音坊) QY-550 Silver
    QingYin (磬音坊) QY-550 Gold
    PureSound (醇声) PS100-600Ω Balanced
    PureSound (醇声) PS100-64Ω

    AKG K318
    Koss KDE/250

    AKG Y10
    AKG Y16A
    NTT DoCoMo P01 (stock earphone for NTT DoCoMo FOMA P901iTV)

    Kube 2 (a.k.a EK2 or EarKube 2)
    Orin Sound Orin-300ohm
    VJJB C1s
    Handel SS-300

    K's (凯) earphone K64 (64ohm 福利塞)
    K's (凯) earphone 300ohm v2
    K's (凯) earphone 500ohm 轮回 v2

    Astrotec Lyra Classic (Lyra 3rd Gen.)
    Svara L

    Hi-Z HP-314P
    PMV B01 Aoede
    Sunrise SW-Dragon 2

    K's (凯) earphone K200
    Shozy Cygnus(?) Limited Edition
    FaShaoZhe (发烧者) M90

    NiceHCK EB200
    NiceHCK DIY PK2
    Vido (原道) stock earbud

    SeaHF (虫哥) 400ohm new edition
    Yinman HiFi (音曼) 醇净2.0 150ohm
    MoonDrop (水月雨) Liebesleid (爱之悲)

    Yinyoo Tank
    DaiK DK-Song(宋) High Impedance Edition 155ohm
    OURART Ti7

    Yinyoo Z&W
    Aidex ADX-SII-10001 (a.k.a. NineWave NW-Studio)
    K's 300ohm (latest)

    Seahf AWK-F64
    Seahf 32ohm (latest)
    NiceHCK DIY Graphene

    南飞科技 QY-888 (previously known as QingYin 磬音坊)
    Walnut E1

    Moondrop (水月雨) Nameless / 无名
    潜韵 (Qian) 潜69 2nd Gen.
    YinCrow RW-777

    JTS WM-42
    Plextone X30mw
    Plextone X33m
    Z&W Panda (PK2S) Balanced

    匠音 双动圈平头塞 (dual dynamic)
    Toneking Unicorn
    调音师 / 宏韵电声 HY1000 (方丈)
    Z&W Panda (PK2S)

    Svara Pro
    NiceHCK EBX

    Benjie BJ-49
    K's Earphones 'White Bell' (White Ling)
    K's Earphones 'Black Bell' (Black Ling)
    K's Earphones / FinalAcoustics Poseidon

    BGVP DX3
    Penon BS-1 Official

    If you are looking for the list of ranking, note that it has been removed from this post. But if you search online hard enough, I am sure you will find it elsewhere.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2018
  2. PharaohsVizier
    Excellent work as usual. Sad to see that the PH10's didn't do as well as I hoped. Time to cancel an order. :p
    Marshal165456 likes this.
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    PH-10 is a very well made earbud, consider that it only costs $10. It just lacks a bit of airiness and detail to make it to the next level.


    Hifiboy Dream
    K's Earphones 'Black Bell' (Black Ling) balanced
    K's Earphones Beryllium driver 180ohm prototype (纯铍180欧工程版)
    K's Earphones 'White Bell' (White Ling) balanced

    K's Earphones K32
    K's Earphones K300
    K's Earphones K64

    VE Monk Omega
    VE Asura Omega
    VE Zen Omega

    VE Monk Lite 40ohm SPC balanced
    VE Monk Lite 120ohm SPC balanced
    VE Zen Lite balanced

    Simphonio Dragon2+ (SWD2+)
    Shozy BK Limited

    Polvcdg A6

    Z Acoustics 'DaoMaDan' (刀马旦)
    Yincrow RW-9

    BGVP DX3s
    PMV BE
    Blox TM9

    Mi (Xiaomi) Dual Driver Earphones BRE01JY
    Dai-K DK-震(Zhen)
    Faaeal Datura X
    NiceHCK EB2

    Mega Master A7
    Mega Master HD1000
    Yincrow RW-9 Balanced
    Senfer PT25
    ZEVA The Dragon 2.0
    ZEVA The Dragon S

    WillSound MK1 Special Edition
    ZEVA 雪灵 Snow
    ZEVA 塞壬 Siren
    ZEVA 东皇 Lord.E

    Rose Masya 2 (a.k.a. Masya Pro)
    Google Glass earbuds (reterminated with mmcx)
    K's (凯) Bell-Ti 32ohm Low Impedance Edition
    K's (凯) Bell-Ti 120ohm High Impedance Edition

    荣K68 Silver Cable Edition
    K's (凯) Little Black Bell (LBB 小黑铃)
    MoonDrop VXC
    MoonDrop VXJ

    Kilinee (轻聆) K16
    Rose Masya 2 (a.k.a. Masya Pro) Custom Edition
    荣K68 Black Cable Edition
    MoonDrop Shiro-Yuki
    Yinyoo BK2

    QC Audio 清川电声 QC500+
    Audio-Technica ATH-C200iS
    Ambie Sound Earcuffs
    Smabat ST-10

    ZEVA The Dragon 2.0M Standard
    DIY iBud with AKG Prototype driver (see this for detail)
    ZEVA Lord.E (东皇) - this is actually the same earbuds as the DonHuang / East Emperor I posted a few months ago, but I sent it back for a slight retune.
    Sony STH40D

    ZEVA SuperFire
    ZEVA Snow 2.0
    Yincrow RW-100

    ISN Audio Rambo
    Kube v1
    Planar Earbud One / PE1 (see this)
    Samsung EG920
    Elibuds Sabia V6

    Apple 1st. Gen. iBud (recabled)
    DIY earbud with 'ironman' driver

    ANN N200
    NiceHCK ME80

    Smabat ST10 (New MMCX socket version)
    K's White Ling E Standard Edition
    K's White Ling E Bass Edition
    Senfer KP110

    Moondrop Chaconne

    JVC HA-F160
    NiceHCK B40
    DQSM Turandot
    Oren 40 by 꿈결소리 "Dream Sound"
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019 at 2:31 AM
  4. a_tumiwa
    love this thread [​IMG] , hope u will add cm700 to your collection in the future [​IMG]

    already bookmark this thread [​IMG]
  5. tetsu85
    MX90vc?? what a surprise..!!
  6. kjk1281
    Nicely done! Thanks ClieOS!

    The subtle differences you described between the Yuin PK1 and CrossRoads HR1 are interesting to note if I ever decide to upgrade to high-end earbuds. Surprised to see that you own the LX90; I almost pulled the trigger once when I saw it for $20, but the design just seems too awkward to be comfortable or to get a good fit. [​IMG]

    Also, good to see that the SoundMagic PH-10 is a solid earbud for the price. I'd like to see them make a higher end open model, but the market may not be big enough to justify it.

    Finally, I don't think we'll ever see designs like the Panasonic RP-HV600 again. I should have gotten into this hobby sooner, as many of the Japanese companies had some rather interesting earbuds released throughout the 1990s.

    FAKE EDIT: Just realized that the HV600 was first released in Japan in 1991. See boys and girls, if you take care of your stuff, it will last forever, or at least 18 or so years. [​IMG]

    Like a_tumiwa, I'll be watching this thread closely. Thanks again! [​IMG]
  7. mrarroyo Contributor
    Very nice comparison! Hope you add the OK1 and OK2 both are outstanding in their price points, with the OK1 the best bud I have heard.
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    IIRC, I bought my HV600 back in 1999, then it was boxed up and went to the storage room around 2001 for a good 5~6 yrs (I went oversea during those time) before I dug it up just yrs ago.
  9. Drpepper
    Hi ClieOS,
    I've always been tempted to pick up the PK3's,but I missed out on the group buy and never got around to it. I have both the MX90VC's and MX760, which you rate above the PK3s. Am I missing out on something not having the PK3s?

    P.S. anxiously awaiting Fuze LOD.
  10. tstarn06
    Another contender in the top two categories is the Hisoundaudio PAA-1 buds that come stock with the Amp3. Excellent buds, comparable to the PK3, but a little higher SQ across the spectrum. Unfortunately, not for sale individually, but I heard they may be someday.
  11. ClieOS Contributor

    Originally Posted by Drpepper /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Am I missing out on something not having the PK3s?

    PK3 is unique in a way that it is very fun and engaging. Many actually find the kind of coloration to be great. Personally, I find PK3 to be slightly too fun and it becomes a weakness in some genre of music.
    Kukuster likes this.
  12. chicaman
    Where is PK2 o.O missing?
  13. james444 Contributor
    Well, I'm not so much into earbuds, but hey that's an impressive collection, LOL [​IMG]
    Excellent overview for potential buyers with spot on descriptions, as always - thanks!
  14. a_tumiwa

    Originally Posted by chicaman /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Where is PK2 o.O missing?

    you can send it to ClieoS [​IMG]
  15. ClieOS Contributor

    Originally Posted by a_tumiwa /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    you can send it to ClieoS [​IMG]

    x2. Send one to him so he can add it to the list! [​IMG][​IMG]
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