1. ROSE Mini2 MKII 2.0

    ROSE Mini2 MKII 2.0

    ROSE Mini2 MKII 2.0 technical specifications: BA driver: 2 Rose custom drivers Frequency response: 20Hz — 30kHz Impedance: 45Ω Sensitivity: 108dB Cable: 1.2m, silver-plated OFC, 3.5mm audio jack IEM conectors: MMCX
  2. Coop

    Rose Technics Mini2 MkII review

    I bought the Rose Technics Mini2 MkII as a Christmas present to myself. On the 26th of December 2018, my wife finally allowed me to unpack them. They were purchased through Penon Audio. This is my little review. A little bit of background info on my choice of the Mini2: I wanted a set of small...
  3. manukmanohar

    Rose BR7 - Flagship 7 Driver IEM Impressions Thread

    Hi All, This new flagship from Rose Technics, BR7 seems very very interesting. It seems to be a combination of Knowles & Sonion balanced armature drivers, with a focus on getting great fit and isolation. They seem to have focused a lot on tuning, and use ELNA capacitor as well. Hopefully, this...
  4. Rose BR7 7 Balanced Armature Driver

    Rose BR7 7 Balanced Armature Driver

    Description: Warm and elegant, born for sound Perfect ergonomic design By sampling and comparing 24 Asian ear canal 3D data, it has repeatedly modified the sampling up to more than 10 times, collected wearing feedback, and finally achieved go deep into ear canal and reduce energy attenuation...
  5. Somefears

    Rose Mojito (SOLD)

    Selling my Rose Mojito's. I ordered them new from Penon Audio, and I've only had them for a couple of weeks with about 10 hours of listening. I'm selling because earbuds aren't very practical in my workplace. Note that it did not come with some of the accessories shown in Penon Audio's posting...
  6. Rose Technics Mini 4

    Rose Technics Mini 4

    Description Impedance: 32 ohm, Sensitivity: 105db Catheter diameter 2.5mm Frequency response range: 20 - 20000 Hz Package rose mini4 7 pairs of silicone eartips 2 pairs of foam eartips
  7. Carrow

    Bunch of IEMs for Sale (Priced Individually)

    Harman Kardon Soho II NC - €80 (ships in original carry case with all accessories) Sony MDR-EX650 (Silver) - €40 (w/ Betron carry case and 4 pairs of complementary tips) Brainwavz M5 - €30 (w/ hard carry case and multiple pairs of tips) Sennheiser M30i (White) - €20 (with Sony carry case and...
  8. Ziadax

    Rose Cappuccino MKII [SOLD]

    Hello all, I'm selling the Rose Cappuccino MKII hybrid IEMs because I need to downsize my IEM collection. This is the MKII as they have the switch on the side that allows for changing bass decay from a natural dynamic driver style to a quicker decay similar to balanced armature bass. These...
  9. Sotiris

    rose masya

    I search for above earbud. I live in Greece. Make your offer. I can buy them new 100$.
  10. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. PM me if you have any specific question (*general ranking or recommendation question will not be entertained), as I am not posting / replying in this thread anymore. Sennheiser...