Rose Technics Mini 4

General Information

  • Impedance: 32 ohm,
  • Sensitivity: 105db
  • Catheter diameter 2.5mm
  • Frequency response range: 20 - 20000 Hz
  • rose mini4
  • 7 pairs of silicone eartips
  • 2 pairs of foam eartips

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Reviewer at audio123
Pros: Organic, Extension, Smooth
Cons: Lack of Sparkle

Rose is a Chinese company that specializes in in-ear monitors and earbuds. They started out with products such as the Mini 2, Cappuccino and Masya. Recently, Rose has released the Mini 4 and Mini 6. I would like to thank Rose and Penon Audio for the review unit of Mini 4. At the moment, you can purchase the Rose Mini 4 from .



  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Driver Configuration: 4 Balanced Armature
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20khz
  • Sensitivity: 105dB
Unboxing & Accessories

The Mini 4 comes in a white package which sports the brand name. After opening the package, there are a circular hard carrying case and headphone adapter. The case contains the Mini 4, detachable MMCX cable and a pack of tips.


IEM Build & Design

The Mini 4 is made of acrylic and there is a smooth surface. On each side, there is the brand name in blue and red on the left and right respectively. The shells are transparent and the internal parts can be seen clearly. The nozzle is angled with metal mesh. The Mini 4 utilizes MMCX connectors. The Mini 4 is small in size and it ensures a comfortable fit.





Cable Build & Design

The cable is 4 core braided. For each MMCX connector, there is a translucent and red ring on the left and right respectively. The connectors have a silver housing with grip. There is no memory wire area section. The chin slider and y-splitter are translucent clear. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm gold plated straight with strain relief and it has a silver housing. On the housing of the jack, there is the brand name printed.


Sound Analysis


The Mini 4 has moderate sub-bass quantity and the extension is good. The sub-bass reproduction is controlled. Bass decay is rather quick. The bass texture on the Mini 4 is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has fair body and the slam is delivered effortlessly. There is punch with moderate aggression which brought out impact well. Each bass note is articulated with a smooth hit. There is a soothing listen.


The midrange is presented in a natural manner. It has a good amount of body which improves the vocals expression. There is an organic feeling. The lower mids has moderate amount of body and male vocals are expressed well without sounding too thick. The upper mids has forwardness and the additional boost results in female vocals sounding more intimate. There is control to ensure that there are no signs of them being shouty. There is a smooth execution.


The treble has great extension and there is a smooth presentation. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble expression has acceptable brightness and there is moderate amount of body. The crisp is fair and there is lack of sparkle. The Mini 4 is able to render sufficient air to complement the midrange. It helps to prevent a dense feeling. Details retrieval is of a high level.


There is a natural expansion in its soundstage with moderate width magnitude. The depth is slightly closed in to offer intimacy. Positioning of vocals and instruments is fair and there is minimal congestion.



Rose Mini 4 vs Rose Mini 2

The Mini 4 has more sub-bass quantity than the Mini 2 and it commands better extension. The Mini 4 has a fuller sub-bass reproduction and it is able to bring out the required impact. Each bass note on the Mini 4 is articulated with a stronger hit. The mid-bass on the Mini 4 has more quantity and it aids in the slam delivery. Bass texture on both is rendered smoothly. The bass decay on the Mini 4 is quicker with agility. The midrange on the Mini 4 has extra lushness and the details retrieval is significantly higher. The lower mids on the Mini 4 has greater amount than the Mini 2 and provides a lusher feeling. The upper mids on the Mini 4 has extra forwardness which helps to create a more intimate female vocals presentation. In the treble section, the Mini 4 has the edge in extension. The amount of air rendered is greater on the Mini 4 with additional crisp. There is no sibilance and harshness. Mini 4 is more engaging. Lastly, both expands naturally for its soundstage. The Mini 4 has greater width magnitude and depth.

Rose Mini 4 vs Brainwavz B400

The Mini 4 has more sub-bass quantity than the B400 and it excels in its extension with a deeper stretch. The sub-bass reproduction on the Mini 4 has more authority with increased tightness. There is a higher engagement level on the Mini 4 with greater dynamics. The bass decay is much quicker on the Mini 4 with agility while the bass texture on the B400 is slightly smoother. The mid-bass of the Mini 4 has slightly more quantity than the B400 which helps to give a weighted feeling. The bass performance on the Mini 4 is bolder and more captivating. The midrange on the B400 is leaner than the Mini 4 with slightly better transparency level. The lower mids on the Mini 4 has slightly more body and with a fuller presentation, male vocals benefit. The upper mids on the Mini 4 has additional forwardness which helps to boost the intimacy level of female vocals. In the treble section, the B400 has better extension and the body is less. Treble articulation on the B400 has a higher accuracy level. The amount of air rendered on the B400 is greater. Treble presentation on the Mini 4 is brighter and aids in the overall liveliness. In terms of soundstage, the Mini 4 expands in a more natural manner with a closed in depth. The B400 has greater width magnitude.


The Mini 4 is an organic sounding iem that is able to provide soothing bass, natural midrange and smooth treble. In addition, it boasts good extension on both ends. Its light weight contributes to a comfortable wear. The Rose Mini 4 is able to deliver a sweet sound for an enjoyable listen.


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Thanks for the review! DId you have a chance to demo mini 6 / mini 6 Pro as well?
@iBo0m Thank you! Unfortunately not. Will update you once i do. Cheers!
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Awesome, I'm looking forward to it. I'm quite curious about the whole Rose mini series, especially why they keep updating the models :)