1. MfiveM

    Replacement gym headphones.

    I have been using the B&O A8 headphone and my iPod shuffle at the gym and for some reason I can not find where I placed it…so now I am looking for a pair of replacement headphones and thinking about the new Nano. I was planning on getting up SE530 to be a back up pair to my UE-11’s but would...
  2. davorin

    Bulletproof earbuds

    Sorry for the misleading title, but I'm looking for earbuds I won't break every two weeks. Mainly that means the joint near the audio device must be extremely robust and flexible. What would you suggest based on the following criteria in order of importance? 1. In-ear 2. Robustness 3. Sound...
  3. qscq

    YUIN PK1, left driver producing humming crackle

    I have had PK1's for about ½ year, bought from head-direct. Lately I have noticited very annoying humming crackle (proper english?) on particular places of certain songs. Most detectable it's in The Last Samurai, track 2, Spectres In The Fog, time 1:40- when there is use of some echoing bass...
  4. shak85

    I need the best earbuds for under 150$

    Hello   I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I've been reading reviews and can't seem to decide. I 've found a few suggestions but i would appreciate your experience to help me decide   M2C - Discontinuted can't be found m980 - discontinuted hisoundaudio live hisoundaudio living...
  5. AudioDwebe

    Yuin PK1's

    Are they still considered one of the best, if not THE best, earbuds amped?
  6. arashb

    Fiio X3 enough to drive Yuin PK1s?

    Sorry if this has been answered, but it seems like nobody runs Fiio X3s with PK1s on this board.  Or maybe it's such a common thing to do that nobody mentions it.   So I just need a simple answer: Can the X3 run PK1s without an external amp and sound better than PK2s?
  7. F

    My Review: Yuin PK1 Vs. UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro

    Hello guys. Some of you know how much time I spent on researching what earphone/headphone I would purchase in July. Well, time has come, and I got myself the Yuin PK1 and a Headsix, thus spending the same money I would spend on the Triple.Fi 10 Pro alone. Now that I have my PK1, I loved it so...
  8. jenia1

    Portable AMP under 100$ for Yuin PK1 ?

    Hello Guys, so im thinking about upgrading my PK2 to PK1 after a 4-5 years old great service done by the PK2s. Ofcourse, heres  where the AMP comes in the picture and sadly i do not understand much about AMPs. is it possible to find a decent AMP below the 100$ mark so i still can have enought...
  9. gavinmac

    Yuin PK-1 - do they leak noise excessively?

    Hi there   I have been looking round for some quality earbuds or headphones. I have tried a couple of IEMs and they cause me too much pain.   I am tempted by the Yuin PK1.   I have heard they are not that isolating. I guess that is to be expected when compared to an IEM. I am not so...
  10. Sprockethead

    How many hours straight can you wear a "comfortable" set of headphones?

    I have been on a quest to upgrade my sound quality at work. I invested in a pair of Yuin PK1 earbuds and a Fiio E11. I wear headphones of some kind nearly 8 hours each day, taking them off for brief periods. I thought that the PK1s, since they were earbuds, wouldn't be noticeable. But they hurt...
  11. awaisuk

    Yuin PK2 broke.....thinking of getting Sennheiser MX980 or Yuin PK1 .... which to get?

    Yuin PK2 broke.....thinking of getting Sennheiser MX980 or Yuin PK1 .... which to get?   Hey,   My Yuin PK2 broke....now I want to upgrade to more high quality sound earbuds.....can someone tell me which is better between these two:    Sennheiser MX980 or Yuin PK1 ?   I just want...
  12. phil2yoo

    Blox M2C compared to Blox TM5, Yuin OK1, PK1, etc etc

    As the title says, how do the Blox M2C's compare to the HIGHLY regarded TM5s and the Yuin OK and PK series? Are they comfortable? How do they sound? I don't expect much isolation, but is there some?
  13. krc2

    Recommendations for new cables for PK1 please!

    Hi everyone,   Been a long time since I posted here - I did my research, tried a few cans, ended up buying some PK1s, and have been happy ever since. UNTIL recently, I managed to break the cables for my PK1s, and then the wires split.   I was thinking of trying a set of Fischer DBA-02s...
  14. JuliusL

    In ear replacement for Yuin PK1

    Looking for replacement of my Yuin pk1. It should be in ear and it should have similar bass response but with better resolution, details, soundstage, SQ etc. I prefer neutral and analytical sound sig but bass needs to be there at least same as in pk1.   I am not looking  into customs...
  15. tedv

    Fiio E17 or Ibasso D12 for Yuin PK1 and Sennheiser HD25?

    Hi, I'm new here but have the following question.   I own a Sennheiser HD25 and a Sansa Fuze (v2 rockboxed) and a Cowon J3 player   I'm looking for good ear bud's (not in-ear) and found that the Yuin PK1 are highly recommended so I'm planning on buying them. I read that they require a...
  16. wolfen68

    Upgrading from a Yuin PK-1?

    I'm interested in hearing some opinions on what is the "Cat's Meow" in portable non-IEM headphones nowdays.  I have JH-13's and love them, but sometimes I want to listen to music without all of the isolation of an IEM (such as while walking near the street).  I currently have the Yuin pk-1's...
  17. mfriend

    i'm looking for an earbud better than Pk1 , any suggestions ?

    i've pk1 , and surprised at its sound , i wonder that have any newer earbud better than it i'm looking for an earbud better than Pk1 , any suggestions ?
  18. Charzarn

    Is there any headphone earbud IEM or whatever that matches the PK1/2 in Comfort and sound that is also more durable?

    Basic logic. I don't want to spend 150 dollars to only have to replace them every 6 months or less. 
  19. Whiffen

    Yuin PK1 Dissection

    Unfortunately my Yuin Pk1's have stopped working once again after getting them repaired a few month's ago.   I thought I would post a picture of them completely disassembled for those who may be interested in seeing how ear buds work in general, or who specifically want to see how Yuin's...
  20. naike

    Earphone suggestions under 100

    I need some earphone suggestions for under 100€. Looking for those regular old school ones (not the ones you stuff inside your ear), and durability is my main concern.
  21. vladimir88

    I need help choosing a top end earbud

    Hey guys I recently got into this whole high-end audio business and I just wanted your opinions about which earbuds I should get. I don't like the in-ears at all they cause me too much discomfort (make my eyes water to be honest lol). Atm I got a pair of Sennheiser MX80 which i listen to on the...
  22. Duncan_McCloud

    Ipod Classic + Fiio E17 (Alpen) + Ultrasone ED8 & Yuin PK1

    Hi everyone, I think it's time for me to have a portable\small rig, for work (Yuin PK1) and for some home listening when i don't want to use the main rig).   - Ultrasone ED8 will be fine for home using i guess (need a semi-portable closed can) - Yuin PK1 will be fine for work ? I can't...
  23. GeorgeStorm

    Thinking of getting a half decent pair for while I'm on the move...

    Hey, As above, I'm considering getting a pair of headphone, earphones or IEMs to use with my phone while on the move since I just picked up an E7 (which I'll be using with an E9 hopefully as my home amp/dac combo) but obviously I can use the E7 while on the move.   I was wondering what...
  24. avian304

    MX 580 after PK3?

    I recently bought a pair of PK3's from a store, and have been really, really impressed with them. However, I did find the earbuds to be a little to mid heavy. Should I move on to the 580's or will the difference be not worth the cost? (I live in Thailand, and thus I buy from a specialty store...
  25. KennyStarr

    Why do small headphones sound bad?

    Hi I work in an open office environment, and use my headphones several hours per day. A year ago, I bought a pair of Beyer Dynamics DT770 600 ohm which I used for some time and was really happy about. But I couldn't hear the phone ringing or what my colleagues were talking about even though I...