1. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. PM me if you have any specific question (*general ranking or recommendation question will not be entertained), as I am not posting / replying in this thread anymore. Sennheiser...
  2. Mike D

    BLOX are in STOCK!!!!! DECEMBER 24th 2013

    Hi,   Just a heads up . . . . BLOX M2C and ANV3se are back in stock. I don't know how long they'll be there, but I know at the time of this writing both are still available.   Cheers, Mike 
  3. Astir

    Blox ANV3se First Impressions

    Okay, first post here. Here's my first impressions on the Blox ANV3se earbuds.   After reading such positive things about Blox earphones on Head-Fi I waited patiently through Chinese New Year for the original ANV3 to be available for sale again and was disappointed to find they were...
  4. CosaNostra

    Want to Buy - Blox M2C or ANV3

    Hello fine folks of Head-fi. I've recently been intrigued with earbuds after trying our the PK1. Please let me know if anyone has a M2C or Anv 3 up for sale. I'd prefer the Anv3, but pretty curious to see the blox sound. Their website is currently out of stock...otherwise I'd have already made...
  5. mark2410

    Blox ANV3 Quick Review

    Blox ANV3 Quick Review   Thanks to SwimSonny for the loan.       Brief:  Blox proves it owns bud sound quality.   Price:  US$63 in theory   Specification:  Driver: Dynamic 15 mm, Frequency Response : 20Hz - 18KHz, Impedance: 2Ω, Sensitivity : 107dB/mW @ 1KHz, Cable : TPE 1.2 m...
  6. Vlooienuker

    FS/FT: ColorFly C3 for Blox ANV3/TM7 or HiSound PAA1 PRO!

    Hi,   Comes with all original box and accessories.
  7. zhensing

    [FS] BLOX ANV3 + B13

    Hi Head-fi,   Selling my lightly used BLOX ANV3. This is not the ANV3SE.    Will provide the BLOX B13 in ear model as well. I was one of the early birds who bought the ANV3 and got the B13.    Pm me with your offers! Highest takes it home.    If you are interested in buying just...
  8. alpha421

    Yuin PK1, or Blox TM7/ANV3/SE, or Sunrise Dragon II

    In need of great sounding earbuds only so I can hear my family yelling out for me.  Should be in at least good condition and without issues.  Also, willing to trade or partial trade for things I currently have for sale.  Please indirectly contribute to my family peace!     Thanks.
  9. Hghuy

    yuin ok1 or trade for vintage earbud(mdr-e252,mdr-e262,mdr-e282,aiwa hp-d9,hp-v99,hp-v11,hp-v9)

    up for sale my yuin is top of the line in yuin house!very good condition,all accessories included around 40hrs of listening-$140 :)
  10. swmkdr

    WTB: Blox ANV3, Yuin PK1 or Sennheiser MX980/985

    As the title says, if you have any high end earbuds, particularly Blox and Yuin, in good working order and are willing to ship to the UK then send me an offer via PM and there's a very good chance I'll buy them.
  11. Hghuy

    Blox anv3 Or trade to O2 amp

    Up for sale blox anv3 Mint condition.will trade for O2 amp!thanks :D
  12. Hghuy

    Yuin ok1 or blox anv3 for your old earbuds(mdr e484,aiwa hp-d9...) or triplefi10 or another IEM

    Like title!if you are interested please pm me!thanks you
  13. Hghuy

    WTB earbuds(Blox tm7,sony mdr-e282,mdr-e484,mdr-e565,aiwa-v99,aiwa-v9,aiwa-v11,aiwa hp-d9)

    I want to buy these earbuds(:)sony Mdr-e282,aiwa-v99,aiwa-v9,aiwa-v11,aiwa hp-d9)or ny vintage earbud!.Please give me your offer!:D
  14. Hghuy

    Rockit-r50 trade for earbuds (yuin ok1,blox tm7,blox anv3,sony mdr-e484,464,aiwa hp-d9)

    Up for trade a mint condition r-50 With all acessories,used less than 30hrs .this is amazing IEM but i prefer earbuds.i can trade for hi end earbuds(yuin ok1,blox tm7,blox anv3,sony mdr-e484,464,472,aiwa hp-d9) if the earbuds you trade are pricier ,we will negotiate the compensation!
  15. Tympan

    WTB Blox anv3 IEMs

    Hi guys, I'm interested in buying some Blox anv3. Anyone's got some for sale?
  16. BloodyPenguin

    V-Moda M80 for Sale or Trade for: Aviator, ANV3/M2C, M50, SRH840, CAL! etc...

    Headphones are in great shape.  Only 5 Hours or Less of Use.    Only slight issue is that the top headband has a few random tiny indentations that were like that new out of the box (shown in attached photo).  Other than that they look wonderful.  Comes with ALL accessories/cables.    ...
  17. Blox ANV3

    Blox ANV3

    Blox ANV3 Earbuds