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Blox ANV3 Earbuds

Blox ANV3

  • Blox ANV3 Earbuds

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  1. mark2410
    Blox ANV3 Quick Review
    Written by mark2410
    Published Mar 23, 2013
    Pros - Pro's: Sound super amazeballs good. Clarity and transparency are stellar.
    Cons - Con's: As fancy as a plastic fork. Buds so low bass issues.
    Blox ANV3 Quick Review
    (Thread here, http://www.head-fi.org/t/656806/blox-anv3-quick-review )
    Thanks to SwimSonny for the loan.

    Brief:  Blox proves it owns bud sound quality.
    Price:  US$63 in theory
    Specification:  Driver: Dynamic 15 mm, Frequency Response : 20Hz - 18KHz, Impedance: 2Ω, Sensitivity : 107dB/mW @ 1KHz, Cable : TPE 1.2 m. (3.5mm. plug)
    Accessories:  Err dont know sorry.
    Build Quality:  Erm, if someone told me these cost £2, just looking at them I could believe that.  Fancy these are not.
    Isolation:  None.
    Comfort/Fit:  Well they are buds and I dot get on well with buds.  I always want to hold them tight to improve the low end response but that swiftly gets painful.  Meh, you'll know if buds work for you or not.
    Aesthetics:  No one is ever going to mug you for these, bland bits of cheapish plastic.
    Sound: So up to this point this review has been pretty negative right?  Well this is what that turns around as these, like the m2c, sound insanely good.  Sure they have problems in that they are buds so no seal, so the bass falls off a cliff.  There is a bit of a mid bass hump to correct for this, it's just the nature of the form factor.  Otherwise they are magnificent for the money.  Stick on something acoustic with no bassy low end to miss and these are simply magnificent, just superb.  The mids are so open, airy detailed and nuanced that you could quite believe these cost a bucket load more than they do.  Find yourself some breathy vocals and their delicacy will astound, hell any good vocals will wow you with these.   The detail they offer up is phenomenal and the highs too are superb.  They may not have the crispy bight some are so fond of but they are instead wonderfully natural.  The timbre and decay are maybe a fraction on the cool and muted but I'm talking in absolutes not from what you get for US$63.  Extension is nice but isn't super duper high, again for the money you just can't complain.
    Balance wise they lack in the low end like all buds do.  The highs are maybe a touch behind the mids but with quality like this you won't mind that.  As for the bass for a bud its good but buds dont seal so it depends on how it fits your ear as to how much you'll get and how deep it goes.
    Value:  Stupid good.  These use the housing from the m2c which is just going to wow no one but who cares.  You want these for their sound quality which is for the money is jaw dropping good.  If you like buds I've heard none finer than this, you just can't get this clarity anywhere on anything at this price.  Its only competition in this regard is its sibling the m2c.  Magnificent.
    Pro's:  Sound super amazeballs good.  Clarity and transparency are stellar.
    Con's:  As fancy as a plastic fork. Buds so low bass issues.


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