1. BenF

    Dasetn/Tingo/Baldoor earbuds Reviews and Impressions

    Couple of month ago I have contacted Dasetn, trying to score some of his MX1 earbuds. He told me that MX1 has been discontinued and offered to sell MX760 (later to be renamed M760) instead. According to him, MX760 sounded even better than MX1, so I took him on this offer and bought two.   A...
  2. CyberGhost

    Sennheiser MX 980/985 sound

    Hey,   Those of you that own MX 980/985, could you please tell me what their sound is like?   I have a Sennheiser CX 95 wanted to upgrade because I don't like their V-shaped sound, the mids are too recessed, so I was looking at CX 985. Then I read a review on amazon with the reviewer writing...
  3. zugu

    Alternatives to Sennheiser MX 760?

    Hello everyone,   I wanted to buy some earbuds for my player, and people on the internet keep recommending Sennheiser MX 760. The problem is... I can't find these earbuds in my country. They're not even listen on the official Sennheiser site, I guess they're not even producing them anymore...
  4. orelv

    fake sennheiser mx760?

    Hello, I'm new in here, came here from reviews I found on google, great site. A few months ago I bought the HD448 from someone on ebay, I'm very pleased with it but now I want to buy the MX760, the seller (who is no longer selling on ebay) gave me an offer of 26$ for those earphones and by...
  5. radi6404

    Sony MDR E811 LP

    So this earphone is now offered in ebay and I am wondering if it is good. I think I had this earphones once and were very pleased with it, until the one driver stopped due to cable issues. Is this earbud good or not very, since as far as I remember it was much better then the Sony MDR E828 or...
  6. radi6404

    Need help with Earbuds, Bayerdynamic DTx 21 or Audio Technica ATH RE1

    Hello, I am new here and I am looking for some cheap and good sounding earphones.Altough the in ears are more popular, I like the arbud desing more and they can sound well with some good sfot foam pads. I am using the Sennheiser mx 660 and are very pleased with them, the Sennheiser Mx 760 sound...
  7. beka

    80$ earphones (buds and beyond)

    Hello guys,     I've bought the MX 560 as described here: and they are a good buy, but I can't stop wondering if there were/are some better options for additional payment since they did cost 36 bucks here. I am unable to try...
  8. siddhanthgupta

    Need new earphones for my iPod Touch: Sennheiser CX-300 II or the Klipsch S2?

    OK. Currently, I use the Sennheiser MX-760 earphones. I haven't owned high end earphones, these ones are the most expensive ones I have. The bass is tight, and the treble is pretty clear, painful at times. Now, I need some in-ear headphones because the 760 are regular earbuds (like the ones that...
  9. DDgeva

    MX760 Alternative

    I'm looking into buying some earbuds (In-ear pieces are uncomfortable for me) and right now the best choice seems to be the Sennheiser MX760. I'll be using them with a Sansa Clip player. I'm also considering the mx580, since the MX760 has some cable issues. do they have similar sound?   A...
  10. snbbqsb

    anyone knows a trustworth website sells sennheiser mx760

    anyone knows a trustworthy website which sells sennheiser mx760? i really cannot find one.
  11. bokeron

    Help me deciding: Sennheiser MX470 vs MX760

    Hi everybody.   I'm about to buy one of these two from Sennheiser, MX470 or MX670. They cost just the same, and though the 470 are new and apparently improved the 760 were really good ones not so far ago. I haven't used them before, so... i need your help deciding wich one to buy. I'm not...
  12. Pessimistic

    Apple Earbuds with Hands Cupped Over Ears Sound Amazing

    Can having the balls to cup your hands over your ears in public save you hundreds in audio equipment? Also, the bass running through my hands feels amazing... Does anybody else do this?
  13. jjb3

    Brand Loyalty

    Anyone here a brand-loyal type of person like me? I owned/own a variety of IEMs from different mfgr but am gravitating toward Sennheiser for their sound signature, design, etc. Worried I will miss out on other good sound (i.e. Westone 4s) but I love my Sennheisers.
  14. SpecialJ

    Question about the Sennheiser MX560

    I'm in the market for a pair of affordable earbuds in the price range of <$50.   I was looking at some reviews of earbuds and most seem to agree that the Sennheiser MX760 was a great bang for buck earbud that was unfortunately discontinued in the states. However, I also read that the MX760...
  15. hatebreed15

    dude mx760?

    I can tell that with the included cable Extension sound quality this normal?
  16. vvvvvv

    Advice on Sennheiser earbuds please!

    Hi everyone. I have to buy new earbuds. However I don't have much experience with those, so I've recently read more topics about them here... yet most of them aren't updated so they don't entirely solve my issue. I'll try keeping this short, the only options I have available are those...
  17. Pipponzi

    Best Earphones with 100€....150€ max

    I would use them with my notebook/mp3 player. I'm totally noob in this field so please advice me some good earphones.   I usually listen to pop music, but sometimes I listen to dance/trance music so I want a good bass sound.   Currently I have the Alessandro MS-1. I'm satisfied with...
  18. yourstruly

    Yuin Pk3 vs Sennheiser mx760

    Same price range, rave reviews on both sides. Can someone give me the pros and cons of both of these? I believe they're neck to neck contenders at this categories.
  19. millenium

    Is there any chance I will like MX 760 if I absolutely hate MX 500

    Hi guys,   I'm in a need of new earbuds and after some research I suspect mx 760 is closest to what I'm looking for as it does seem to have good bass response and doesn't fatique ears. Having said that, a couple of years ago I had a chance to try out mx 500 and absolutely hated them -...
  20. vonjuergen

    unamped low volume performance : PFE or ADDIEM or ???

    Looking for superfast (transients) snappy open performance at low volumes on a iphone / htc desire. (sometimes that quality can be found with cheap headphones, while missing some other highend targets)   Which sub 150 earbud or iem execells at ultimate low volume speed with balanced...
  21. ExpatinJapan

    Purchased ATH-ESW9, 5th Gen 30gb ipod and ibasso T3.

    I hope I am posting in the correct place, forgive me If I err.   A good six months ago or more, I used these forums to research which set of headphones would be best for gaming (I ended up with the Audio Technica ATH-A900s and JVC SU-DH1 amplifier and optical cord). I have been happy with my...
  22. adkiller

    Identifying a fake Sennheiser MX 760!

    Thought the MX 760 was safe from cheap imitations, guess not: 沙龙特价128元原装森海赛尔MX760附终极真假鉴别 The site above is in Chinese. But the pictures are pretty descriptive. If there is some interest to post this in a Wiki somewhere I could help translate it. The fake MX760 has been in the market since...
  23. sky019

    Decent Earbuds!!!

    Hi, I'm really new in this forum so.....   i had a pair of V-MODA Vibe from Radio Shack around 60 bucks. In about a few months, the connection from the right ear just ruined for some reason. Anyways, i'm getting a gift certificate from radio shack, because of the warrenty i purchased with...
  24. XgergoX

    Has anyone compared the Sennheiser´ MX760 to the JVC HA-FX34?

    How do the marshmallows compare to the sennheisers in terms of sound quality? I already have the mx760's and i'm trying to get a pair of earphones with a similar sound and better isolation. TIA.
  25. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. Please DO NOT PM me for any question. Sennheiser MX985, Blox TM7, Venture Electronic Zen 1.0, Rose Technology Mojito. From top to bottom, left to right: Audio Technica ATH-CM999...