Dasetn/Tingo/Baldoor earbuds Reviews and Impressions
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Jan 22, 2013
Couple of month ago I have contacted Dasetn, trying to score some of his MX1 earbuds.
He told me that MX1 has been discontinued and offered to sell MX760 (later to be renamed M760) instead.
According to him, MX760 sounded even better than MX1, so I took him on this offer and bought two.
A few weeks later the package arrived, and I have started a burning process (~100 hours).
My expectations were sky high, as someone on head-fi described MX1's SQ as equivalent or better than TM7 - a 150$ earbud.
And since MX760 is supposed to be even better...
The first earbud didn't sound so great, but the second one blew me away.
The following review is based on the second one, aka the "good" one.
Build Quality:
They look exactly like Sennheiser MX760, but recabled.

The cable was the main problem with Sennheiser MX760 - people loved the sound and hated the cable:
So the re-cable is definitely good news.
Sound Quality:
They sound very balanced.
Highs are clear yet not sibilant, mids are slightly forward and euphonic, bass is uncharacteristically good for an earbud.
Soundstage is huge, imaging is precise.
Vocals are very involving, but I would like to mention especially piano - very natural sound.
They sound best when angled to point into the ear canal.
They are very transparent, so having a good source is very important. Sound great on NFB-11.32, ODAC+E12, DragonFly v1.2 - all Sabre based, so take a hint.
They are not hard to drive, it's a matter of quality, not power.
The "good" one sounds very similar to ANV3SE (sound signature-wise), but slightly better.
This isn't easy for me to admit, as I payed 100$ for ANV3SE.
The "bad" one is a lot quieter, and sounds more like something between M2C and ANV3 (the regular one).
When comparing the "good" one with IEMs, Sennheiser IE80 (at the lowest bass setting) is the closest match both SQ-wise and sound signature-wise. Of course, the bass on M760 is a lot boomier.
Currently at 26$, it's a steal of the century (so far) - but only if you are lucky enough to get a "good" one.
I have ordered another two M760, hoping to get at least one more "good" one.
Would prefer to pay 52$ and know for sure that it will be a "good" one, but unfortunately quality control is obviously a real issue and we have to take our chances.
Here are the other ones:
Dasetn M1 review:
The M1 sounds just as good as M760, but has a different sound signature.
The mids and bass are leaner, soundstage is bigger. They are very airy, which can sometime make the song sound artificial.
Sometime female vocals can sound a bit lispy (rare).
It's less euphonic and more analytical.
The best part about M1 - both M1s sound great, no quality control issues here.
They are available in 3 colors.
At 15$, it's an even better value than M760.
Dasetn M3 review:
M3 isn't really worth talking about. It's better than your typical earbud, but isn't as good as M760/M1 or the Blox lineup.
It's way too warm. Vocals sound usually OK, but instruments are way off.
At 13$, it's just 2$ cheaper than M1 - the choice is clear.
Dasetn AP8 review:
It looks better than M3, but sounds pretty much the same. Typical earbud sound, not worth describing.
It's huge, so I couldn't put it in my ears facing the canal.
At 12$, you are better off buying six 2$ earbuds on eBay.
TinGo TG-38S review:
I found these while searching Aliexpress for headphones, and was intrigued by the "PK MX985" claim.
They have the best build quality, far superior to Blox/Dasetn models.
They are the most beautiful too, with a gorgeous silver color:

As for the sound quality, it sounds a lot like Dasetn M1 - very clear mids and highs, no sibilance.
M1 could sometime (rarely) sound lispy on female vocals, TG-38S never does.
The mids are a bit warmer than M1, but not as warm as M760.
Vocals can be very emotionally involving.
The most important improvement is in the bass - it is the tightest and punchiest bass I ever hear.
Soundstage is huge.
Basically, TG-38s reminds a lot Havi B3 Pro in an earbud form and at 1/4 the cost.
Best place to buy TG-38S is here at 16$ with free worldwide shipping:
Fedex shipping is quite cheap, can save you a few weeks.
Dasetn listed it now as well:
Tingo TG-JL1 review:
This is supposed to be TG-38S' big brother. But is it possible to improve on perfection? Probably not - but you can try to redefine it.
TG-Jl1's main attraction is its mids - thick and lush. I've said before it sounds "heavenly" - and I stand by it.
If TG-38s is Havi B3 Pro MK1 in earbud form, TG-JL1 more reminds FAD Heaven IV - although not as bassy.
In order to achieve these mids, something had to give - the bass hits not as hard nor as tight, treble is not as extended, and the soundstage is smaller.
The bass is now somewhere around ANV3SE level, so it's still pretty good. FIIO E12's bass boost definitely helps.
Soundstage is still pretty big, larger than PK1 and PK2, on a level with M760.
Detail retreival is almost as good as TG-38S, better than the rest.
The build is much better than the PK series - the black tungsten coating of the shell makes it look like an expensive item.
Weirdly, there is no "Tingo" anywhere.
The cable is the same as on Dasetn PK IE8 - with a chin slider and a nice plug.
Next to it, the 160$ PK1 looks like a Dickensian orphan.
If I had to guess which one costs more than 5 times than the other - I would have never guessed correctly.

TG-JL1 feels a little bigger than PK1, possibly due to the coating. Took a lot of fidgeting to place them correctly in my ears.
TG-JL1 isn't hard to drive, but needs more power than TG-38S.
Overall, I have to place it behind TG-38S, even though some people may prefer TG-JL1, especially with vocals.
It will come down to sound signature preference more than to technical abilities.
And if you haven't heard TG-38S - you may think it simply doesn't get any better.
Considering it's sound, price, looks, and a possible collectible status - highly recommended!
BLOX BE5 review:
Yuin PK1 and PK2 review:
Baldoor "EarBell" E100 review:
KZ-OMX2 review:
Ivery IS-4 review:
My current earbud ratings are
TG-38S = TG-JL1 > E100 > BE5 > PK1 > M760 > M1 >= ANV3SE > PK2 = ANV3 > IS-4 >= M2C >= KZ-OMX2 > M3 > ES10 > AP8
Or in terms everyone can understand
16$ = 31$ > 20$ > 95$ > 160$ > 26$ > 15$ >= 100$ > 80$ = 70$ > 7$ >= 50$  >= 11$ > 13$ > 6$ > 12$
M760 does have an ace up its sleeve though - it is a piano king, no other earbud/IEM does piano the way it does.
Worth buying just for the piano music.
Other users' impressions:
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Jant71 (TG-38S):
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Thanks for this interesting review. As earbuds lover, I always wanted to tryout new earbuds.
When comparing the good vs bad, you mentioned the bad one is "a lot quieter". Did you mean it's lower sound volume or lower sound quality in general on the bad unit.
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  Thanks for this interesting review. As earbuds lover, I always wanted to tryout new earbuds.
When comparing the good vs bad, you mentioned the bad one is "a lot quieter". Did you mean it's lower sound volume or lower sound quality in general on the bad unit.

Lower sound volume.
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owning myself the lately release of the M2C that cost me ~55$ I would say that even the "bad" one might be a good deal for 26$.
How big are these compared to the Blox (diameterwise), and which one seems to you more comfortable?
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owning myself the lately release of the M2C that cost me ~55$ I would say that even the "bad" one might be a good deal for 26$.
How big are these compared to the Blox (diameterwise), and which one seems to you more comfortable?

It is a good deal, but still a disappointment when you expect a "flagship" kind of sound.
M760 is just a hair smaller than Blox earbuds, no difference in comfort.
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  How does the SQ compare with IEMs? Any IEM you have in your collection that is closest in resemblance to the Dasetn M760?

Sennheiser IE80 at the lowest bass setting, Havi B3 Pro MK1.
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Thanks for your impressions. I hope that the M760 that I ordered will be a good pair... I wonder if you are quoting my impressions of the MX1? I think that they are as good or even better than my Blox TM7 when it comes to soundstage width and depth, imaging and layering of instruments. However, the TM7 presents a more full sound and overall I'd rank the TM7 over the MX1. Still, I paid $150 in total for my TM7 and about $20 for my MX1...
I recently sold my pair of Sennheiser MX760, so I cannot compare it to Dasetn's modded version, but overall I found the MX760 to be somewhat lacking in a certain "je ne sais quoi" (although I'm a Swede I suppose I have to use French for lack of better words...). The soundstage on the MX760 is really big but has got a sort of artificial feel to it, not natural as on TM7 or MX1.

Since I blinked and therefor missed the new Blox BE5, I ordered the M760, M3 and M1 from Dasetn. I hope they reach me safely. I haven't been really disappointed in any of the earbuds I've bought from him yet (MX1, AP8, Yuin PK2 & PK3 mods). However, quality control might be a problem since Dasetn apparently tries to put out big quantities despite limited resources. In this case, Blox might have a better strategy with their small batches where hopefully every singe earbud pair is checked for any quality issues and to reassure that they all sound the same...

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