1. ClieOS

    Earbuds Round-Up

    This thread is dedicated to Tom (@HungryPanda), our friend and fellow earbuds lover that we lost to COVID-19. Please DO NOT PM me for any question. Sennheiser MX985, Blox TM7, Venture Electronic Zen 1.0, Rose Technology Mojito. From top to bottom, left to right: Audio Technica ATH-CM999...
  2. cib24

    Best earphones (not in-ear) with a mic for talking on phone < £50

    Hello,   I have a friend that is looking for earphones with a mic that are better than his standard Blackberry ones. He uses them at work in the office to listen to music and also handle conference calls and he does not like IEMs as he finds them uncomfortable. He also doesn't like the fact...
  3. MrVinny1113

    Looking for non noise-cancelling earphones under $50

    I am a headphone user and my brother asked me to find him a pair of earphones for under $50   I got him several options but he rejected all of them because they were in-ear noise-cancelling headphones   He wants something like those apple earbuds that don't really go that deep inside the...
  4. kjk1281

    REVIEW: Blue Ever Blue 328R "The Black" and 866B "The Red"

    INTRODUCTION Hello Head-Fi! The following is a review of Blue Ever Blue's 328R (or "The Black") earbuds and 866B ("The Red") canalphones. Firstly, I'd like to thank fellow Head-Fier jant71 and BioLinks Audio for the review samples. I should also remind readers that the perceived sound quality...
  5. rstark18

    Observations: Blue Ever Blue 328r vs Apple Stock

    Keep in mind I'm no expert I just know what I like so take it easy on me (and help me learn). I have been looking for a comfortable decent sounding earbud for a few years and have had a tough time. I have tried many IEM throughout the years and I just don't like them. I use these exclusively for...
  6. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Blue Ever Blue 328R “The Black”, 866B “The Red” and 868B “The Silver”

    First, I’ll like to thank Blue Ever Blue (BeB) for the samples. BeB is a company specializes in making earphones under the HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard) licensing. What is HDSS exactly? Well, it is based on a patented technology called the ETL (Embedded Transmission Line).  The...
  7. geeked

    Looking for Earbuds (not IEMs) for my small ears. Under $40 or so.

    How do I put this? First of all hello. Now that I'm done sounding like a dork... it's time for me to sound like I don't know what I'm talking about (there's a very good reason for that). I like putting a pair of cans on my head. They're generally comfortable, and sound good. They are however not...
  8. Blue Ever Blue 328R

    Blue Ever Blue 328R

    This ear bud features a natural sound, no fatigue, great balance, good imaging with good separation, excellent depth, above average detail, high clarity and transparency, and a natural bass that is tight and quick.