1. bigmiketn

    New Sunrise Audio IEMs

    Does anyone have any info on these? I found this image by chance the other day but haven't been able to find any information on them.
  2. superhoho

    Sunrise's new earbud and IEM

    Just saw some photos of Sunrise's display at tokyo headphone festival 2012.  They have been quiet for quite a long time. Finally, they are releasing something new. There are few earbuds, IEM and portable amp/dac. Did a quick search about their products, I found they have 1 new earbud (SR-80), 1...
  3. keanex

    [Review] Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition, Excellent All-Rounder IEMs

        I would like to thank Mr. Cong of Sunrise for the chance to review these fantastic IEMs. I would like to leave a note here that I received these in Sunrise Xcape packaging, but Mr. Cong has assured me that these are the Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition.   Pros: Warm pleasing sound...
  4. mark2410

    Sunrise i100 Review

      Sunrise i100 Review   Thanks to UKheadphones and Sunrise Audio for the samples.   First impressions:  Well I wasn’t expecting to get anything else in the package, erm what are they?  (I later found out they are to be called i100’s) obviously it’s got a mic on it so it’s easy to tell...
  5. vibrato1337

    Sunrise Xcited IEM and Cowon J3?

    New User here,   I was wondering if they were compatible with each other like if the J3 can drive the full potential of the the Sunrise Xcited IEM. Thank you!    
  6. mark2410

    Sunrise Audio Xcape Impressive Edition Review

      Sunrise Audio Xcape Impressive Edition Review       Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample     First Impression:  Don’t get me started on the name and the “Impressive Edition” over v1 and v2 and then “Impressive Edition” it’s stupidly confusing for no reason, just give different...
  7. 7Virtues

    Sunrise Xcited or Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition?

    Looking for some solid IEM's to replace my few year old NE-6's.   Which would be better for me?   I mostly listen to: -Rock -Rap/Hip Hop    
  8. mark2410

    Sunrise Audio Xcited Review

      Sunrise Audio Xcited Review       Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample     First Impressions:  Well it’s been a long time coming, I’ve waited a while to hear this (its sibling too, the Xcape Impressive Edition) since the headphone world had a hissy fit at the Xcape becoming the...
  9. aphidian

    My experience with the Sunrise SW Xcapes (V1).

    Skip to the end if you want the short version. Ok, I've had my Sunrise SW Xcapes for just under half a year now (got them as a Christmas present last year) so I have a lot to say about them. I try to go in depth about everything I've experienced with them over the six months. I don't know any...
  10. ljokerl

    Review: Sunrise Xcited and Xcape Impressive Edition

    Following the success of the SW-Xcape in-ear earphone last year, Vietnam-based Sunrise Audio decided to branch out and explore more of the mid-range IEM market in 2011. In typical audiophile fashion, they chose to pursue different sound signatures instead of differentiating based on looks or...
  11. what?

    Is there a Yuin pk3 killer for similar money?

    Ive had some pk3s for about 2 years, im always impressed with them when i wear them, beautiful sound, a little lacking in bass with standard fit but bass can be improved with a little pressure.    im buying a present for someone   are they still the best *sq*  $40 ear bud?   anything...
  12. skree

    earbud to rival MDR-EX35? comparison to Senn MX-880

    I've got a pair of Sony MDR-EX35 and i quite like the sound of them but find them a bit lacking on my (not very good) source. I also don't like the noise cancelling function - it WORKS for me and i dont get on with it out in public, they're my first inside the ear buds. I'm all about sound...
  13. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sunrise Xcape v2 and Xcited

    First, I'll like to thanks Sunrise for the samples. The original Xcape is one of the best sounding IEM in the sub-$100 I have ever listened to, but for some reason it was pulled from the market suddenly and replaced almost at an instant with a new model simply known as the Xcape v2. Beside v2...
  14. alterndog

    best earbuds (not IEMS) for soundstage/detail/instrument separation under $40

    As the title says, I'm looking for an easy use earbuds for quick on the go. I'd like a decent soundstage/detail and instrument seperation. I was looking at the mx581 but couldn't find out how detailed and how the sounstage. Others were the pk3, mx580, and Sunrise AS-Feeling. 
  15. qavk3000

    Got problem with my Sunrise Xcape. Seeking for help.

    Hi, I just got problem with my Sunrise X-cape today. The story is, I often listen to music with it at night when I sleep. This morning, when I woke up, the wire is pulled a little too hard because I often roll when I sleep so it got tangled >"<. And I think it maybe the main cause for my IEM to...
  16. JosephKim

    Lets Play Head-Fi Desert Island

    Im bored at work with about 30 minutes until I get off so I thought Id post something random.   If you were stuck on a desert island and had to choose one..   1. IEM 2. Portable DAP 3. CD (Name artist and title) 4. Food   ..what would it be :D
  17. ljokerl

    Sunrise AS-Charm & AS-Feeling: An earbud hater’s take

    Intro    Nope, I don’t like earbuds. Never have and probably never will – alongside portable headphones and in-ear monitors the form factor seems outdated and redundant. Of course there are applications for which conventional earbuds are exclusively well-suited but in my experience they are...
  18. voicemaster

    Shipping time range on

    Hi, Yesterday, I bought a Sunrise SW-Xcape from Bugdenaudio for no reason lol (totally impulse buy) and I am wondering how long do they usually take to ship the IEM to USA? I have never bought from them before and just want to know the time range they shipped their IEM from Canada.   Thank you
  19. jamestsao

    Most Durable earbuds around $30

    Ok, so heres my situation. I listen to music regularly due to having a long commute to college, and i've been through a lot of earbuds. I've been through 2 pairs of radius atomic bass, vmoda bass freq's, they all broke in the same place, the connector shorted and only 1 side plays. I had to rma...
  20. HeadphoneAddict

    Sunrise Audio - Impressions of AS-Charm and AS-Feeling earBuds, and Sw-Xcape canalphone IEM

    I received some review samples of Sunrise Audio's earBuds and IEM, and wanted to post my thoughts about them here.  I've spent the most time with the AS-Charm, and less time listening to the other two. I listened to a wide variety of music from jazz to rock and electronic, using my iPhone 4...
  21. rawrster

    [Comparison Review] Sunrise SW-Xcape, Xears Bullet XB120 Pro, HifiMan RE-Zero, Pansonic HJE900

      Introduction   I have had the pleasure of testing both the Sunrise SW-Xcape as well as the Xears Bullet XB120 Pro. Both were offered by generous head-fi members so like any other head-fi member I said yes as I don't turn down too many loaners. The Xcape was reviewed very highly in this...
  22. KCrabbe

    Sunreise AS-Feeling earbud review.

    I bought these from Bugden Audio a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend Bugden. Easy transaction, great communication, quick shipping. Couldn't ask for more. I paid $39.99 USD. The buds came very well packaged. They came with a set of standard foams and a set of donuts. The foam on these...
  23. Kadano

    Best choices for 50€ (70$)

    The Brainwavz M2 has finally given me the audio addiction. Not sure if I should give in and advance to the next iem class,but I guess my purse won't hold well against my ears' desire. I am looking for earphones that have a similar sound as M2, but more detail and soundstage. At lower volumes...
  24. AudiA4

    little review, big impression on Sunrise AS-Charm

    When I asked my friend for a good earbud, many immediately regarded Yuin series. I was convinced but the price of PK1 is too high, in fact, for that price I can have more than one good in-ear headphones. I have followed the reviews of Sunrise Charm for nearly one month. After receiving good...
  25. CLK1234

    Sunrise SW-XCAPE & ECCI PR300

      Before I begin my review, I have burn in my earphone for 50hours.I am not new to the world of In-ear-monitors (IEM). I own 2 IEMS - Shure E3C and Etymotics, ER6i. And yes, after listening to these higher-end IEMS, my ears become picky towards quality music.   ECCI PR300 The PR300 is...